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Elizabeth's Personal Hit

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Mariposa, Jan 18, 2015.

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    "Ms. Wilkes, the defendant is saying you hired her to abuse you. Is that true?" The investigating detective grilled me.
    "Of course it is!" I screamed, standing at my kitchen table. I took a deep breath and sat back down. "I wanted to be abused. I am a 25 year old and *the largest* tech firm in the sector! I make enough in one day to buy the entire Sol sector in cash!"
    "But that is not the whole truth." The detective pressed.
    "No, that is not the whole truth." I said softly. "Catherine Malkovich of Malko Tech was about to take a hit out on me to rub me out. I took the hit out on myself to go off the grid while my board investigated Malko Tech without worrying about my safety. As for the abuse, the only family I have left is a cousin who kicked me out at fifteen for being a freak, so I decided to let my freak flag fly after turning 18."
    "It was Mrs. MacAllister who called us after coming by to check on you after you went of the grid, and technically, what you did was illegal." The detective said. "I know why you did it, but you still broke the law, and brought an already dangerous felon into deeper shit."
    "No, I did not." I denied. "I read the law *before* I took out the hit. It was perfectly legal because it was consensual."
    "How does that make it legal?" He asked.
    "Because, I took the hit out on myself and the abuse was part of the contract. I did not want to just sit in some safe house waiting for Malko Tech to crumble." I answered.
    The detective's radio sounded. "This is Detective Rhodes. Uh-huh, yeah, uh-huh. Send her in."
    The officer guarding the door let Rory in. I could tell she was less than pleased with my recent behavior. "I will let you ladies catch up. Excuse me." The detective left through the door leading from the receiving area to the den and main residential area.
    I waited for the door to close. "Hey, cuz." I said.
    "Don't 'hey, cuz' me!" Rory screamed as she rapidly crossed the space between the door and the kitchen table. She gestured for me to slam my face into the table. "Now, start talking! If I *do not* like your answer, you *will* move back in with me!"
    "You won't like the answer." I said sheepishly.
    "I better." Rory said, narrowing her eyes dangerously.
    "Uh, um, ah, eh-" Rory cut me off.
    "Stop stalling and tell me, now!" Rory dropped her voice to a whisper that still sent shudders through me.
    "I am trying to find someway to tell that *does not* involve me hitting the counter face first!" I screamed.
    "You stupid bitch!" Rory screamed as I hit the bar, busting my nose. "How dare you!"
    I lifted my face off the counter, inspecting it for damage, finding a dent. "HEY! Watch the countertops! The granite was imported from Terra! A place in the North American continent known as North Carolina! That was not cheap!"
    "You were just released from the hospital after being abused for three weeks and you are more concerned about the fucking countertops!?" Rory screamed as I hit the bar again, then the table, finally coming to rest on my stomach on the tile. "You bitch! I taught you better!"
    "What do you care?!" I demanded, picking myself. "You kicked me out at fifteen for having these fetishes!"
    Rory stood up straight, her full 2.225m, height imposing to me at my full height of 2.005525m, add to that, she *always* wore 30cm heels no matter what, making her 2.525m. I sank back to the floor, cowed. "I love you, Elizabeth! *That* is why I care!" Rory screamed as I flew into the ironwood-studded wall. "If you wanted a fucking beating, all you had to do was ask!" She screamed again as she threw me into the kitchen tile.
    I picked myself up panting. "Mistress, forgive me." I said falling to my knees, licking her boots clean.
    "That's better." Rory calmed down some. "Back to the table and tell me why you took the hit out on yourself."
    I sat back down at the table. "Catherine Malkovich was about to take one out on me to kill me. I took one out on myself to stop her from trying to kill me. The abuse was part of the contract. I was to be kidnapped and abused for a week, just long enough for my board to kill Malko Tech. My contact decided to give me a month, but then you had to ruin it! After an extra week in hiding, Malko Tech would have been shut down!"
    Rory hung her head in disbelief and frustration. "If you wanted a beating, all you had to do was ask."
    "It was more than that." I said. "Open your mind to mine; I will show you everything from my perspective."
    Rory glared at me, but I felt her in my head. "Show me, then," she thought.

