Elias vs the Imp Girl: a Zako Story


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Aug 22, 2020
Hey all,

I've lurked for a while, but I'm new to posting. I've had a zako fetish for basically as long as I can remember, and tonight I just sort of wrote one all at once. It encompasses some of my tastes, which are viciousness without killing, a dominating male protagonist, a focus on a particular zako, dubcon, a lack of gore, a sexually liberated society, and some other stuff I like. I may write more in the future, and if I do I might try a modern-day setting rather than a fantasy one, and probably be a bit kinder to the poor girls. Please let me know what you think!


Elias awoke with a start. His back ached as he slowly sat up on his stone bed. Eyes blurry and mind disoriented, he took stock of his surroundings.

He was in a small and dank prison cell, lit only by two torches from beyond the iron bars. The walls were made of tightly packed dirt and stone. There were no windows to speak of, and faint rumbles in the distance told him he was underground. He looked down. He was missing his armor, and was stripped to his undershirt and trousers. Suddenly, a feminine noise caught his attention.

On the other side of the cell door, he saw an imp girl slouched against the wall, rubbing her pussy and moaning loudly.

Elias sighed. It was going to be one of those days.


As a Paladin of the Arcadian Church, Elias had been ordered to spy on a suspicious coven of demonesses that had been congregating in a cave system on the outskirts of the Capitol City. He was to provide an account of their numbers and report back on any possible mischief. This was his first solo mission, and the more experienced Paladins had not spared him teasing.

“Aren’t you lucky? I’m being sent to the border to repel orcish marauders, but you’re just peeking on some pretty demon girls!”

“What a rookie task. Hardly a danger for the rest of us, but I’m sure it’ll put you through your paces.”

Amidst the jokes, his mentor, Commander Lucretia, smiled and said, “Now now boys and girls, I’m sure our ‘Divine Spear’ will come out just fine.” Her smile widened to show her pearly teeth. “That is, if the ladies don’t make him come first!” The whole group burst into uproarious laughter.

Lucretia’s cackles wracked her body, her heavy breasts threatening to fall out of the low-cut bodice of her dress. As she bent over in laughter, the tight skirt strained and hugged the contour of her voluptuous ass. She was, evidently, not wearing panties.

It was not odd to see people in Arcadia dress as scantily as her. The Church was pious, but not prudish. It preached a doctrine of free sexual expression, and nearly every citizen of age participated in perversion to their heart’s content. Brothels at every price point were as plentiful as cafes and grocery stores. It was common to see naked lovers fucking under trees in public parks, even as others came to feed the ducks.

Kink was celebrated, from the mundane to the bizarre, from the safe to the violent. The newest club in town was one where waitresses wearing plaid miniskirts, high heels, and tight white tops would wrestle one another between servicing customers. The outfit was a modified version of Arcadian Church schoolgirl uniform, but the Church didn’t mind. After all, priests enjoyed watching one young girl head-scissor another to unconsciousness as much as anyone else. Half-off blowjobs from the loser didn’t hurt either.

(Apparently, schoolboy cafes were being built on the north side of the city — the clientele was smaller, but apparently enough to entice investors.)

Elias liked to think he was more in control than other Arcadians. Though he got as horny as any other young man, he believed strongly that there was a time and place for that behavior. In military school, he had been the first to scold his bunkmate for skipping training to rail one of the maids behind the cafeteria, as well as two female cadets the year below him for eating each other out in the closet during cleaning duty. His classmates had called him a buzzkill, but his discipline paid off. In his mid-20s, he was made one of the youngest ever Paladins in the Church’s history.

That’s why he was eager to prove himself on his mission. He understood the other Paladins teased him because they liked him, but affection did not equal respect. He would finish this mission flawlessly, he thought, without being distracted. He’d prove himself as someone worthy of the title ‘Divine Spear.’

