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Grand Magic Wrestling Tournament

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by rasutzarsenal, May 11, 2014.

  1. rasutzarsenal

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    May 11, 2014
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    Over the next few weeks i will be creating a fictional female fairy tail wrestling tournament. I will write each new match to the best of my ability. Hope y'all enjoy my creation.

    Blue Text is always the caster
    each participant in the tournament has their own color
    italicized text is thoughts of the wrestlers
    Normal grey text is narration of the match

    - - - Updated - - -

    To start here's the tournament bracket
    Tournament Bracket.png
    The matches wont be in any particular order but the first one will be Mira VS Lucy
    Next Match is Cana VS Karen itll probably be done pretty quick; im really enjoying this alot
    Two of the qualifier matches will be random special matches to liven things up

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  2. rasutzarsenal

    rasutzarsenal Potential Patron

    May 11, 2014
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    Tournament qualifiers-3 count pin towin-Mira Vs Lucy odds=70-30

    AYNG6.jpg Lisanna_en_Edolas.jpg Ever the picture of innocence, Mira shyly walks into the arena wearing a two piece ocean blue string bikini. Lisanna follows her sister out in a much more humble light blue dress with a sash across her waist. Mira and Lisanna make their way down the ramp slowly; high fiving and waving at audience members along the way. Once in the ring Mira lays back on some turnbuckles; completely at ease. Lisanna waits outside the ring at Miras side.
    lucy_swimsuit_by_sophie4391-d72larl.jpg virgo+fairy+tail+anime+manga+lucy+%E3%83%95%E3%82%A7%E3%82%A2%E3%83%AA%E3%83%BC%E3%83%86%E3%82%A.jpg Lucy also being a fairy tail model was very comfortable in her two piece salmon pink string bikini. Accompanying Lucy was her friend and ally Virgo. Virgo had a dead look in her eyes as she calmly walked down the ramp in her sexy maid themed bikini. Feeding off the energy of the crowd, Lucy skipped her way to the ring. Once at the ring Lucy rolls in and climbs a turnbuckle to rally the crowd.

    Ding Ding Ding , the match had begun.

    Well folks today we have the first qualifying match for fairy tail diva champion with Lucy and Mira; two beautiful Divas.

    Im not as good as Mira but maybe i can catch her off guard
    Ok Mira just take this one slow and wear her out

    Lucy quickly takes the first shot kicking Mira in the ribs. yet Mira had anticipated Lucy's rushed attack she quickly grabs Lucy's extended leg and flips her onto her stomach. Mira then plops down on Lucys back and begins pulling Lucys leg back as hard as she can.

    a quick and effective conversion from Mira!
    Aw shit already!? I gotta get out of her hold soon

    Lucy quickly tries to crawl to the rope, but Mira isn't having it. Mira grabs Lucys other leg and extends it back as well. As Lucy is getting closer to the ropes Mira twists her body around and blocks Lucys path with her leg. Unable to beat Mira in strength or worm her way out of it Lucy begins panicking. She begins thrashing and squirming; trying to get out of Miras hold. Yet it is no use, while Lucy expends her energy needlessly Miras hold only becomes stronger. Not wanting to cause Lucy permanent damage Mira tries to ease up on the angle she bends Lucys legs.

    Theres no shame in tapping you know....
    No! Not yet!
    *Virgo thinking*

    Knowing that Lucy is hopelessly stuck Virgo jumps into the ring to interfere. Virgo slips by the ref and kicks Mira in the back of the head. Stunned, Mira loosens her grip and Lucy is able to escape. She retreats to a corner to catch her breath. Not knowing when enough is enough Virgo attempts to continue her assault on Mira. Pissed off, Lisanna jumps into the ring and clotheslines Virgo before she can do anything. She quickly pulls Virgo up by her hair and tosses her out of the ring. Lisanna then follows the refs orders and gets out of the ring so the match can continue.

    Ah what a unprofessional and unethical thing for Virgo to do!
    Shit i need to play this smarter, wait for Mira to make a move.
    Well that was mean... Maybe im going too easy on her?...

    Mira quickly tries to spear Lucy into the turnbuckle so she doesnt lose her momentum. With a little bit of luck Lucy dodges Mira and Mira flys headfirst into the metal post.

    Nows my chance!

    Lucy capitalizes on Miras mistake and sets up for one of her finishers. Lucy grabs Mira by the hair and places Miras head between her thighs, Lucy then kneels down and rams Miras head onto the floor. one. two. three times. Lucy Lucy proceeds to flip Miras limp body over and falls on her for the pin.

    Mira with her shoulders down, could this be it?

    the crowd was enthralled by this upset and were shouting along with the refs count. ONE...TWO...THR- with Mira raising her foot onto the rope the pin was broken. the match wasnt over yet.

    Ouch that was close. Lucy was about half a second away from victory.
    Im ending this now Mira!
    God my head hurts... I cant let Lucy get in another move on me or im done.

    Lucy had enough she was gonna finish this with a power slam. Lucy lifts up Mira onto the top turnbuckle. While Lucy was busy trying to get Miras legs around her shouldrs for her move Mira gives her a knee jab to the face. Shocked by Miras new found vitality lucy rests her head on the turnbuckle for a few seconds.

    Sorry Lucy but i have to use my swinging neckbreaker on you. You basically set yourself up for it anyway.
    How is she still attacking!?

    To follow up Mira locks her arm around Lucy's neck and jumps off the turnbuckle and over Lucy. When Mira lands Lucys neck is chrushed between Miras shoulders and arms. Lucy stands on her knees for a few moments with a dazed look in her eyes before crumpling backwards onto the mat.

    WOW did you see that!? That looked devastating!
    Oh no i hope i didnt hurt her too badly...