    I wrapped my cloak tighter around me, to shield me from the wind and rain and prying eyes of the criminal underworld's greenhorns looking to make a quick buck. I hurried to the apartment complex my appointment was in. Once inside, I told the receptionist who I was seeing, and she waved me on up. I reached the apartment, knocked on the door, and was shown inside. The apartment was nicer than the building! The décor was tasteful, and interesting. The spacious kitchen/living area was delightful. My contact clearly knew the crowd she was catering to. I walked into the main living area to wait. The shelves were lined with trophies from previous hits. I was not impressed.
    "My mistress will see you now." A young woman in her late teens, maybe twenty tops, said, appearing as if from nowhere. She just stood their calm and collected as I sized her up. I rolled my eyes when I saw the dog collar. This girl was a living trophy.

    "I made you wear a dog collar for the first five years of your training." Rory's thoughts cut through my thought stream.
    "You never made me! I wanted to wear it!" I snapped at her. My face hit the table.
    "I have taken control of your fine motor functions. I can make you do anything physically I want you to without giving a command." Rory said, and she had. I felt her jack my body. "Continue."

    The girl led me to my contact's study. "Elizabeth, thank you for coming. I was not sure you were. Allow me to introduce myself formally. I am Ashleigh." A middle-aged woman with gray highlights stood and offered me her hand. I took it. "You already met Cadence." Ashleigh gestured to her living doll. "I am a Godmother, and her mother was one of my slime whores looking to get off, but she owed me. Cadence offered herself as collateral. After working for me for six years, I cannot seem to release her."
    "As a... fellow business woman, I understand the value of good employees." I said.
    "I know you do, Elizabeth, and I like that." Ashleigh returned.
    "Call me Lzzy," I countered.
    "You like to keep it familiar. I like that." Ashleigh said. "Over the phone you said you wanted to take out a hit on someone. Is that still the case?"
    "Yes, it is. One of my competitors, Catherine Malkovich is trying to take a hit out on me." I said.
    Ashleigh's face darkened. "I *do not* do on raids on Terra."
    I laughed. "The hit is on me."
    "You do know what a hit is." Ashleigh said.
    "I do, but I need to go off the grid, missing off the grid, for a while." I responded "My programmers needs a week to investigate Malko Tech for the council, and I need to disappear for at least that week."
    "So, I just have someone pick you up and then I set you up all comfy like while you wait out the storm, is that it?" Ashleigh asked condescendingly.
    "Not comfortably. I want to be your living doll for the week." I replied.
    "I assume you want to be kidnapped to make it look legit." Ashleigh returned.
    "Yes. My apartment needs to be reasonably trashed to look like a struggle took place." I continued.
    "I will make all the arrangements, but I will need 50 cases of derilium upfront." Ashleigh said.
    I placed a briefcase on the table, opened it, and turned it around so Ashleigh could see the 1m long, gold bricks inside. "This is half the payment and worth well more than 50 cases of derilium."
    Ashleigh's eyes lit up, until it sank in that was only half the payment. "Where is the other half?"
    "The other half is sitting in my bank account and will be transferred upon completion of the contract."

    "Whoa, whoa, whoa! How much mass did those gold bricks have!?" Rory asked shocked.
    "Each was a Mole in mass. The unit of-" She cut me off... again.
    "I know what a Mole is. I am a physical biochemical engineer. I had six years of math and science." Rory said. "How could you afford so much gold?"
    "I make more than that in one business day!" I mentally screamed. I hit the tile again, *hard*.
    "You are begging me to take you back with me." Rory threatened. "Continue."

    Ashleigh closed the case. "Cadence, guard this with your life. It is worth more than you."
    "Yes, Mistress." Cadence moved to take the briefcase.
    "Taking on Malko Tech is tough. They have withstood inquiries, lawsuits, everything that could be thrown at them. I will give you longer than the week you requested. Just how much pain can you handle?" Ashleigh said.
    "I am a former porn star." I said. "My resume includes two electro-pornos, 52 bondage pornos, and 12 extreme films. For that second electro-porno, I seduced the producer and she let me take 400 volts. My 12 extreme co-stars broke everything but my neck, ribs, and spine before taking me, and I was still conscious after being taken."