Thankfully, this wasn’t even a combat mission. He didn’t expect to see anything interesting, even though Commander Lucretia had warned him about her nipples being “aroused by an evil chill in the air.” Rumors from the townsfolk suggested they were just having orgies among themselves. He planned to be in and out of the cave system before sundown.


At least, that’s what he had hoped. But he was careless. As soon as he reached the demonesses’ hideout, he was struck on the back of the head by something heavy and immediately blacked out. He figured one of them had been hiding in the bushes to strike at any interlopers. He had expected them to stay on the path or within the caves. It was a rookie mistake.

And now he was stuck in a jail cell, watching a sobbing demoness sit against the wall, legs spread wide, while she furiously working her pussy with the palm of her hand.

She was a pretty girl. Although she looked like a human at first glance, her red-tinged skin, small horns, and thin tail marked her as an imp, a lesser demon with weak pyromancy and short-range teleportation, but no other remarkable powers. She was petite, a head-and-a-half shorter than Elias, with silky black hair. Her slender waist tensed as she writhed and massaged her core. The torchlight exaggerated every slight curve she had. She wore the kind of clothes you would expect a lesser demon to wear: a black tube top pushed over her cute, perky breasts, and a minuscule thong she kept yanked to the side as she tried to bring herself to orgasm.

As Elias watched her erotic performance, he felt his dick begin to harden, but he ignored it. He needed to form a plan. It seemed that with her eyes squeezed shut, the imp hadn’t noticed Elias’ awakening. She began to talk to herself, and Elias resolved to listen. Her voice was kittenish, with a slight rasp from her persistent moans.

“Oh, why do I have to be stuck on guard duty? The door is locked and the Paladin is unarmed! Why do I have to be here at all?”

The imp slid two fingers into her pussy and moved them in and out, but she only seemed to get more frustrated.

“I want to cum so badly… I’ve been in heat for days! But even when I play with myself, use toys, or get one of the girls to lick me… nothing happens!”

She took her fingers out of her pussy and moved them to her mouth, licking her juices off and sucking them. She looked convinced they would somehow give her the relief she needed. When it was clear they wouldn’t, she pulled them out of her mouth with a slight suction noise, and slid them back into her pussy with more force. Her panting was so desperate, Elias swore he saw steam come out of her mouth. His cock stiffened, but he fought to stay focused.

“I wanna go upstairs! All the girls are up there, and maybe if they all used their vibrators on my clit at once, I would cum!”

Elias rolled his eyes. Imps were not known for their great intellect or cunning. But what she said next caught his attention.

“At least upstairs I could watch the ritual!”

Elias was startled, and before he could catch himself, he said, “What?”

The imp’s eyes flew open, and she let out a high-pitched gasp. “You’re awake!” She tried to straighten up her clothes, though she couldn’t hide how sweaty her body had become, or how wet her pussy was through her underwear. She was clearly shier than the average demon.

Elias knew there was nothing to do but keep talking. “What ritual are you talking about? What are you demonesses planning?”

The imp stood up on shaky legs, and Elias caught a glimpse of something shiny: a ring of keys encircled around one of the thin straps of her thong. Her breathing was even more rushed than when she had been masturbating. She spoke to herself in a panicked voice.

“I’ve got to tell the others, right? But no, they’ll know I told the Paladin about the ritual. They’ll exile me, or send me back to the demon realm, or even…”

She swallowed in fear, and Elias felt a pang of pity. He knew how harshly some higher demons acted punished betrayal. There were fates worse than death, and this poor girl might find out just what they were. The imp’s breathing slowed as she backed against the far wall, but her eyes were still clearly afraid.

“There’s only one thing I can do, right?” She grabbed one torch off the wall and palmed her hand over the flame. She closed her hand. When she reopened it, she held the still flickering flame as if it were a solid ball. Elias stepped back in alarm. Was she going to burn him alive?

The imp clapped her hands, spreading fire to both. She shouted, “I’m just gonna have to knock you out and give you amnesia!”