    Lucy, now completely unconscious is dragged by Mira into the center of the ring and the pin begins. As the pin begins Lucys face is buried in Miras genorous chest. Lucy catches a small wiff of Miras perfume before passing out with a small smile and the feeling that she had done well. The ref counts One... Two... Three...
    Ding! Ding! Ding! with that the match was over and the the referee holds up Miras arm proclaiming her victory. Lissana jumps into the ring and hugs her sister. At the same time Virgo slides Lucy's limp form out of the ring and places her head on her lap.

    I gotta say Lucy put up a good fight but it was an uphill battle to begin with, no shame in admitting that. With this win Mira will be heading to the quarter finals to face either Cana or Karen in her next bout
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  3. rasutzarsenal

    rasutzarsenal Potential Patron

    May 11, 2014
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    Tournament Qualifiers-3 count pin or submission to win-Cana VsKaren-60-40

    bf92c0a54e1b02840c7a80255d767f60.jpg Cana stumbles down the ramp in her pink lingerie almost completely oblivious to the fact that it isnt proper wrestling attire. Along the way she almost trips several times and it becomes quite apparent that she drank a bit too much before the match. When she reaches the ring she rolls under the bottom rope walks over to the turnbuckle and waves to the crowd. The crowd is enthralled by Canas huge dumb grin and vivacious attire. They chants her name over and over...

    KarenLilica.png Karen strolls down the ramp with her hands on her hips the entire time. She is wearing a pair of very tight black pants accompanied by a velvet red coat and a very revealing bikini top with some very tasteful side boob. As she reaches the ring Karen takes off her coat lays it on a turnbuckle and in the corner for the bell. Tonight Karen is all Business

    Hey folks! tonight we have a match between two of our toughest divas Cana Alberona and Karen Lilica. My Moneys on Cana because she has a little bit more experience than Karen.
    He maybe thats true but tonight cana is completely out of it. Tonight ill make sure she never comes back to this ring again!
    Hehe this is gonna be so much fun!

    Once in the ring Karen Glares at Cana for the few moments before the bell in response Cana turns around and slowly rotates her ass.

    Ding Ding Ding the match begins. Both unimaginative wrestlers begin trying to push the other done through strength alone; yet they are equal in strength. Cana eventually loses her grip on Karen's sweaty shoulder and they both end up slamming their heads together.

    Ouch i bet they could hear that one from outside!
    Shit how did she take that so well...?

    Cana quickly rebounds from the head butt like it was nothing. Karen on the other hand is on her knees nursing her head.Cana, becoming bored, go's on the offensive grabbing Karen and holding herclose. Cana uses this leverage and barrages Karen's abdomen with her knee.

    I think you know this one Karen!
    Huh... what is she talking about?

    Encouraged by her string of attacks Cana prepares for a finisher. While Karen is on her knees Cana tries to rebound off the ropes and drop kick Karen in the head, one of Karens own signature moves. Karen quickly bends back; causing Cana to miss her by a mile. Cana falls onto the mat, her head landing particularly hard. Karen enraged by Canas antics prepares to really lay on the pain.

    Wow! normally Cana could have easily adjusted and landed that hit. This makes me wonder how much her drinking will affect her preformance tonight.
    Ugh... man i must be seeing double tonight

    Karen quickly go's on the offensive. running from one end of the ring to the other Karen finally slams her knee into the side of Canas head when she gets enough momentum. Cana rolls onto her back and becomes still.

    Jesus christ that was a hard hit. Cana might be hospitilized after a hit like that.
    Your done cana.

    Seizing the opportunity Karen pins down Canas shoulders and lifts her leg up for the pin.
    One... Tw-
    Cana violently kicks out of Karen's pin. Exasperated, Karen decides to go for her best move, the cradle to the grave. Pulling Cana by the hair Karen tucks Canas head under her armpit and wraps Canas legs around her Waste. Cana, now trying to simply survive, quickly does the first thing that comes to mind and strikes Karen in the stomach repeatedly until she is released. Cana takes this chance and retreats to a corner.

    If Karen had been just a little faster in that moves execution this match would be over
    Hm, Thats unfortunate. Im sure Cana will fuck up again and give me another chance.
    Wha- what did she mean when she said she was gonna break me...?

    A few moments passed before either wrestler acts. Cana is visibly shaken by this sudden turn around and Karens Threat; her entire body is covered in sweat and she trembles slightly when meeting Karens glare. Finally Cana Decides to act and bull rushs Kare. anticipating Canas rushed attack Karen easily counters Cana and puts her into a sleeperhold.

    BIG mistake by Cana there. She surely didn't give herself enough time to focus.
    shhhh go to sleep Cana....
    Fuck off...
    Unable to think of a way to counter Karen's hold cana Panics and tries to pry Karen's arms off her neck with her strength alone. Canas strength slowly fades as Karens arms tightened around her throat. Karen soon forces Cana down onto her knees. finally in position karen falls back and wraps her legs around Canas waste, completely locking in the hold. Cana, too proud and too terrified, refuses to tap out.

    Mamas gonna buy you a rocking bird....
    Please... no...

    The light in Canas eyes slowly fade and as her muscles relax her arms finally drop to the ground. The ref lifts her hand and drops it to check if shes concious. Each time her hand drops it makes a thump on the mat.
    Her hand falls once... Thump.
    Her Hand falls a second time ... Thump.
    And finally Canas hand Falls a third time.... Thump

    Ding! Ding! Ding!
    Karen Releases her from the hold and rises, victorious.
    The ref calls the match. "The winner is Karen Lilica by TKO. Karen Lilica moves on to the semifinals!"