    I felt a hand on my cheek. I looked to see Rory caressing me and smiling. I expected a slap, but it never came.
    "I loved your pornos; I have all of them." Rory said. "I have always been your biggest fan, and always will be." Her voice grew hard again. "Continue."

    "I can handle it." I said.
    "Good. Cadence has extremely violent tendencies." Ashleigh replied. "As do I. I assume killing you is off the table."
    "You assume correctly, but anything else goes." I returned.
    "When do you want me to have you kidnapped?" Ashleigh asked.
    "I will leave it up to you to handle the details, but you only have a little less than a week to kidnap me." I answered.
    "I will make all the arrangements. It was a pleasure doing with business you, Lizzy." Ashleigh said.
    "I am excited about all the fun we'll have sometime soon." I said.
    "I am glad you share my enthusiasm." Ashleigh held out her hand, but instead of shaking it, I placed it on my cheek.
    "Just a taste." I said with a smile.
    Ashleigh leaned in and brushed her lips over mine. "Just a taste." She said with a smile.
    "Forgive me, Ashleigh, but I must go." I said quietly.
    "I understand, Lizzy. If we continued tasting each other, we would be having a threesome on my desk. I will see you soon." Ashleigh replied equally as quietly. She kissed me one more time before gesturing to Cadence to show me out.
    Cadence showed me to the door. I leaned in and brushed my lips over hers. "Just a taste." I smiled, before walking out.
    "See you soon, Ms. Lizzy." I thought I heard Cadence say before closing the door.
    I hurried to the transit station and took the train going to my level.

    "Mistress, I will skip over that night anf get to the struggle." I thought.
    "Why?" Rory asked, too cold.
    "All I did for the rest of that evening was get off to porn, particularly electro-porn. I even dug out my first one." I replied carefully.
    "I love watching your porn, but Cassandra and I watch it many nights." Rory said. "Skip to the struggle."

    That next evening, there was a knock at my door. I opened it without looking first. Cadence and a man forced themselves past me. My head knew they were here just to rough me up a bit to make it look like an actual kidnapping, before taking me to wherever I was to be kept; however, my body did not know and I fought like my life was threatened. Cadence realized that only after I knocked out her partner. She clobbered me in the head, knocking me out.
    I woke up three hours later in a dimly lit room with a splitting headache and my mouth feeling like cotton. I scanned my surroundings trying to figure out where I had been taken. Through the gloom, I made out Cadence's form near (or was it on?) a table. "Where am I?" I asked drunkenly.
    "We took you to one of our "storage" warehouses." Cadence replied. The way she answered, I knew something was different. "I knew your head was as hard as a rock, but it was North Carolina granite. My hand still hurts!" She wrung her right hand.
    "You seem different, somehow." I commented, shaking off the hangover. I now realized I was chained to the ceiling and floor.
    "Mistress Ashleigh did say I had violent tendencies. Did she not?" Cadence asked.
    "Yeah, but I was not expecting you to be one hell of a sexy psychopathic hottie." I replied. "I was expecting you to be just a sociopath."
    "Well, can't always get what we want." Cadence said with a sneer. She hopped down off the table and sashayed over to me. She then brought her left arm back, and punched me the stomach. I screamed with pleasure. "Good Girl!" Cadence praised. "Scream for me again!" Cadence then punched me for a full five minutes.

    "Cadence sounds like a lot of fun." Rory gave her "I want to beat someone shitless for sexual pleasure" smile.
    "She is, Mistress." I replied. "Her torture style is considerably different from ours, but it is just as effective and just as orgasmic. I loved every minute she tortured me."
    "I would like to meet your lover sometime." Rory smiled whimsically.
    "I would like to introduce you to her." I replied, unsure.
    "You *will* introduce us sometime." Rory's mental voice had taken on a steel edge.
    "Yes, Mistress. I will see what I can do." I agreed.
    "Continue." Rory ordered.

