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Jul 10, 2016
STICKY: You can download my pre-packaged loader here: DrZombi's Sweet Treats

UPDATE: ----- v1.32 -----

- Sweet Treats -> Fin de Soirée v1.03: Corrected the invisible beast bug, corrected the unsuckable beast bug, upgraded the dialogue to take full advantage of the latest upgrades of MoreTriggers. (Like smooth penis increases instead of jumps).

Ghostbusters v1.03: Minor changes, bug corrections.

- Bonus -> Clara Loft and the jade statue v1.22: Upgraded the dialogue to take full advantage of the latest upgrades of MoreTriggers. (Like smooth penis increases instead of jumps)

- WTF -> Farmer's Daughter v1.02: Updated the Horse Cock to @lemurian-seed 's new v1.01.

- Write-Utils -> Triggers Tester v1.12: Updated to reflect the new triggers of MoreTriggers 2.2 and DialogueActions 4.07.

UPDATE: ----- v1.31 -----

+ADD+ Write Utils -> I've added 2 char folders with the testgirl to launch quickly and easily my Line Types and Triggers Tester "dialogues".

I'll continue to maintain them so that they can be found and launched independently of any package, but I found logical to put them here, in a write utils folder resource !

Star Wars Sandbox v0.96 -> Minor correction to intro text + corrected Aayla's eyes color + corrected the Sith Tattoos mod so that it is now implemented to Darth Talon (Many thanks to Modguy for this !!)

Farmer's Daughter v1.01 -> Corrected a bug which prevented the dialogue to launch normally.

Wonderfilled v0.91 -> Something that I can't define seems to have introduced de-synchronization with dial/audio. This has been adjusted for me but this is still largely dependant on your PC so I hope you'll now be able to play it as intended for much fun :)

----- v1.3 -----

+ADD+ WTF -> Wonderfilled v0.9: It's just an exorcism because I had this fucking Oreo Ad music looping in my head. If you need to exorcise as well, enjoy :grin:

+ADD+ Bonus -> Loving Wife (full) v2, by @VincentL : Your wife has been waiting for you to coma back home all day. She's very horny and it won't take long before she deepthroats your cock and beg of you to fuck her wet pussy.

+ADD+ Write Utils folder where you'll find useful mods when writing dialogues or building charfolders.
Monitor Dialogue v2: Shows an overlay where all lines built and read by the dialogue system are reported in real-time with their priorities. Very good addition to the dialogue logs so that you can see in real-time what is happening in your dialogue.
Show Mod Info: Shows which parts of the body are loaded when you load a Mod. Very useful when you want to set-up your sby's moreclothing folder !
Char Helper v0.2: A template folder designed to help you create some dialogues. Complete How-To inside !

Star Wars Sandbox v0.95 -> Minor corrections for more reliable characters loading + Added the Bikini to Leia Slave (Finally found it :)) + Added the Outfit for Ahsoka (Also found it deep down in the forum !!) and totally reorganized the folder so that it is not a fucking mess anymore :tongue:
Oh... And I also added Shaak Ti :)

WTF -> Smurfette 1.2: Modified to use the Char Helper Folder Template and be a working example for you. Modified very small things here and there to the dialogue itself.

General: Reorganized all my own dialogues under the "Sweet Treats" sub menu for better organization and visibility of the rest.
Harmonisation of the displayed size of thumb pictures (Yep, that was very important :D)
Dialogues will start a little bit quicker.
Don't know why all the thumb files got lower case again. Re-changed all to Thumb.png with the good case for case-sensitive systems.

+ADD+ Bonus -> CGma's Dynamic Girlfriend. This time I modified almost nothing in the dialogue. Just packaged it in a charfolder with a girlfriend that I hope you'll like, and added an intro to justify the background. Of course, this is still just to let you discover this dialogue if you didn't know it.

+ADD+ WTF -> Farmer's Daughter. So that you can see what can be done in SDT with just a clever Background and Animtools positions. (FPS is a little low though, you can undress the girl to get higher FPS). Credits to @MoonMoon for the original idea: Horse background/position/penis and @lemurian-seed for the better Horse Cock: Real Horse Cock

- All -> Modified the Loading Dialogue of each Charfolder for those 2 improvements:
- Major: You should experience a lot less character oddities when switching from one dialogue to another, thus reducing the needs for resetting and relaunching SDT.
- Minor: The loading fading is now immediate: you won't have a spoiler of the coming scene/girl before the loading is complete and dialogue is launched.

Note: There are no more Code.txt in the Char Folders. If you want to modify the girls, the initial charcode is now loaded through the Dialogue.txt file which launches the real dialogue.

- Bonus -> Clara Loft v1.21: Added a Tree Covering Overlay (using the artwork extracted from sclover13's mod to get over the arm and hair layer bug it suffers).

- Fin de soirée v1.02 -> Totally removed the é in the file & folder names to get rid of the encoding problems which may prevent the dialogue to load !