    I gotta say Karen dominated in this match up. Maybe next time Cana can cut back on her drinking and focus.
    This isnt over yet cana. I havent truly broken you

    Karen Slides out and rummages under the ring. She comes out with a steel folding chair. As Karen gets into the ring the ref tries to stop her but she simply pushes him aside. Karen lays the chair down onto the mat and begins lifting up canas body. Standing over the chair Karen puts Canas head between her thighs and hooks up both of Canas arms. Before finally breaking Cana Karen sensually rotates her hips in a circle and runs her fingers through her hair. Karen then slams Canas entire upper body onto the steel chair. Karen rolls Canas body over. At this point Canas only movement is the slow rise and fall of her chest. Karen sits ontop of Canas Waist, puts her hands on both sides of Canas head and lightly kisses her on the lips. Finally satisfied Karen leaves the ring. A stretcher has to be brought in to move Cana out of the ring safely.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Qualifiers Match-3 count pin or submission to win-Lisanna Vs Virgo-Odds=50-50
    Mira As referee.jpg
    Tonight's guest referee is Mirajane Strauss.
    [​IMG]Lisanna starts walking down the ramp with her hand in the air. Tonight Lisanna wears a grey and white sexy cat cosplay. As she nears the end of the ramp Lisanna does a small cartwheel and jumps into the ring.
    [​IMG]Virgo enters in a slutty maid outfit with chains wrapped around her wrists. Virgo shows little discomfort or emotion of any kinda as she walks down the ramp and walks into the ring.

    Once both divas are in the ring Mira makes virgo take off her chains and put them in the corner. She then makes both wrestlers shake hands and begins the match.

    Hmm i wonder if Mira and Lisannas relation will affect her ability to ref this match? Probably.
    Okay guys lets make this clean and fun okay!?
    I dont like the look in her eyes...
    Ill get you two back for hurting my princess Lucy!

    Ding! Ding! Ding!
    Virgo immediatly rushes lisanna, slamming her in the face with a barrage of punches. Virgo gets Lisanna trapped in the corner and continues her attack. Mira quickly starts her count because Virgo didn't give Lisanna her rope break. One!...Two!...Three!...Four!... Fi- Virgo quickly backs away and crouches ready to go on the attack again. Lisanna shrinks lower into the corner; clearly devastated by Virgos ferocity.

    Come on Virgo chill out!
    * Virgo stares down Mira*
    Shit... i gotta be ready for her next attack...

    Once Virgo felt she had given Lisanna the necessary time she rushed at her again; yet this time Lisanna was ready for Virgos ferocity. As Virgo rushed at Lisanna her face smashed into Lisannas elbow. Taken aback Virgo tried the same thing again; but this time was kicked in the face. Virgo falls down and rests on her knees for a few moments.

    That was a quick turn around by Lisanna!
    Heres my chance! With Mira on my side im sure i can pin Virgo!
    Dumb... So dumb...

    Lisanna quickly decides to finish Virgo with a Bunny Hop RKO before she can Recooperate. She raises her right arm up to the crowd and starts stomping. One. Two. Three times. When she has them nice and riled up Lisanna sprints towards Virgos kneeling form. When close enough Lisanna preforms a front flip over Virgo. While in the air Lisanna wraps her arm around Virgos head and slams it onto the mat. Lisanna quickly rolls Virgo over and lies down on her in a pretty unsecure pin. The arena becomes silent and Mira begins the count.
    One!...Tw- and Virgo kicks out on the two count. Lisanna quickly gets up and glares at Mira.

    If Lisanna had done a more secure pin she might have won right there.
    What the hell Mira! Why didn't you count faster!?
    Don't you rely on me Lisanna! you have to win this yourself.
    Damnit you'll pay for that Lisanna.....

    Not wanting to give up her momentum Lisanna locks Virgos head and neck between her thighs. Lisanna then begins constricting her legs and chrushing Virgos wind pipe.

    Virgo will you give up?
    N- No!.... I gotta get out of this...
    Why wont you just give up!?

    Panicking Virgo starts squirming and fighting as hard as she can; making it a struggle for Lisanna to maintain the hold. Virgo soon gets her leg within a few inches of the rope but its too late; Lisanna manages to lock in her hold once again. Virgo is slowly blacking out. Mira Notices this and begins to check to see if Virgo is unconscious. Right before Mira begins her count and before Virgo blacked out she manages to get her heel onto the bottom rope.
    Mira lifts and drops Virgos Hand. One... Two... Three...
    With the three count Lisanna releases her hold and hugs Mira. Its at this moment that Mira notices Virgos heel on the bottom rope.

    That was a close one! Lisanna almost unjustly won this match.
    Im sorry sis but you haven't won yet.
    What do you mean?!
    Virgos foot was on the rope, you have to pin her again.
    You idiot why couldn't you just let it slide!?

    Lisanna, Infuriated by Miras call, begins to lose focus and starts shoving Mira. At this time Virgo is slowly regaining consciousness. Lisanna climbs to the top turn buckle and faces away from the ring. Lisanna drags her finger across her throat indicating her intention to do something dangerous.

    Looks like lisannas going for her moonsault! this could end badly for both contestants.
    Lisanna get off the turnbuckles! your gonna kill yourself!
    Its over!

    Lisanna jumps off the top ropes and preforms a backflip; she is atleast 10 feet in the air when Virgo regains consciousness. While Lisanna is still airborne Virgo quickly rolls over allowing Lisanna to slam into the mat. Virgo backs up onto the ropes and tenderly feels her bruised throat as she glares at Lisanna. Mira bends over her withering sister to check on her.

    Looks like lisanna just gave up all her momentum. Im kinda dissapointed
    Lisanna are you okay? do you want to forfeit?
    Goddamnit mira....

    As Lisanna is slowly getting to her feet Virgo wraps her right arm around Lisannas neck and pulls Lisannas left arm across her own neck. Virgo then hooks Lisannas left leg and lifts all of her weight onto her right shoulder.

    is this? it is! Virgos trump card the deep driller neck breaker!
    This is for my princess!