    Cadence leaned in for a kiss, but I recoiled instinctively, which only made her snap. She grabbed my hair and yanked my head back. I screamed again. While screaming, Cadence placed her lips over mine. I felt her tongue probe the back of my throat. I returned the kiss, probing the back of her throat. I felt the scars along her tonsils. Cadence recoiled and slapped me. "If you tell anyone I cut my tonsils for Mistress Ashleigh I *will* kill you!"

    "Mistress, I was not meant to show you that." I said sheepishly.
    "I forced you to show it." Rory returned. "I do have almost complete control over you now."

    "I would never tell." I said softly. "It is not my place. If you like it and love her, then do it. I used to wear a steel chastity belt and bra for my mistress cousin because I loved her."
    "What happened?" Cadence asked.
    "We... had a fight." I said, turning my head to the side, unable to look her in the eye. "She then kicked me out." I took a breath and let it out, relieved to get that off my chest.

    "I never kicked you out." Rory said. "That may have been how it felt to you, but you threatened to run away, so I said go for it because I no longer cared." Rory could no longer hold back the tears. "Cassandra and I were scared shitless for those three days you were off the grid. When the lobby staff called us and asked if you could live here, we breathed a collected sigh of relief." Her head dropped and tears fell like rain.
    "Mistress, I feel like a stupid bitch. Please forgive me." I said, lifting her chin.
    "Of course I forgive you Lizzy." Rory smiled. "You may be a stupid bitch, but never forget that no matter what, you are *my* stupid bitch, my failure." Rory dried her eyes. "Please continue."

    "I am sorry to hear that." Cadence said, turning me to face her. I averted my eyes, still unable to look her in the eye. She slapped me. "Look me in the eye, you bitch!" I looked her in the eye. "Good Girl. Scream for me again." Cadence punched me in the stomach for another five minutes, making me scream each time.
    "Make me your rag doll." I said when she stopped.

    "WHAT IN THE FUCKING HELL!?" Rory screamed, both mentally and vocally.
    "I asked Cadence to throw me around like a rag doll." I replied.
    "You crazy bitch." Rory said with a half-smile.
    "I know, Mistress. I loved making the electro- and extreme pornos." I returned.
    "Please continue." Rory ordered.