- WTF -> Smurfette v1.1 -> Added some management buttons (Grab, Stroke, Undress...) for you to test and if this is good I will create a dialogue template with all these feature pre-added so that it facilitates the advanced dialogue writing for everybody.

- Ghostbusters v1.02 -> Minor bug corrected.

- Star Wars Sandbox v0.91 -> Modified some little things to correct visual aspect of the girls when I could. Please be aware that SwitchSet is not always predictable in what it loads, so for the same mods (Aayla & Mission Vao outfit for example, you may have different results ! And also if you switch too quickly between the girls, it will reload the entire charfolder, and thus, replay the intro. I can do nothing about this myself).

UPDATE: Added Ghostbusters dialogue and Star Wars sandbox. Minor updates or bug corrections to other dialogues and the smurfette will now have some kind of reaction when you fuck her.


Hi Community !

I've finally finished the 1st version of my own package for the SDT Loader. It has been a long work but I'm proud to present you something which, while not being flawless, should still be able to provide you some good moments :smile:

This is not a package designed to be your basic default Loader for testing dialogues and play the game normally by adding a lot of mods and load dialogues. Although you could do it, I would still recommend sby's Loader for this. It is very complete, up-to-date and somewhat agnostic with a moreclothing well stuffed while I only put in mine what I use in my dialogues to shorten the starting process.

This package is designed to be launched, for you to open the character folders and have fun with the dialogues that I've pre-configured (How kind I am ! :wink:)

Each Dialogue comes pre-configured in its own character folder, so unless I give you other information, you can just load them directly without having to bother about preparing something or load some mods yourself.
Be careful if you want to load other mods in addition to those I already provide, If they are not included, I have not tested them and thus I can't be held responsible for not working dialogues (yep, I do have tested some mods which fucked some things up in some dialogues. It's been the case with CustomAutomation and Sharpshooter for example.)

If you want to change the look of the girl, you can usually just paste your charcode in the Code.txt of the Character Folder, but be aware that I love to load charcodes through the dialogue to make them more dynamic, so if you do change the clothes of the girl or the girl herself, you may have a weird experience at some point. I'll try to not forget to precise this for each dialogue where you can expect it to happen.

So in the root menu you'll find my dialogues, a bonus folder, a WTF folder and a dialog mod useful for troubleshooting dialogue lines. Here is the detailed content:

My Dialogues:

-- Fin de soirée v1.02 --

Update: There is now a progress bar to keep track of her mood evolution. Nice !

This dialogue is no more presented in 2 subfolders, I merged the french and english versions in one folder with language selection at the start of the dialogue. I hope that the dialogue won't be too bad in english. If you find some sentences or expressions or words which seem weird to you, don't hesitate to send me some corrections so that I can update it to a better english version :smile:

(Please don't send an already corrected file, I've worked a lot of hours on this dialogue, it uses a lot of triggers and tricks to go how I want it to go, and I don't want to have to verify each line to troubleshoot an error that you could have introduced, so just send me something like: "Line 13: you could tell it like this, use this word, replace with, etc...")

You can of course do whatever you want with this dialogue and post updated-corrected versions if you want, but if you do this, I won't include them in the next release because I would have to make sure that the fr and en versions are still exactly the same, and I won't have time to re-parse entirely your modified files for what you've changed).

I don't know if I'll be able to maintain both fr and en versions in the future, so your feedback will be really appreciated on this :smile:

Scenario: You have just had a wonderful evening at a restaurant with your girlfriend (just as wonderful) and are both walking back home. Because the city is quite calm, you do not hesitate to use the small and dark alleys as shortcuts. Her, being a little drunk after this champaign-meal, finds it more and more difficult to walk with her heel boots until she falls on the ground. She attempts to grab you but falls anyway and finally she's here, on her kneels in this dark alley with champagne bubbles in her head. But as you was about to help her stand up, she tells you that she feels like she could offer you what you've always asked her. Here and now, The opportunity is opened, will you go for it ?

Charcode: There is a Mod Loading that happens during the game, which reset the girl's appearance. And so, I had to "revamp" her by reloading her charcode. So if you want to modify her look, you'll also have to modify the revampCharcode at line 75.

Clothes: At some point, you have the possibility for the girl to push her shirt up to let you see her boobs. If you want to change her top, use at least the same color as defined in the initial settings, line 12 (or modify it there): "pushedshirt":"pushedupshirt,0,130,100,0.98,0,130,100,0.98"

Features: If you wanna spoil yourself on what specific surprises I put in this dialogue...
+ Everything is included in the dialogue. Positions changing, hands placement, mood... If you can change something, a button will appear for it. Just let the dialogue drive you and don't open the menu to change anything, you could break the dialogue by doing that !