Elias paused, stunned. He remembered, once again, imps were not very smart. But his bemusement only lasted a moment: with a *pop*, the imp teleported into the jail cell.

The girl swung wildly at his chest, and it was only Elias’ startled back-step that saved him from being burnt. She stumbled over the rocky floor, but caught herself and teleported to his left. She hi-kicked with one of her skinny legs, but Elias, prepared this time, blocked with his forearm. He stepped toward her body and aimed an uppercut into her soft stomach.

The punch connected, and the demoness’ body was lifted off the ground by Elias’ fist. She squealed as her hot breath shot out of her mouth. And when there was no breath left, her cute pink tongue lolled out. She stayed suspended on Elias’ fist for a second, then slid backwards. Her body crumpled as she fell on her tight little ass.

The imp, teary-eyed, tried to collect herself off the ground as Elias loomed over her. As he looked down at her slick body, he noticed that her top had been jostled, and her nipples were peeking out from under it. He could feel the wolf inside him stir.


Elias’ one kink was his desire to dominate women through sex and violence. As he grew hornier, he got rougher; and as he fought harder, he became hornier.

For example, in military school, the two girls who skipped on cleaning duty to fuck each other had first reacted poorly to him muff-blocking them. In fact, they tried to attack him with pocket knives, two on one, for interrupting their little tryst. They thought they had the upper hand, but idiots that they were, they had skipped class to scissor each other too often — they had no idea how strong he was. He was, after all, one of the youngest Paladins ever inducted.

A punch to the jaw for the brunette and a knee to the cunt for the blonde had them both moaning in agony on the closet floor. Elias had picked up them by the hair and pinned them against the wall by their necks. As the dumb bimbos choked, he gave them an ultimatum: they would either get on their knees and deepthroat his cock, or else he would beat the shit out of them and string up their bodies on the school flagpole.

An hour later, Elias had opened the closet door straightening his uniform. Behind him were the two girls stripped naked, lying in a heap, twitching, covered in bruises and leaking cum from every hole.

They never missed cleaning duty again.

Yes, Elias may have had less sex than the average person, but when he was turned on, nobody fought and fucked quite like him.


As Elias stared down at the imp girl, the bulge in his pants grew bigger and bigger. The girl, limbs still splayed across the floor, had noticed how his pants tightened, and her eyes became fearful. And her fear only caused Elias’ to become hornier.

So instead of finishing the fight, Elias decided to tease her instead.

He smiled. “Your tits are out.”

The girl looked down, gasped, and tried to cover up with her arms. She brought her eyes up to stare at Elias, furious.

And then the girl disappeared from sight.

Elias looked around the cell, startled. Did she run away? No, she seemed dead-set on taking him down. Did she go somewhere out of sight? Maybe. There were multiple spots outside the jail cell that he couldn’t see from within, for example around the corner. So what did this mean?

It meant, when he least expected it, she was going to teleport in and slug him. So what should he do?

Elias stood straight, closed his eyes, and listened. If he did this right, he would win. He strained his ears, listening for the smallest sounds, and finally he was rewarded when, directly behind him, he heard a


Elias spun around at the surprised imp girl and threw a haymaker right at her jaw. Her small body ragdolled from the shock, and she was almost thrown across the jail cell. But Elias caught her by her tail and yanked her back, ass first. She yelped from the sudden change in force, and she fell against his body, where he put her in a chokehold. He knew she didn’t have enough energy to teleport any more. He had won.

Now it was just a matter of what to do with her.

Elias was a lot of things: a Paladin, an Arcadian, an uptight weirdo, and someone who punished others with rough, violent sex. But he wasn’t a killer. According to the Church, even demons were, in some sense, people. His plan was to knock out this girl, then send her back to the demon realm using an incantation. Then he’d continue his mission.

The girl struggled against the chokehold, her firm ass grinding against his dick in delicious ways, but Elias kept his hold on her windpipe tight. Her legs flailed uselessly against the ground, and her small tits bounced as she jerked.