    Holding Lisanna upside down in the air Virgo jumps up a few inches and drops down onto the mat ass first. *SLAM* lisannas neck comes down with the full force of gravity and her own weight right into virgos shoulder. Virgo releases her hold on Lisanna and lets her collapse onto the mat. Virgo drags Lisanna by her ankle into the middle of the ring and collapses onto her. with Lisannas shoulders pinned down Mira starts the pin fall.
    One...Two... Mira pauses for a moment before finally counting to the last number... Three!

    And the match ends with a bang! Virgo almost kills Lisanna and moves on to the semifinals!

    Virgo stumbles off of Lisanna and allows Mira to raise her hand. Virgo suprises the crowd by suddently hugging Mira.

    You actually did a legit job as a ref today. Thanks
    *Mira smiles a little*
    your welcome Virgo. you did well to.

    Virgo and Mira shake hands and wave to the crowd. Lisannas battered form lies a few feet away. Lisanna manages to slightly open her eyes and sees Virgo and Mira shaking Hands. The last thing Lisanna feels before passing out again is betrayal and Anger.


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    May 11, 2014
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    Qualifiers Match-3 count pin or submission to win-Juvia vs Jenny 40-60
    Juvia enters the stadium in a purple bikini and skirt with white polka dots. Her skirt was slightly too short and showed a glimpse of her ass and crotch. Juvias face was a very bright red; she had her arms tightly around her chest as she scampered down the ramp and into the ring. nervous from her match Juvia squats in the corner, mentally preparing.
    In stark contrast Jenny enters the stadium in a two piece lime bikini with a top that was much too small for Jenny's buxom chest. Jenny welcomed the crowds cheers and howling. She took her time walking down the ramp hugging and getting rowdy with crowd members. When Jenny gets to the ring she entertains the audience by pulling up her bikini bottom into a thong and performing a lap dance in the corner Turnbuckles. Running her hands from her chest to between her thighs Jenny finally stopped st the refs request.
    Tonights match will be between Fiores number one diva Jenny; and one of Fairytails cutest members Juvia.
    This is Juvias first wrestling match yet she is supposedly one of our more durable divas.

    wha- what is she doing to herself?Hmph juvia isnt ready to show so much skin to such a large croud.
    *Jenny smiles slightly*
    by the time im done with her she probably wont mind it

    Ding! Ding! Ding! The bell rings and the match begins
    Jenny quickly spears into Juvia, pinning her back into the Turnbuckles. Jenny follows her attack with several knees to Juvias stomach. Satisfied with her current advantage Jenny backs up and gives Juvia some space. Out of breath, Juvia slinks down onto the mat resting her back on the turnbuckles. She slides her hand across her stomach and flinches at the sudden pain.

    Man Jenny didnt give the newbie Juvia a chance.
    Ouch... *Juvia breaths heavily for a moment* damn, Its way to early for me to be at such a disadvantage!
    so many things i could do... oh i know! *jennys face turns red and breaks into a huge grin*

    Jenny reveling in the audiences roar decides to give them a show. Jenny pulls up her bikini bottom into a thong. Rubbing her hands around her ass cheeks, Jenny faces Juvia and slowly walks towards her. Juvias eyes go wide with fear; seeing no way out Juvia stays put and raises her hands to try and stop Jenny

    Juvia, Juvia, Juvia... me and you are about to become much closer...
    No! please you cant do that!
    Oh Juvia you poor girl that's not gonna stop Jenny at all!

    Jenny quickly turns around and starts rubbing her ass in Juvias face.Pined down between Jenny and the turnbuckles Juvia is unable to stop her. Not satisfied Jenny grabs Juvia's head and pushes it deeper into her ass and crotch. The crowd is going wild at this point hooting and howling at the two divas. Jenny grinds on Juvia for a few more seconds before releasing her. Finally satisfied Jenny releases her grasp and backs away. Juvia stays in her corner trying to catch her breath. Juvias face is bright red and covered in both her and Jenny's sweat.

    I have never seen someone so humiliated in a wrestling match before!
    Its not over yet Baby!
    im... going... to kill her...

    Wanting to continue Juvia's embarresment Jenny pulls Juvia out of her corner by the Hair and gets her out into the center of the ring. Jenny then crouches down and lifts Juvia holding her stomach on her own shoulder. Jenny then pulls up Juvias skirt revealing Her underwear to the extreme delight of the crowd. Infuriated by Jenny's antics Juvia slams herelbow into Jenny's head and her knee into her stomach. Surprised by Juvias attack, Jenny releases her. Juvia quickly capitalizes on Jenny's slow reaction and wraps her arm sround Jennys neck as she lands back on her feet. She then swings her leg up over Juvias neck and slams down to the floor. Juvia adjusts herself so she is sitting on Jennys face and has her hands firmly on Jennys breasts for the pin. She raises her hands in the air and laughs to celebrate her victory.

    That was Juvias special move the sunset split! Its a rare circumstance to see a move preformed that has such a difficult setup!
    Gotcha! now you know how it feels!

    One...Juvia raises her first finger
    Two...Another finger is raised
    Thre-Jenny slightly raises her left shoulder.
    Juvia rushes to complete a new pin, securing Jenny's shoulders this time.
    One...Two...thr-Jenny kicks out, ending Juvia's pin.

    Without any other damage done im not suprised juvia couldnt get the pin; even with her finisher.
    So stupid! i shouldve done another move to KO her completely
    Shes got more fight in her than i thought. I gotta do something before she knocks me out.

    Frustrated Juvia pulls up Jenny by wrapping her arm around her neck. She then arches Jenny's back preparing for a repeat of her last finisher, the sunset split. Raising her hand in the air Juvia yells to the crowd, She then raises her leg over Jenny's neck. Suddently realizing the danger she was in, Jenny breaks away as Juvia slams to the mat while splitting. Wincing from her throat and head being smashed Jenny retreats into a corner and mulls over her wounds. Juvia slowly rises to her feet and begins limping towards Jenny.

    She wont stop until one of us is knocked out... sorry Juvia but i have to use my trump card.
    Ugh.... that split really put a strain on my thighs...