    Cadence smiled wickedly, releasing me from my bindings. She then bound my arms and legs and threw me into the walls and floor, making me scream with laughter and from pain, echoing off the steel. "Let me hear you scream, Rag Doll!" She screamed at me. After ten minutes, she gave a powerful swing, landing me on my back on the table. I screamed in pain as I hit the steel table. I shook from the pain but felt so alive. I flashed back to the set of the second electro-porno, the only other time I felt this alive. I was loving every minute of my "playtime" with Cadence.
    I heard footsteps coming closer. "Cadence, why is our new doll out of her chest and on the table?" It was Ashleigh.
    Cadence curtsied. "Mistress, forgive me, but she wanted to be played with like a rag doll; however, I did properly bind her arms and legs before doing so." Cadence's personality had changed to her more controlled personality.
    "Very well, Cadence. You may play with her as long as you desire, but when you get back, I want you to slit your tonsils for me." Ashleigh said before turning to me. She cupped my bare tit, pulling hard on it. "I will come play with you soon, Doll." She then bit down hard on my nipple eliciting a pained scream of pleasure.
    I brought my hands up to my lips and blew her a kiss. "See you soon, Miss Ashleigh." I smiled demurely.
    Ashleigh started to glare at Cadence before finding the faded impression of a chastity bra, then smiled back at me. "We got a good one." Ashleigh smiled to Cadence. Ashleigh returned my kiss, kissed Cadence, then left.
    "What happened to you, Cadence?" I had to ask, knowing my beautiful tormentor would go off on me.
    "When I am around Mistress Ashleigh, I am in more control." Cadence said. "I hate the more in control me. I prefer having very little control over myself. Just the threat of a potential shooting is enough to keep most people polite and cooperative." Cadence growled. "I love Mistress Ashleigh, but I love my lack of control more. This me always seems to have more fun torturing people." Cadence screamed in rage. "Around you, I feel different, not in control beyond having to be driven well more than over the edge to snap, but controlled enough that killing is a nonissue. Like I can have almost as much fun with you as I want, but I just cannot bring myself to kill you. There is some... thing stopping me from *wanting* to kill you."
    I motioned for Cadence to come closer. "It is called "love". You sold yourself as collateral because you loved your mother, regardless of how she felt." I managed to pull myself up to a sitting position and kissed Cadence's lips.
    Cadence wrapped her arms tightly around me, causing me intense pain, and returned the kiss. Cadence pulled my lower lip into her mouth and bit through it, tasting my blood. She broke the kiss and embrace. "I now recognize why I could not bring myself to just kill you in your apartment, despite the contract. I did not have to retrain myself then." She said in amazement. "I do love you, but I love hurting you, too." Her voice grew cold and hard. "Do not expect any mercy."
    "The only mercy I want from you is to feel your beautiful pussy destroying my cunt." I smiled at her.
    "Earn my virginity, Raggedy Ann." Cadence grinned wickedly as she carried the table, with me still on it, over to the electroshock equipment.
    "I would love to earn your first time, Mommy Cadence." We shared a dark giggle, knowing my every hole was about to be filled with a fairly large dose of electricity.
    Cadence clasped the metal cuffs on the table over my arms, raised and spread my legs, inserted the anal and vaginal electrodes, lowered and cuffed my legs, and hooked me to the remaining electrodes.
    "Mommy Cadence, when I shot those electro-pornos, the crew did not hook me up to all these electrodes." I said with a twinge of concern.
    "The Terra Porn Safety Commission set limits on what can and cannot be done on set." Cadence replied. "They are safety issues we can overlook by using electroshock as torture rather than record and publish it as an arousal technique." Cadence continued hooking me up. "I think I will shut you up now." She smiled as she placed the electrode in my mouth. "You will see me when you wake up." I could hear the evil grin Cadence was wearing as she clipped my eyelids shut. "I want your ears to bleed from your screams, so loud not even the electrode can muffle them, but I think it will be more fun to make them bleed from the current." I smiled around the electrode in my mouth as Cadence plugged my ears, then finally my nose.

    "HOW many electrodes did she use?" Rory asked.
    "Mistress, Cadence plugged my ass, pussy, and mouth for 3. There were 2 in my nose, ears, and closing my eyes. That makes 9. She also used the table as an electrode. That makes 10, dividing-" Rory cut me off... again.
    "I did the math. Okay, so it was 400 across the board rather than each taking 400 volts each." Rory said.
    "Exactly. The warehouse would short out if she tried to shock me with 400 from each access point.
    "That, and the first shock would prove quite lethal." Rory mused. "Please continue."

    Through the table, I felt Cadence throw the switch. Stars exploded right in front of my eyes. The only thing I could feel was the electricity coursing through my veins like fire. The pain was excruciating, but exhilarating. Suddenly, the electricity stopped, ruining my fun. I felt Cadence remove the electrodes. My ears bled, and I tried to sit up, but the electricity had turned my muscles to jelly. Cadence carried me on the table back to my "cell". My ears stopped ringing once the table hit the floor. I opened my mouth to speak, but my voice came out raspy. "You should have left me turned on longer!" I tried to scream.
    Cadence backhanded me. "I shocked you for 90 minutes!" Cadence screamed in my ear.
    I finally sat up and opened my eyes. I was blind.

    "How long were you blind?" Rory asked coldly.
    "My eyesight finally came back sometime that night. Ashleigh was cuddling me then." I replied.
    "What happened to Cadence?" Rory asked.
    "Nothing. She followed standard Mafia electro-torture procedure." I returned.
    "Continue." Rory said cold and hard.