+ my AI is not as advanced as SmartGirl or DynamicGirlfriend (I recommend those dialogues if you don't know them yet), but still, the girl will have different lines of dialogues and behave differently if you're gentle or a pure bastard with her. If you want to be gentle, you should begin with a little bit of licking and handjob (a button will appear for that soon). When she's Ahegao, she will probably not go down again and will be a pure slut who enjoys almost everything you do to her. But if she's angry, you may also unlock a special scene at some point...

+ After first deepthroat, the guy will begin to ask her to undress. Depending on her mood, you can get her topless. And if you're very nice with her, maybe a titjob as well.

+ After some cummings, the guy will spot the full moon and explain to the girl taht she has to make him cum regularly for him not to transform into a beast. Yep, If you let her have some breaks after that, he WILL transform into a beast. That will unlock more positions and also change the dialogue lines. But it will be a little bit more difficult to make her like it after that...

-- Ghostbusters v1.02 --

The Dialogue is a bit more complex in its gameplay structure than standard lines, and so I cannot guarantee that it will run flawlessly from the beginning to the end. I tried my best to hunt down any bug and I did not encounter bad things on my last runs. But everyone plays differently so if you experience something weird, don't hesitate to report me (And if you have the dialogue log, that's even better)

Scenario: A ghost dick attacks a young woman, member of the Ghostbusters squad! Who you gonna call?? (Is she gonna call ??)

Charcode: Due to the introduction of this dialogue, the main character is not created with the default files of the character folder (because it is not the first girl to appear). So if you want to modify the girl, you'll find the charcode to modify in the "Invocation-Intro v1.0.txt" file at line 25. At some point, the girl can get undress, so you'll also find a charcode to replace in the main "Ghostbusters v1.0.txt" file at line 200.

Clothes: Apart from this, you should be able to make the girl look like what you want (just try to keep the glasses, as they are mentioned in a specific line, but that's just for the sake of consistency). You should also probably keep the Ghostbuster Costume but hey ! Do what you want ! :smile:

Features: If you wanna spoil yourself on what specific surprises I put in this dialogue...
+ Everything is included in the dialogue. Positions changing, hands placement, mood... If you can change something, a button will appear for it. Just let the dialogue drive you and don't open the menu to change anything, you could break the dialogue by doing that !

+ This dialogue is in fact a minigame where you fight the ghost who's trying to feed on your lifeforce. The game will progress each time the ghost cums. If Emy swallows its slime, the ghost will absorb her soul and gain vitality. If she dodges, its slime will be wasted and the ghost will weaken. Do your best to get rid of it but be careful ! The ghost is not defenseless !

+ Emy and the Ghost both have a life tracking variable. There is a visual progress bar for Emy's life and another for the Ghost Power. The ghost will gain power continuously during the dialogue and will make use of its powers when necessary. The progress bars auto-updates to show you this. The more power the ghost has, the more violent its curses will be !

-- Star Wars Sandbox v0.95 --

This is not really a dialogue. This is more of a showroom for ModGuy's SwitchSet. So you launch the character folder, You go to the Options -> Loader tab and you'll find some Super Sets premade for you to play with star wars girls. You can then do whatever you want, add mods like usual, load your own dialogues... Just enjoy !
Note: This is just a beta version for now, I did not add as much things as I could, and there are really no lines of dialogue. So... Sandbox eh !

Scenario: Nope, Chuck Testa !

Charcode & Clothes: Everything is set up through the SwitchSet Mod.

Features: If you wanna spoil yourself on what specific surprises I put in this dialogue...
+ I made the Star Wars crawling text introduction to add a lot more immersion in the Star Wars universe. That was a fucking lot of work, so I hope you'll enjoy it ! :smile:

+ I use @ModGuy 's SwitchSet to let you switch between a lot of Star Wars characters and backgrounds, so you'll have to open the "Loader" Tab to discover more girls.


Here, you'll find dialogues which have not been written by myself, but that I wanted to provide people who will download my pre-packaged loader with. Dialogues that I really love and which inspired and helped me when learning to write my own. And because I do love those dialogues, I wanted to make them directly available without people having to bother for 10 minutes settings session each time, and I also revamped them a little with all the new functionalities and clothes & mods now available to make them look even better (IMHO).
You probably already know those dialogues, but you'll find that I've really added a little something to each of them, so I encourage you to have a look at it and tell me what you think. And since they're pre-packaged, it's a pleasure to just load them and enjoy them in 1 click :). And if you did not know those dialogues, well... You're welcome :smile:

-- Clara Loft and the jade statue v1.2 --

Original Author: @T0mcat (+ @Chikai)
Original Thread: Clara Loft - world famous archeologist (wip)

Scenario: World famous archeologist Clara Loft is after another archeological sensation. On a very small island in the midst of the pacific ocean she found some information about the statue of a fertility god, which should be found in a lost temple complex in the midst of the jungle.?? A local shaman gave her some details - and stared at her tits the whole time - which seem to indicate that the statue holds some magical powers that can be released with the right procedure.?? So Clara sets off into the jungle, finds the temple and the statue, clears it from local vegetation and then attempts the ritual to free it's power...