    Still angry with Jenny for earlier Juvia runs and jumps into Jenny's corner. Jenny scampers out of the way and into the middle of the ring. Juvia recovers from her impact with the Turnbuckles and starts limping towards Jenny again. Jenny meets her halfway and gently caresses Juvia's cheek. Confused Juvia stops in her tracks and meets Jenny's gaze.

    there both just atanding there what sort of move is this?
    Come here you...

    Jenny comes in slowly and kisses Juvia very lightly on the lips. Enticed by Jenny's advance Juvia moves forward to deepen the kiss. At this point Jenny pulls away and steps back a few feet; She then clocks back one of her legs. With her eyes closed Juvia stumbles forward a little bit closer. Jenny twists around and slams the side of her foot across the left side of Juvia's jaw with all her remaining power and momentum. the kick causes a smack to ring out throughout the stadium, followed by a quieter crunch from Jenny's ankle and Juvia's face. Initially appearing unaffected, Juvia takes one last shaky step before collapsing face first onto the mat. Jenny gently rolls Juvia over and falls on her for the pin. Securing her pin Jenny held down Juvia's shoulders with her forearm. She also lifted one of Julia's legs whileplacing her own leg on Juvia other leg.
    Ding!Ding! Ding!
    Jenny rolls Juvia back over and gingerly places Juvias head on her lap. Jenny moves Julia's hair out of her eyes and caresses her cheek again. Jenny lowers her head and whispers something in Juvias ear.

    We should do this again sometime...

    A few seconds later Juvia's eyes slowly open and Jenny helps her get to her feet. Jenny raises Juvia's hand along with hers to show there's no hard feelings. Jenny and Juvia limp out of the arena together; Juvia nursing her jaw and Jenny nursing her ankle.
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    May 11, 2014
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    Qualifier Match-Pin by three count pin or TKO-Libra Vs Flare Odds- 60-40

    Flare walks out onto the ramp in a crimson red pretzel one piece with almost nothing covering her chest and abdominen. Flare has a distant and scary look in her eyes this is accompanied by a small smirk. The audience is intimidated by Flares disturbing facial expression and is mostly silent as she enters. Following Flare, Lucy walks into the arena wearing a white button up top with blue stripes and a blue short skirt. When Lucy reaches the end of the ramp she waits by the ringside as a spectator. Flare steps up onto the mat and slowly falls into a split. Flare slowly moves from a split onto all fours and crawls under the bottom rope she then slowly rises onto her feet and faces the ramp entrance.
    untitled (6).jpg 3150305698_1_4_fFZy8lb4.jpg
    Libra enters onto the ramp in a pink bra with sequinces and a pink hip belt barely concealing her thin underwear. Libra shows no emotion as she walks at a moderate pace towards the ring. reaching the end of the ramp Libra jumps over the ropes and into the ring. Libra walks up to Flare and stares her down.
    Todays match is between the frightening Flare Corona and the uncompromising Libra. I honestly cant say who will win but itll be close for sure!
    Im gonna get ya... he he he..
    What an unsettling thing to say...
    Ding! Ding! Ding! The match begins
    Flare and Libra begin to slowly circle each other waiting for a slip up; neither would. Eventually Flare cant help herself anymore and charges at Libra. Calm as ever, Libra clocks Flare square in the jaw. Flare wobbles around for a few more moments and collapses onto the mat with a thud. Libra grimaces and moves her wrist around, checking for damage. She quickly stops wasting time and rolls Flare into the middle of the ring for the pin. Libra lies down on top of Flare and pins down her arms.

    What a decisive blow! and so early in the match!
    Get up Flare! This is far from over!
    This is too easy....?

    The ref begins slamming her hand down onto the mat. one!... two!... Flare rolls onto her left shoulder, breaking the pin. Libra gets off of Flare and begins lifting her up. Once both on their feet Libra continues holing up Flares limp form and prepares for her finisher, the spinning neck breaker. She wraps Flares arm around the back of her neck and reaches for Flares leg. As Libra reaches for her leg Flare smiles. She suddently slams her knee into Libras abdomen, knocking the wind out of her. The audience gasps they thought this was over. Flare converts Libras neck breaker into a DDT by slamming down onto the mat. Libras head connects with the ground while the rest of her body momentarily is supported in the air by her neck. Libra falls back onto the ground and remains motionless. Flare sits down and drags Libra onto her lap.

    Ungh.. i wont make that mistake again.....
    Ha! you fell for my trick Libra!
    Great job Flare now finish her!
    It seems that Flare was playing dead and i think we all fell for it.

    Flare gives a thumbs up and a smile to Lucy before continuing. Flare slowly locks Libras throat under her armpit and wraps her legs around Libras Waist. Finishing the hold Flare locks down Libras free arm with her own free arm. With her hold completely locked in Flare begins constricting her legs around Libras waist and her arm around Libras neck. Libra tries to break free; she squirms and squirms yet Flares hold only becomes tighter while Libra slowly loses her strength. Libras struggles start slowing as her breaths become more and more shallow and infrequent. Libra finally relaxes and Flare loosens her grip slightly.

    Ref shes out! start counting!
    Things have really escalated quickly in this match. It looks like its already over!

    The ref lifts up Libras hand and drops it onto the mat and yells out "one!". She does it again "two!". She lifts Libras hand a third time and releases it. as her hand is about to hit the ground Libras eyes open and she hold her hand up. Unprepared for Libras second wind Flare attempts to lock her in again with no avail. Libra slips away and retreats to the side of the ring. Flares grin grows even larger as she prepares to attack Libra again. Libra is unnerved by her opponents undamaged confidence.

    Looks like Libra isn't out of this yet! shes still got fire in her eyes!
    Don't let up Flare!
    This is so much fun!
    what... is she?