    "That was three full-length videos." I said softly. "Next time, go longer. I want to completely lose my voice and make my throat bleed from screaming."
    "I thought you were an excellent screamer *before* I electrocuted you. Once I turned on the power, you turned into a fucking banshee!" Cadence screamed in joygasm. "I spent the entire 90 minutes in orgasmic bliss! You more than earned my virginity!" Cadence straddled my neck. "Use your incredible tongue to break my hymen!" I buried my tongue deep in Cadence's pussy, causing orgasm after orgasm. "Enough!" Cadence screamed. She turned around, got down on all fours, and bared her ass for me. "Take my anal virginity." I licked her ass off, causing more orgasms. "Enough!" Cadence screamed again. She opened a beautiful black patent leather purse and pulled out an even more beautiful strap-on. I began drooling. Cadence strapped the rubber dick to herself and began teasing my pussy. She finally penetrated me. Cadence fucked me to multiple orgasms. She finally stopped after 210 minutes, leaving me screaming. I felt blood running from my ears. "That-that was incredible!" Cadence gushed breathlessly. "My ears are bleeding."
    We played for another 4 hours before she anchored me on my stomach to the underside of the table and set it back upright. Cadence then walked away. "Good night, Mommy Cadence. I love you." I said. She came back, flipped the table, and brought her stiletto heel onto the base of my neck, knocking me out.

    "She *is* fun incarnate!" Rory screamed in orgasm after leaving. my head. "You *have* to introduce us sometime."
    "Mistress, I will see what I can do." I said, unsure. "Cadence works for a Godmother, a... businesswoman I should not have over the table deals with."
    "I know, but you *have* to introduce us sometime." Rory said again. She called the detective in.
    "Ladies, I must inform you that all charges against Ms. Wilkes have been dropped." Detective Rhodes said upon entering the kitchen/living room.
    "Dropped!?" I asked startled. "Who in the hell in their right mind would drop all charges against me when I committed a felony that could cost me my company?"
    Detective Rhodes shrugged. "It would take impressive capital and considerable pull with the empress to do that. The only people with that much money and influence are council or guild members. Your benefactor must be economically or politically important."
    "What about militarily?" Rory asked.
    "Sure, I guess, but Mrs. MacAllister, you are the only one with a military service record. As a colonel, you were a fairly high ranking officer upon your retirement, but unless your former CO was a three star general or higher, I do not see how a military officer would have the required pull."
    My cellphone rang then, a song from my childhood. "President Wilkes speaking."
    "Put this call on speaker." My unknown caller said. I did as I was bid. "Detective, I issued a full pardon *without* being beseeched to pardon President Wilkes." The empress said.
    "Thank you, Imperial Majesty. How may I serve you?" I said reverentially.
    "By taking Catherine Malkovich's place in the Merchant Guild." The empress replied.
    "I-I would be honored, Mistress." I said humbled. "When should I leave?"
    "You will maintain your company headquarters on Perseus 3; however, you will maintain a residency and office on Terra." The empress said.
    "Imperial Majesty, just by taking your offer, I get to expand my market 20 times!?" I asked shocked.
    "Yes, President Wilkes. Of course, I could always re-charge you and let you rot." The empress said absently.
    "Mistress, I did not say I would refuse." I replied.
    "Smart girl. Colonel MacAllister, you did well raising your cousin's child." The line went quiet a second. "Colonel, you will accompany President Wilkes, along with whom ever else she chooses; however, you will report straight to me upon arrival in New Terra City. We have some... things to discuss concerning your sub."
    "Yes, My Mistress." Rory replied. "I will do as you command."
    "Good girl." The empress praised Rory, who staid silent. "President Wilkes, make your preparations and leave within the fortnight."
    "Yes, My Mistress. As you command." I replied. The line went dead. I returned my iPhone 9 million 15 to my purse. "Mistress, what did Her Imperial Majesty mean about me?"
    "I would not wish to speculate." Rory clearly dodged the question. "Get ready to leave. We have less than two weeks to get to New Terra City."
    I hurried to prepare for our trip pondering what the future had in store for me in the capital.