Charcode: Everything's in the Code.txt, I think I have a pretty good version of Lara Croft (oups I meant Clara Loft ! :wink:). But feel free to modify her to suit your fantasies.

Clothes: All the clothes I used may cause a framerate around 15-18. If you find this unacceptable, you can delete the weapons at the end of the charcode for example.

My modifications (those I can remember):

+ Reorganized completely the code (Chikai did mess it up a bit). It should now be a lot more readable and understandable for anybody who would want to add further modifications.
+ Added soundtrack during intro lines
+ Added a Growing Penis for the Statue (Surprise Clara !)
+ Made sure that she will loose control of herself at first cum so that the storyline plays well.
+ Added a counter which increases the probability of him to release Clara at each ejaculation. Thiw greatly eases the process needed to enter the second part of the dialogue added by Chikai.
+ Added a cheating detection for those who would want to release the statue's arm through SDT menu instead of waiting for the statue to release her (Clara will be punished !)
+ Added a Tree Covering overlay for better forest atmosphere

-- Shapeshifting Succubus v3.1 --

Original Author: f93 f93
Original Thread: f93's Dialogue Thread - Tentacle Rape and Consentacles

Scenario: You take a girl home one night and, whilst she's giving you a blowjob, she reveals her true form - she's a shapeshifting mind-reading succubus. She helps you get over it pretty quickly by telling you she could turn into any woman you want, and starts listing off attractive girls in your life to entice you...

Charcode & Clothes: If my pre-packaged revamped girls do not please you, you can provide FULL CHARCODES (just delete the bg part) at lines 457-461 (the names of the girls can be changed at line 15).

My modifications (those I can remember):

+ Totally revamped the girls, using moreclothing and all the mods I could think of :) I did not touch much the original girl though. She has no specific particularity so I stayed true to f93's original vision. Just changed the hair because I just hate SD Chan :tongue: I was also a little bit uncomfortable with the original sister which was really young, so I did add boobs and made her more high-school / university style. For those who may want it, I included a backpack with moreclothing which can be called via the body part.
+ Improved a little bit the way how the reveal is handled so that it is now going much more like it was originally designed for (but did not work in all situations).
+ Each different girl has now a different intro resistance (Or I should say that now it works). But it will be reset at each change.

Possible Improvements:

- There are a lot of lines in the original dialogue which will never trigger because of their "thought/speak" state. The dialogue is here delivered as the original but if there's demand for it, I could probably rework it to make sure that more lines can be played regularly (But the original intention was maybe to not flood the player with a too much verbose dialogue)

-- CGma's Dynamic Girl Friend 1.8.2 --

Original Author: @CGma
Original Thread: Dynamic Girlfriend

Scenario: A clever dialogue from CGma which simulates an AI for your girlfriend. Her reactions are not always predictable, which means that he's done a good job :wink:

Charcode & Clothes: If my pre-packaged revamped girl do not please you, you can provide FULL CHARCODE (just delete the bg part) in the loading file Dialogue.txt.

My modifications (those I can remember):

+ Just added an intro to justify the background and put a situation in place.
+ Totally reorganized the file to make it a lot easier to read for dialogue writers who would like to learn from it !

Possible Improvements:

- There are a lot of cum_on_face lines which call for a "came_inface" line after but those lines do not exist at all and I don't know what CGma had exactly in mind for those lines. If he comes by, man you let something to finish here :wink:

-- VincentL's Loving Wife (full) v.2 --

Original Author: @VincentL
Original Thread: VincentL's dialogues - A Girl's Submission (NEW) and Loving Wife

Scenario: Your wife has been waiting for you to coma back home all day. She's very horny and it won't take long before she deepthroats your cock and beg of you to fuck her wet pussy.

Charcode & Clothes: If my pre-packaged revamped girl do not please you, you can provide FULL CHARCODE (just delete the bg part) in the loading file Dialogue.txt.

My modifications (those I can remember):

+ Just added my "Fader curtain" intro with cleaning triggers and provided my own position files for the 3 possible positions.

Possible Improvements:

- This dialogue is very well written and there is not much to improve I can think of.


I put here some little things which are either too simple to go in the real dialogue section, or tests or jokes or stupid things which cannot be categorized seriously.
Have fun with the first one and let me know if you want more of this :smile:

-- The Smurfette v1.2 --

Info: This is just a stupid joke. No scenario, just a WTF scene. Also, I use this "dialogue" as an example of my Template Dialogue.

Features: If you wanna spoil yourself on what specific surprises I put in this dialogue...
+ No specific feature here, this dialogue is a living example of my dialogue template so you won't find here much more than what's already in the template.

-- Farmer's Daughter v1.0 --

Info: No scenario, just a WTF scene to show what can be done with clever use of the background and the Animtools positions. Original material and idea by @MoonMoon, horsecock from @lemurian-seed

-- Wonderfilled v0.9 --

Info: No real scenario, this is just a way to exorcize this fucking Oreo-Ad music running in my head all day :D.