    Flare, a little bit too eager, rushes at Libra. As flare approaches Libra side steps and trips her. Flare lands on the middle rope with her neck and arms resting on it. Libra steps out onto the side of the ring and runs her knee into the side of Flares head. Flare pulls back and stumbles away from the ropes while Libra climbs up onto the ropes. As Flare looks back at her opponent Libra hops from the top ropes. As she falls she hooks her arm around Flares neck and uses her momentum to preform a tornado DDT. the momentum causes Flare to flip over onto her back. Momentarily unconscious Flares chest slowly rises and falls and a few strands of her hair lie on her face. Flares legs lie close to the ropes where Lucy is watching. Libra sighs in relief and falls perpendicular to Flares own body for the pin. Libra is too tired and confident to secure Flares shoulders well.

    Ah come on Flare you gotta be more careful!
    its over... ive won!
    Could this be it!? could this match of the fearless be over!?
    one!... two!.... Lucy sneakily lifts Flares foot onto the bottom rope thre- The ref notices Flares foot on the rope and cancels the pin. Lucy sighs in relief while Libra looks at the ref, Flare and Lucy in shock. Libra then shreaks and starts lifting Flare up again by her hair.

    I dont know how you did that but you wont wake up from this!
    It seems the ref and libra didnt see what lucy did. Wouldnt have mattered anyways once her foots on the rope the pin is canceled regardless.
    I gotta give Flare another shot at Libra or its over....

    Libra slowly lifts Flares body and hooks Flares arm around her neck. Libra hooks her arm behind Flares and knee and starts hoisting Flare up onto her shoulder. Lucy quickly jumps up onto the side of the ring and slaps the back of Libras head. Libra drops Flare to the ground and stares down Lucy. As Libra is distracted and the ref tells Lucy to move away from the ring Flare slowly rises to her feet. Sick of Lucys interruption, Libra pushes her off the edge of the ring. Libra grins for a moment before realizing she had forgotten about Flare and hearing Flares footsteps. As Libra turns around Flare slams her fist into the side of Libras head. Libra totters around the ring, still trying to stay awake after Flares devastating blow. Flare, entertained by Libras willpower, decides to end the match quickly and without too much more damage to Libra.

    Flare use your brain buster! make sure she doesn't get up again!
    *Flare shakes her head* no... shes had enough...
    i gotta.... move...

    Flare gingerly grabs a hold of Libra and Wraps her arms around her neck. Flare drags Libra down to the mat and holds her in a sitting position while slowly rocking her to back and forth. Libra quickly becomes still and Flare signals the ref for a count.
    One!... Two!... Three!...
    Ding! Ding! Ding!
    Flare releases her hold and lowers Libra onto the mat. The ref lifts Flares arm into the air while Flair waves to the crowd and gives them a tired smile.

    Ladies and gentlemen the winner of tonight's match and the new contender in the quarterfinals is Flare Corona!

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    Qualifiers Match-Three count pin or submission-Erza VsMilanna Odds-80-20
    Miliana_render_1.jpg Milanna appears on the ramp with confetti shooting up all around her. The fans hoot and howl as Milanna blows the entire stadium a few kisses. Milana is wearing a black bikini top with blue trims; she also wears Long velvet gloves and a long trench coat flowing behind her. Below the belt Milanna has a pair of black short shorts and zebra striped stockings. Milanna sticks her hand behind the audiences fence and runs down the ramp; slapping a ton of peoples hands. Feeling positive and energetic Milanna slides into the ring and does a small cartwheel. Feeling as giddy as a princess Milanna hops around a bit with a huge smile on her face, waiting for her opponent.
    erza-bikini.jpg Erza enters the stadium with a small and simple grin on her face. No music or special effects occur behind her as she starts walking down the ramp. She wears a simple two piece black bikini all while showing no discomfort in her revealing attire. Erza walks up the stairs leading to the ring and calmly walks up to Milanna.

    Laaadies and gentlemen tonight we have another underdog match between the legendary Erza Scarlet and the tenacious Milanna! I wonder if this underdog match will end in a huge upset like the last.
    *Milanna smiles at Erza and puts her hand forward* Good luck okay!?
    *Erza shakes Milannas hand and returns her smile* And to you to.... Just a warning i'm not gonna hold back okay?
    *Milana pretends to be frightened* ooooohhh okay Erza....

    Ding! Ding! Ding! The match Begins!
    Erza immediately goes into a combative stance and waits for Milanna to make a move. Milanna turns her back to Erza and begins rallying the crowd. Not wasting a second Erza quickly elbows Milanna in the back of the head, bringing her down onto all fours. Erza positions herself next to Milannas upper body and raises her leg up as high as she can. Milanna starts mumbling something at Erza.

    Ugghhh.... what the fuck was that Erza?...
    I warned you...

    Erza swings her leg down and brings the full force of it chrashing into Milannas skull. Milannas head cracks down into the mat and she crumples to the floor. Erza doesnt waste a moment and begins lifting up Milannas limp body by the hair. Erza locks her arms around Milannas waist and places her belly to belly and with Milanna head angled towards the ground. In a weak effort to fight back Milanna locks her legs around the back of Erzas neck; yet she only solidifies Erzas hold on her. Erza hops up and gets a few inches into the air before landing on her knees and driving Milannas head and neck into the mat. Milannas entire body becomes like a ragdoll with her inability to support the weight of her arms and legs. Erza releases her arm lock and lets Milannas broken form fall to the mat.

    I think its over? Wow! that was the fastest match ive ever seen!....

    Erza kneels down behind Milannas head and folds her arms across her slowly rising and falling chest. With one hand pressing down on Milannas arms Erza uses her other hand to count the pin. The ref begins. One!... Two!... Three!!....
    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    The winner of this contest and the issss Erza Scarlet..... With that Erza advances the the quarter finals where shell be facing off against Levy Mcgarden!