“Ple-e-ease, sto-op, for-give me-e…”

Elias noticed something curious. Even as she choked and begged for mercy, she had begun to moan in the way she had when she was playing with herself earlier. And her pussy seemed to get wetter and wetter. Despite her shyness, it seemed like she was a natural submissive.

Elias’ last bit of self-discipline broke. It was time to change the plan.

Elias’ grinned wolfishly. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

The girl sputtered through her half-closed windpipe. “What? No-o-o!”

In response, Elias moved his right hand down to her clit while keeping his left arm locked around her neck. He softly touched the small nub, and she mewled. “Doesn’t that feel good?”

“No-o it doe-sn’t…”

Elias gave her clit a sharp slap. She yelped, body going rigid, head falling back, and tongue falling out of her mouth. She started to twitch, and more fluid came out of her pussy.

“Are you lying?”


Elias just laughed. He released her from the chokehold, and she collapsed on the ground like a piece of trash. She was crying as she sucked in air. Her small breasts rose and fell enticingly, redder than normal from the exertion. Once again she found herself on the floor looking up at Elias, but this time was different, because Elias took out his cock and slapped it across her face.

“I don’t think I introduced myself when we met. My name is Elias, and I’m a Paladin with the Arcadian Church.”

“And this” — he gestured to his dick — “is the Divine Spear.”

The imp felt ready to faint. It was longer than her face, at least 10 inches, and girthier than her clenched fist. Its veins throbbed and its head was angry and bulbous. This dick could barely fit in his pants. Did he — was he going to stick this in her tiny body?

Her face backed away, awestruck, terrified and so, so horny. Her jaw, which still ached from Elias’ punch, opened unbidden. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

Elias laughed. “Should I take your open mouth as an invitation?”

With no further warning, he shoved the head of his dick past the girl’s plump lips. In surprise, she almost closed her jaw — but Elias pulled out in time. He pulled her up by her black hair and slapped her open-palmed across the face. Once again, he let her drop to the floor.

“Try to bite me again, and it’s a fist next.”

The girl rose again, trembling, but this time getting properly on her knees. She understood her role now. She looked up at him and opened her mouth, expectant.

“Good slut. Keep it like that.”

Elias pushed his dick slowly into her mouth, and her jaw extended to accommodate it. Even so, Elias could only get five inches in before hitting the back of her throat. He began to slide in and out, first slowly, then faster until he became a piston in her mouth. The imp made wet, gagging sounds as he violated her, but Elias didn’t show mercy. She looked up at him, her conqueror, and only felt reverence. Sweat dripped down her body, and her thong became more and more soaked.

Elias grinned. “Let’s try a little harder now.” Suddenly, he began to thrust harder, trying to break the barrier of her throat. The girl was shocked, but even as her mind said it wasn’t possible, her throat tried to accommodate his cock. He was now shoving so hard that she was being pushed backwards. She hit the wall, her head making a dull clunking noise. With the wall on the other side of her, Elias gave a prolonged push, and finally his cock began to deepthroat the imp. Drool flooded out of her mouth he moved deeper and deeper in, the ridges of his cock widening her windpipe. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she began to shudder. Elias’ cock was now fully down her throat. Even as her mind went blank, the girl’s throat squeezed tighter in an effort to please her master.

After a good 10 seconds of keeping her airtight, Elias’ pulled his cock out like he was pulling the cord to a lawn mower. The imp slouched against the wall, gasping. The only part of her that seemed to be moving was her hand, grinding her hand against her pussy.

“We still need to have the main course.” Elias picked up the girl by her neck and dropped her face down on the stone bed he had woken up on. With a single hand, he ripped off her top and thong, leaving her naked and exposed. Her head turned slowly to look back up at him and his burly cock, and her eyes turned into stars.

“Y-you’re gonna…”

Elias smiled menacingly. “What? What am I going to do?”