Features: If you wanna spoil yourself on what specific surprises I put in this dialogue...
+ Well, there's a wolf, there are Oreos, and there is a blowjob-song with a little red riding whore (thanks to @Iago ).


You'll find here useful tools for dialogue writing. Don't hesitate to tell me if you find it useful and if you want me to continue improve and update this part.

-- Useful Mods --

Info: The mods I find very useful when writing dialogues are:
- @sby 's MonitorDialogueV2: because sometimes the dialogue log is not enough to troubleshoot your dialogue which is not playing correctly. It can be very interesting to see in real time how lines are built and how some lines with a higher priority will step on others !

- @stuntcock 's ShowModInfo: because if you're using @sby 's moreclothing, you will just love that this mod can show you which part of the body are to be set in the settings file.

-- Char Helper Folder v0.2 --

Info: I designed this folder with 2 ideas in mind:

1) You can use it as a template folder designed to help you create some dialogues with some advanced possibilities pre-written.

2) You can use it as a testlab. If you launch it through my loader, you'll find that it will load a girl and a dialogue with a lot of options. So you can use it to test the options I put in the template dialogue or just use the girl to test clothes, dialogues, mods, animtools positions, etc...

So this is essentially a dialogue template. You can use it directly in my package if you want, but I also provide some instructions if you want to extract it and include it in your own package. In fact, I wrote a complete twenty fucking one pages guide for this folder, you'll find it inside, I'm not sure it is usefull to fully copy/paste everything here !

Features: If you wanna spoil yourself on what specific surprises I put in this dialogue...
+ My traditional "Fader curtain" which let you set up the scene the way you want behind a colored screen so that you can then show things at your own pace if needed and not spoil everything (girl, background...) before the dialogue really starts.

+ A button to Grab/Release Her without having to open the game menu (also it triggers a head_released line when releasing her if you need it)

+ A button to go in/out of handjob mode without having to manage arms from the game menu

+ A button to undress her. You can randomize the piece to remove through categories if needed.

+ Some specific fuck lines to add a little bit more of girl enjoyment when fucking her (but I designed this before I knew about the release of Animtools v17 so this is a part which will need a lot of reworking).

Please, please, please, please: I've put a lot of time and efforts in this. Not only on the dialogue template which is anyway useful to me, but also and especially on the guide which explains each line and feature of the template so that you can tweak it the way you want. If you found this useful, if you're using it, please let me know that I did not put this whole thing up in vain. I'd be glad to receive comments and suggestions. :smile:

-- Useful Dialogues --

Info: The exact same testing dialogues that can be found in my other thread here:
A Little help for new Dialogue Writers

They are useful to beginning dialogue writers who would like to know when exactly each line type can trigger and what is the effect of each trigger.
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Jul 8, 2013
My Succubus dialogue really does suffer from being made before we could add buttons to the game. At one point I intended to rework it so it'd load one of five different dialogues when she changed form, but it turned out to be such a huge hassle that I never fixed it. Anyway, good work on redesigning the girls to use mods - they all look a lot better this way.

For the most part your english translations are understandable (even if a little strangely phrased), but you keep using the word "particularity" which I've never actually seen used before. It's technically correct but just seems off for some reason.


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Jul 10, 2016
My Succubus dialogue really does suffer from being made before we could add buttons to the game. At one point I intended to rework it so it'd load one of five different dialogues when she changed form, but it turned out to be such a huge hassle that I never fixed it.
Yes, I thought about using buttons too but the goal was not to rewrite the dialogue entirely if it does not improve it somewhat, plus I wanted to keep your shifting process because it does a very good use of the interrupt trick which can be useful for beginning writers.
Using buttons to load different dialogues could really be a pain if you want to track some variables from girl to girl, If I had to replace your interrupt trick for buttons, I think I would just use them to make a quick & easy choice but I'll just change the girl variable and let all 5 girls in the same dialogue file. Just my opinion.

Anyway, good work on redesigning the girls to use mods - they all look a lot better this way.
Wow ! Validated by the creator himself ! I'm so happy :smile:
I just regret the framerate loss incured by all the mods loaded for each girl but hey ! I had to made a choice !

For the most part your english translations are understandable (even if a little strangely phrased), but you keep using the word "particularity" which I've never actually seen used before. It's technically correct but just seems off for some reason.
I found the word particularity only once in the Smurfette dialogue and replaced it with special feature. Is it better ?
That would really help me a lot if you could provide me with some examples of "strangely phrased" sentences, and how you would have written them. So that I can understand better how I should construct my next dialogues and what does feel strange to other people.

Many thanks for your reply !!