    Erza rises up from the mat and allows the referee to raise her hand in victory. Erza smiles the most she has for the entire night. Done with buisness, Erza quickly slides out of the ring and walks out od the stadium without checking on Milanna or even gloating.
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    Qualifiers Match-3 count Pin or submission to win-Levy Vs Bisca Odds-25-75

    levy_mcgarden_by_kibakirain-d34owao.jpg lucy_heartfilia_by_kulos14-d5apy1k.png Levy enters the arena wearing a short black skirt with orange leggings. She also wears a barely buttoned blue top with orange strips. Her hair is a light blue and very unkempt. Accompanying Levy is her best friend Lucy. Lucy wears a green top with an opening between her breasts exposing a large amount of cleavage. Below her waste Lucy wears a shorter skirt than Levy and calf high light brown boots. Levy walks down the ramp and greets her fans along the way. Lucy hops down the ramp with her breasts bouncing up and down. Lucy gets to the ring and jumps up next to the ropes. Once near the ring Lucy widens the ropes so Levy can walk through it. As shes doing this Levy gives Lucy a look for being so ostentatious. Done with her entrance, Lucy waits by the side of the ring for the match to begin.
    untitled (2).jpg Bisca flys out onto the ramp bursting with energy. Bisca's sporting a red cowboy hat accompanied with a red unbuttoned vest. Holding Biscas Buxom chest in is a dark brown leather chest piece. Along her arms Bisca has a ring of leather strands and red arm guards on her forearms. As Bisca begins strolling down the stage she takes off her hat and twirls it around for the audiences amusement. Reaching the edge of the ring Bisca uses the top rope for leverage and hops over it and into the ring.
    Levy walks up to Bisca and extends her arm in a friendly fashion.
    *Levy clears her throat nervously* um... Hey... lets have a good fun match, okay?
    *Bisca slaps Levys hand out of the way and grins* take this more seriously or i might KO you a bit too early for my taste.
    Looks like bad blood already in this Match. If i were Levy id be mortified going up against one of the top ranked wrestlers of this league; especially considering her own low rank!

    Ding! Ding! Ding! The match begins.

    Startled by the bell Levy looks away from Bisca for a moment. Annoyed, Bisca quickly clotheslines Levy slamming her down onto the mat. Levy rolls around on the mat clutching her throat. Bisca tosses off her hat and whistles loud enough for many audience members to hear it. Bisca starts stomping on the mat in rhythm with the audiences own clapping. At this time Levy is slowly rising to her feet.

    Bisca is about to use the cannon already! She might just hit her target and end this match!
    Too easy!
    you've trained for this moment! studied her moves! you gotta show her your not some chump!
    *Lucy pulls at her hair and hops around nervously* aw shit! aw shit! aw shit!

    As Levy turns around Bisca charges her and grabs both her arms. Bisca raises her foot and aligns it with Levys head. Using what she had learned, Levy quickly drops down before Bisca can. Unbalanced due to having only one leg on the ground; Bisca falls down with Levy while still holding on to her arms. Levy quickly wraps her legs around Biscas neck and locks her arms around Biscas elbows. Once her hold is Locked in Levy constricts around Biscas throat and pulls her and Biscas arms back so neither can use them.

    I dont see a way for bisca to get out of this! Could Levy actually put away such a star?
    How did she reverse that!?

    Bisca begins thinking of an exit strategy. She looks to see if shes close to the ropes; shes not. She looks for a weakness in Levys hold; She cant find one. Bisca begins to slowly fade as a few seconds pass. Levy squezzes around Biscas neck with all the force she can muster; this pushes Bisca past her limit and any resistance Levy faced was gone. Levy looks at Biscas bright red face and determines she isnt faking. Levy signals the ref to start the count.

    It doesnt look good for Bisca right now....
    You got her levy!
    *Levy smiles* I cant believe it... I won...
    The ref moves in and lifts up Biscas arm by the wrist. The ref releases Biscas arm and with a *thud* it falls to the mat. One!... *thud* Two!... Thr- Bisca suddently opens her eyes and balls up her hand into a fist. Suprised, Levy attempts to reassert her hold with minimal success. Bisca reverses her position so her face is in Levys crotch when the hold is locked in again. Through pure will power Bisca slowly gets onto her feet while Levy is still anchored onto her neck. Scared of what Bisca plans to do next, Levy socks Bisca in the face a few times. barely maintaining her balance it begins to look like Bisca might go down again.

    Ive never seen any wrestler take such a vicious and continuous beating!
    why wont you go down!?
    I. WONT. LOSE!

    Bisca grabs Levys arms and drags her up as high as she can pull. For a moment Levy and Bisca make eye contact. Levy looks at Bisca with a shocked expression and Bisca returns her look with a sly grin. Suddently Bisca falls forward and slams Levy into the mat; *BOOM* The sound of Levys body meeting the mat echos throughout the arena. Totally spent, Bisca passes out alongside Levy. The ref sees both wrestlers down for the count and begins the TKO count. One!... Two!... Three!... Four!.... Five!...

    Looks might we have our first tie of the tournament with both wrestlers apparently TKO'd
    Wake up Levy! your not out of this yet!

    Six!... Bisca and Levy slowly start get onto all fours. Seven!... Eight!... Both wrestlers finally rise up onto their feet and cancel the count. Bisca slowly moves in on Levy. Whenever Bisca gets too close levy strikes at her shins. Irritated Bisca dives at and is easily dodged by Levy. Bisca flies outside the ring and slams chest first into the ground. Barely moving, Bisca lays on the ground for a few moments. Levy rests on the ropes and feels the damaged areas on her back and head while the ref starts his count. One!.... Two!...

    Biscas gonna need a visit to the ER after that chrash landing!
    After the beating i gave her... She must be reaching her limits too....
    *Lucy grins* A little distraction could go a long way....