“Y-y-you’re gonna,” she swallowed, “f-f-fuck me now?”

Elias brought his face down to hers and whispered hotly into her ear. “Yes whore, I’m going to fuck you now.”

He shoved all 10 inches of his cock into her at once, and she half-screamed with joy. His thrusts were as deep as could possibly be — he pulled out until the tip of his head was just touching her begging lips, and then pushed through her like lightning until he reached the back of her slutty pussy. One of Elias’ hands lifted the girl’s head up by the neck, bending her back at an almost impossible angle. The other roughly groped her breasts, kneading them and cruelly pinching her nipples. The sound of their hips together made a thunderous clapping sound.

When Elias suddenly let go of the girl’s neck, her face whipped down onto the stone bed. Every thrust scratched her face against the stone, but she didn’t care. She felt like she was being reborn. Elias and his big, vicious cock were her new gods.

“Please, please,” begged the imp, wiggling her ass like a bitch in heat. “Harder!”

Elias barked out a laugh and obliged. He rotated her body so her head hung off the bed and her torso rose up in the air. When Elias found the correct angle, he plunged into her with the force of gravity, using her like a jackhammer against the dirty floor.

“OH MY GOD YES, YESSS!” the girl screamed. Her entire body shook from the force of Elias’ thrusts, from her tits to her ass to her thighs.This was Nirvana. Masturbating could never match up. The other demoness whores could never fuck her like Elias was fucking her now. Those pitiful sluts, they would never know the pleasure of being ravaged by his magnificent cock.

Elias tensed. He was nearing his climax. The girl stared up at him, a vacant smile on her face. Her face was dirty, neck bent, her eyes full of love for him, wanting nothing more to feel pleasure and give him pleasure. With one final thrust, he roared, spraying rope after rope of thick cum deep into her womb — and finally, the imp’s vision exploded, her pussy clenched, and she screamed Elias’ name. She had finally orgasmed.

After catching his breath, Elias looked down at the girl. Her pussy overflowed and leaked cum, her idle tongue trying to catch any that dripped off her breasts. He pulled his cock out, and as the girl fell one last time to the floor, his last bits of cum covered her body.

He kneeled next to the girl and looked in her eyes. Her mind was broken; there was no one there. He brought his cock to her mouth.

“Clean me off.”

She immediately obliged, licking her pink tongue up and down the shaft and sucking up any cum that was still stuck in the head. She cleaned every nook and cranny of her beloved cock. Once she was finished, she laid back down on the ground.

Elias asked, “Did you like that?”

Her body continued to shudder, but she smiled a dumb, ditzy smile. “Y-y-yes.”

Elias smiled. “Good, then I won’t feel so bad about this.”

Before the imp girl could process his words, Elias stood, raised his foot, and stomped it into her stomach. Her thin limbs flailed upward, her pretty eyes went wide, and her slutty pussy shot out some of Elias’ cum. Her plump lips managed to give a breathy “oh” before her body slapped back on the ground. Her delicate naked body laid motionless like garbage on the floor. She was out cold.

Elias sighed and straightened his clothing. He had really wasted a lot of time punishing this girl when, apparently, there was a demoness ritual to stop. He didn’t have any time to send her to the demon realm, so he’d have to just leave her in the cell and hope she didn’t wake up in the meantime. She wasn’t the first girl he’d fucked into a sex coma, so he felt confident she’d be out for at least a few more days. It might take her brain longer to recover, but as he’d reminded himself, imps aren’t very smart to begin with. So it wasn’t necessarily a great loss to anyone.

Now, duty called. Elias walked across the cell to where the girl’s thong lay limply on the ground, the keys still attached. He pulled the keys from them, throwing the thong over his shoulder — though he didn’t see, it landed on the imp’s face. Reaching through the bars, he tried each key in turn until the cell door creaked open. Stepping past the threshold, he took the last torch off the wall and went around the corner, looking for the stairs.
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