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Sep 15, 2012
Nice package! I never tried t0mcat's Clara Loft before, it was very good too! A problem with the Fin de soirée was that the "é" letter got changed to a "ç", causing the character folder and the English .txt file in it to fail. It was easily fixed by replacing it with the correct character. Madame had disturbingly big boobs though :)

I liked the "growing" penis and I've said before it would be nice to have an actual flaccid penis, but we don't have that animation yet. Maybe something for your mods? :) I would also very much like it if it was possible for him to hold (or even stroke?) his own cock with the left hand, rather than just having it hang limply by his side. But I know of no such mods unfortunately.


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Jul 10, 2016
Nice package!
Thanks :smile:

I never tried t0mcat's Clara Loft before, it was very good too!
Yes ! I really found it excellent, even in its first version when there were not so much features that dialogue writers could use. Really imaginative and fun to play. This is how you recognize a good dialogue and that's why I really wanted to bring it back to life !

A problem with the Fin de soirée was that the "é" letter got changed to a "ç", causing the character folder and the English .txt file in it to fail. It was easily fixed by replacing it with the correct character.
Of course I could not spot this myself but you're totally right ! I forgot to encode in UTF-8 the Dialogue.txt files which launch the real dialogues ! Seems that someone here has sold his soul to a chomped fruit :wink:

It is now corrected and should not be a problem anymore in the next releases (you'll tell me :smile:)

Madame had disturbingly big boobs though :)
This is not my fault ! Not my kind at all ! :rolleyes:
I have to admit that I really have a thing for big boobs and redheads. :oops:
You may expect more of them in my next dialogues :grin:

I liked the "growing" penis and I've said before it would be nice to have an actual flaccid penis, but we don't have that animation yet. Maybe something for your mods? :) I would also very much like it if it was possible for him to hold (or even stroke?) his own cock with the left hand, rather than just having it hang limply by his side. But I know of no such mods unfortunately.
Again, I totally agree with you, such mods would really add something to the game. Unfortunately, design and animation are not in my skills so we'll have to wait for this from other more advanced modders...


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Mar 5, 2015
Thank you for your work! I downloaded and tested your bundle today (v. 1.0) and I've just played a little with the Smurfette dialogue which is quite funny, and "Fin de soirée" seems really nice. :smile:

I also found some issues on my system (GNU/Linux OS here).

Of course I could not spot this myself but you're totally right ! I forgot to encode in UTF-8 the Dialogue.txt files which launch the real dialogues ! Seems that someone here has sold his soul to a chomped fruit :wink:

It is now corrected and should not be a problem anymore in the next releases (you'll tell me :smile:)
I'm having problems with the "é" letter in filenames , so I had to replace them in the file names, Dialogue.txt and CharacterFolders.txt files with an "e".

Also, on my system, file names are case-sensitive, so a file named "thumb.png" won't show a thumbnail while "Thumb.png" will.


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Jul 10, 2016
I'm having problems with the "é" letter in filenames , so I had to replace them in the file names, Dialogue.txt and CharacterFolders.txt files with an "e".

Also, on my system, file names are case-sensitive, so a file named "thumb.png" won't show a thumbnail while "Thumb.png" will.
Yes, I did not re-uploaded the whole package, I just corrected encoding on my side for now, so your problem with letter é is normal.
Concerning the thumb.png images, I did not know that the game would look for a Thumb.png file ! As you said, my fucking Windows just doesn't care :grin:
I'll correct all Thumb.png on my side again. Will be good for next release :smile:

Thanks for your comments ! Much appreciated !

P.S: In case you did not notice, you can make the smurfette have an orgasm if you switch to a vag or anal position :rolleyes:
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Content Creator
Jul 10, 2016
I only just remarked that I am the only one to know my dialogue by heart and that I did not explain which features I added to my dialogue, other than just... Dialogue lines...
Because the scenario does not say it all, you can now have a look at the OP where I added a "Features" section for my dialogue "Fin de Soirée" if you wanna spoil yourself a little bit on what's waiting for you inside.

Maybe you have missed something ? :wink:


Content Creator
Jul 10, 2016
Hi community !

Just wanted to let you know that I've just updated my package to v1.1 ! With a new dialogue and a fun sandbox. Details and link in the OP :smile:
Hope you'll enjoy it !


Content Creator
Jul 10, 2016
Thanks dude ! It has been a lot of work. I'm happy to see at least one person loving it :smile:


Vivacious Visitor
Feb 11, 2013
The ghostbusters mod doesn't seem to work. It gets stuck at an orange screen.


Content Creator
Jul 10, 2016

Thanks for your comments, it is not easy to troubleshoot with so few information but I may have found something which could cause this if you're a little bit too much "active" during the intro :wink:

Could you please try to replace the attached file in the Ghostbusters Char Folder and tell me if the dialogue runs better for you ?
I had no problem with both versions myself.

If you still have problems, please tell me more about your experience:

- What could you see exactly of the dialogue ?
- What was the last sentence you read ?
- Can you provide the dialogue log ? (Modding Tab -> Custom Dialogue -> Edit -> Log -> Copy/Paste :smile:)

If you're good now, please tell me, I'll upload an updated version of the package with this little correction.