    Bisca slowly gets onto her feet and climbs up to the outside of the ring; She starts entering through the ropes. Before Bisca can get her entire body through the ropes Lucy runs up and grabs her foot. Bisca easily shakes off Lucy's grip and kicks her down. While Bisca is distracted levy grabs Biscas head and swings down onto the mat with Biscas legs hanging from the middle rope. Bisca crumples and offers no resistance as Levy drags Bisca off the ropes and into the middle of the ring. As she is about to start her pin Levy stops and smiles.

    Whats she gonna do!? she can just end it now!
    its.... over........

    To make extra sure she wins Levy aborts her pin and drags Bisca up onto her feet. Barely able to stay awake Bisca accepts her fate. Levy kicks Biscas left knee causing her to drop down on one knee. Levy quickly slams her foot into Biscas other knee dropping Bisca to her knees. For the first time ever Bisca felt truly helpless. Levy suddently grabs Biscas hair and screechs. She propels her knee forward while pulling Biscas head downward to meet it. A loud chrunch is heard when levys knee smashes into Biscas face; followed by Bisca slowly crumpling down to the mat bent over her knees.

    I think all that violence from Levy was pretty unnecessary...

    Blood begins pouring out of Biscas nose and it becomes apparent it is broken. Levy slowly walks to and stands over biscas broken form; remembering the disrespect she had felt coming from Bisca. Levy puts her hands on her hips and clicks her tounge a couple times as she flaunts her victory for a little longer.She finally drops down onto Biscas waist and rests her head down on Biscas chest. As the ref starts the count Levy notices she can hear Biscas slow heartbeat as her chest rises and falls. As ther ref slams her hand onto the mat Biscas heart beats. Budum... One!... Badum...Two!... Badum... Three!

    Aaand thats the Match! Levy Mcgarden will be going to the quarter finals while Bisca will be going to see the medic!

    Lucy quickly rolls into the ring and embraces Levy. Levy to rise off of Bisca and totters forward she soon falls to her knees; writhing in pain. Lucy crouches next to Levy and helps her onto her feet again. Putting most of her weight on Lucy, Levy limps out of the ring.
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    Qualifiers Match- Minerva Vs Evergreen- Odds- 60-40
    Evergreen_wearing_bikini.jpg Evergreen strolls into the arena with a air of undue pride. She wears a zebra striped bandeau bikini. She walks down the ramp with an annoyed look on her face and doesnt interact with any of her cheering fans. Evergreen rolls into the ring and crosses her arms as she waits for her opponent.
    minerva_orland_by_ishthak-d6pmam1.png Minerva enters with a blaze into the arena. Sparks and smoke machines buzz behind her while Korns Coming undone plays in the background. She wears a two piece bikini with blue and white stripes, a blue trench coat, and stockings that rise to her mid thighs. Minerva seems less annoyed but just as arrogant as evergreen as she walks down the ramp and into the ring. Minerva first tosses off her trench coat and then gets into evergreens face and raises her arms in a challenging position.

    Laaadies and gentlemen tonight we have our final qualifiers match between two very powerful Divas.
    Your going down bitch!
    *Evergreen chuckles* ya ya lets just get to it then..

    Ding! Ding! Ding! the match begins.
    Evergreen quickly trys to rush Minerva and is easily avoided. Minerva places her foot out and makes Evergreen trip onto the ropes. Landing onto the ropes neck first; Evergreen rests her hands and head on the rope for a moment. Minerva quickly takes advantage of this and starts pressing Evergreens neck harder onto the rope with her body weight. She starts choking and pulling on the top ropes, trying to signal the ref. The referee starts counting for a disqualification. One!... Two!... Three!... Fou-... Minerva lifts her leg off of Evergreen and raises her hands as if shes innocent. Evergreen lifts herself off the ropes and tenderly touchs her bruised throat. Evergreens face is red from her uncontrolable anger.

    You fucker....
    is that all you got Evergreen!?
    I can already tell this is gonna be a real dirty match!

    Minerva pulls Evergreen by her hair into the middle of the ring and lifts her head so they can make eye contact. Seeing Minervas smug look Evergreen becomes even more furious. While Minerva is playing games Evergreen rips out of her hold and claws at Minervas eyes; effectivley blinding her. Minerva schreechs and holds her hands over her eyes as she paces around trying to find Evergreen. Before she can recover Evergreen delivers a kick to Minervas abdomen making her bend over in pain. Evergreen quickly locks Minervas head in her arms and draws one of her legs backward and swings it forward as she jumps onto her back. Minervas head and neck slam into the mat. For a moment all her weight rests on her neck and head as she is planted onto the mat. Minerva comes tumbling down and smacks back onto the mat chest first. Evergreen quickly rolls her over and lays on top of her for the pin. As the ref counts Evergreen plays with Minervas hair and counts along with her. One!... Two!.... Three!!!!

    Ding! Ding! Ding!
    Evergreen rises off of Minerva and shoves the ref when she tries to raise her arm in victory. Instead Evergreen stands atop of the turnbuckles and raises her middle fingers to the entire audience

    It becomes more and more clear that the greatest weakness of some of these wrestlers is their arrogance and lack of focus. What a disapointadly quick match. Well anyways Evergreen advances to the quarter finals round.

    Evergreen drops down from the turnbuckles and kneels by Minervas side. She pulls up Minervas head by her hair and slaps her around for a bit. She then slowly drags her back to her feet and puts her hand forward; seemingly in respect. Minerva sluggish from her head trauma accepts Evergreens offer shakes her hand. Evergreen quickly tightens her grip on Minervas hand and positions herself back to back with Minerva. Evergreen Locks Minervas own arm around her head and falls backwards onto the mat. Minerva slams back down onto the mat and becomes still; her arms and legs are sprawled out around her and her chest slowly rises and falls. Evergreen slams her hands down onto the mat a few times, establishing her dominance.

    Whoooo!!!! Get up from that Bitch!
    What a shameful act of agression on Evergreens part! There was really no need for that!

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