Vivacious Visitor
Feb 11, 2013
Still doesn't seem to be working...
The dialogue seems to play out normally for the first part with the girl in the black "witchy" outfit.
The texts reads, "Somewhere in another New York apartment" or something of that sort while the screen fades to an orange color.
Some pink dialog boxes pop up but there is no text within them and the only stay up for half a second or so.
When I close flashplayer and reopen it SDT, it will open with the new girl selected as seen in the mod's thumbnail only without clothes on.
Here is the log.
0: Loading custom dialogue.
1: Reading initial settings.
2: Okay.
3: Storing undressed = 0
4: Storing bgmVolumeTracker = 1
5: Storing ghostLife = 20
6: Storing playOnce1 = false
7: Storing hasSlimedOnce = 0
8: Storing emysLife = 100
9: Storing cumLinesAllowed = 1
10: Storing da.bgm.volume = 1
11: Storing recoveringProba = 0
12: Storing emysPosition = enduring
13: Storing played = notPlayed
14: Storing ghostPower = 0
15: Adding custom line: "[general]"
16: Adding custom line: "[pre_cum_enduring*hasSlimedOnce*]"
17: Adding custom line: "[pre_cum_attacking]"
18: Adding custom line: "[pre_cum_anal]"
19: Adding custom line: "[pre_cum_mesmerized]"
21: Adding custom line: "[SETVARBYNAEM_da.bgm.volume_bgmVolumeTracker]BE READY TO ACCEPT MY GRATEFULNESS!БББББ"
22: Adding custom line: "[cum_on_face*hasSlimedOnce*]"
25: Adding custom line: "[PENIS_ALPHA_OVERLAY_*ghostLife*]I FEEL STRONGER!БББББ"
28: Adding custom line: "[ghostWins]"
29: Adding custom line: "[cum_in_mouth*hasSlimedOnce*]"
31: Adding custom line: "[cum_in_throat*hasSlimedOnce*]"
32: Adding custom line: "[cum_unavoidable]"
33: Adding custom line: "[cum_in_eye*hasSlimedOnce*]"
35: Adding custom line: "YOU CAN'T ESCAPE ME NOW!БББББ[AUTO_NORMAL]"
37: Adding custom line: "I must aim well and not take a drop of its slimy cum in my mouth!БББББ"
38: Adding custom line: "I must be careful not to swallow anything!БББББ"
39: Adding custom line: "[ghost_defends]It's about to cum, I must stay alert!БББББ"
40: Adding custom line: "[ghost_defends]Ok Emy, be careful with that!БББББ"
41: Adding custom line: "[update_alpha_emyA]Yes!БББББ I managed to spit most of it!БББББ[COUGH]"
42: Adding custom line: "[RESET_RESIST][PULL_OFF]+Success+ I'm not gonna call anyone, I'll get all that slime out of it myself!БББББ"
43: Adding custom line: "[RESET_RESIST][PULL_OFF]+Success+ He's resisting!БББББ But I'll empty it of all slime!БББББ"
44: Adding custom line: "[RESET_RESIST][PULL_OFF]+Success+ It should be possible to grab him.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ NOW!БББ"
47: Adding custom line: "-aghck"
48: Adding custom line: "-ack"
49: Adding custom line: "-ackph"
50: Adding custom line: "-agph"
51: Adding custom line: "-achf"
52: Adding custom line: "[fadeBGM]Б[SETVARBYNAEM_da.bgm.volume_bgmVolumeTracker]"
53: Adding custom line: "[recover][STOP_BGM]"
54: Adding custom line: "[intro_*played*]"
55: Adding custom line: "[intro4][ANIMTOOLS_Ghost_Surprise]You've come to the wrong place ghost!БББББ Do you know who I am?БББББ I'm gonna offer you a free trip to the Ecto Containment Unit.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ[AUTO_HARD]"
56: Adding custom line: "[intro2][SET_PROGRESSBAR_30_10_0_100_100_FF0000_emysLife][SET_PROGRESSBAR_30_32_0_100_0_FFFFFF_ghostPower]There's a monstruous ghostly dick floating around in my room!БББББ[ARMS_LEGS]I've never seen a ghost like that!БББББ Are you new in town?БББББ"
58: Adding custom line: "COME AND GET ME IF YOU CAN!БББББ"
59: Adding custom line: "DO YOU ENJOY PLAYING HIDE & SEEK?БББББ"
60: Adding custom line: "I CAN SEE MY HOUSE FROM HERE!БББББ"
61: Adding custom line: "TOUCHDOWN!БББББ!БББББ"
62: Adding custom line: "HOW ROOMY!БББББ"
63: Adding custom line: "I must not stay inactive like this, I have to strike back!БББББ[BUTTON9_ON]"
64: Adding custom line: "I'm totally defenseless!БББББ That's so frustrating!БББББ"
65: Adding custom line: "[SETVARBYNAEM_da.bgm.volume_bgmVolumeTracker]THAT'S IT!БББББ HAVE YOUR GOD ENTIRELY DOWN YOUR THROAT!БББББ"
66: Adding custom line: "[SETVARBYNAEM_da.bgm.volume_bgmVolumeTracker]THAT'S A GOOD SLAVE THROAT!БББББ"
68: Adding custom line: "Are you already tired ghost?БББББ[BUTTON9_ON]"
69: Adding custom line: "Not so powerful, are you?БББББ"
70: Adding custom line: "If you cannot fuck my mouth properly on your own.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ[BUTTON9_ON]"
71: Adding custom line: "Will you leave me alone or do I really need to kill you?БББББ"
72: Adding custom line: "[ghost_defends]I can even tease you if I want!БББББ"
73: Adding custom line: "[ghost_defends]Maybe I'll keep you under my mattress, just in case!БББББ"
74: Adding custom line: "I am afraid of no dick!БББББ"
75: Adding custom line: "Come on!БББББ Spit it all out!БББББ"
76: Adding custom line: "There.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ Be a good ghost dick.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ. Ssshhhhh.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ"
77: Adding custom line: "[ghost_defends]I got you now!БББББ"
78: Adding custom line: "[ghost_defends]You're not speaking as much now, uh?БББББ"
79: Adding custom line: "[ghost_defends]It's your turn to be my puppet!БББББ"
84: Adding custom line: "Okay, it seems to have more slime inside. Let's go for another round!БББББ"
85: Adding custom line: "I can play this game with you all night if you can stand it!БББББ"
87: Adding custom line: "[SETVARBYNAEM_da.bgm.volume_bgmVolumeTracker]Please Master!БББББ Give me more!БББББ"
88: Adding custom line: "NOW YOU'RE REALLY FUCKED!БББББ"
89: Adding custom line: "No!БББББ Leave my ass alone!БББББ You'll pay for this.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ"
92: Adding custom line: "CUM IN THE HOLE!!БББББ"
93: Adding custom line: "TASTE MY SLIME!БББББ"
96: Adding custom line: "[drool_swallow_helped_proba_INSTANT]All his slimy cum's in my mouth. I must not swallow it!БББББ"
97: Adding custom line: "[drool_swallow_helped_proba_INSTANT]Be strong Emy!БББББ Keep it till you have an opportunity to spit it!БББББ"
98: Adding custom line: "[drool_swallow_helped_proba_INSTANT][SETVARBYNAEM_da.bgm.volume_bgmVolumeTracker]My God offered me his divine semen. I shall swallow it all!БББББ"
101: Adding custom line: "[ghost_waits]"
102: Adding custom line: "[ghost_waits]"
103: Adding custom line: "[ghost_waits]"
104: Adding custom line: "[use_ghost_power]"
105: Adding custom line: "[use_ghost_power]"
106: Adding custom line: "[use_ghost_power]"
107: Adding custom line: "Wow!БББББ He could have killed me easily!БББББ I must be careful cause I've really been lucky this time.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ[BUTTON9_ON]"
108: Adding custom line: "[going_handjob_INSTANT]Hey!БББББ This bastard mesmerized me!БББББ I'm gonna give him what he deserves!БББББ[NORMAL_MOOD]"
109: Adding custom line: "[PENIS_ALPHA_OVERLAY_*ghostLife*]HOW DARE YOU!БББББ"
110: Adding custom line: "[PENIS_ALPHA_OVERLAY_*ghostLife*]ARRRRR!БББББ"
112: Adding custom line: "[emyWins]"
115: Adding custom line: "[cum_in_mouth1]"
116: Adding custom line: "[cum_in_mouth1]"
117: Adding custom line: "[update_alpha_emyA][OW]It hurts!БББББ But less than vanishing from this reality!БББББ"
118: Adding custom line: "[update_alpha_emyA][OW]Ouch!БББББ I can probably aim better next time!БББББ"
119: Adding custom line: "[cum_in_mouth1]"
120: Adding custom line: "[cum_in_mouth1]"
121: Adding custom line: "[update_alpha_emyA]Yeah!БББББ Dodged it!БББББ"
122: Adding custom line: ""
123: Adding custom line: "[intro1][CLEAN_ALL]Ok! I've got my uniform on, all the accessories are ready in the hallway, just need to button this and I'm ready to g.ББББ.ББББ.ББББ Oh my God!БББББ[END_FLASH]"
125: Adding custom line: "The game will progress each time the ghost cums. If Emy swallows its slime, the ghost will absorb her soul and gain vitality. If she dodges, its slime will be wasted and the ghost will weaken. Do your best to get rid of it but be careful!БББББ It will be a tough fight!БББББ Good luck %3A )ББББББББББББ[BUTTON1_OFF]"
126: Adding custom line: "[cum_unavoidable]"
127: Adding custom line: "[update_alpha_ghostA]Oh my God No!БББББ I've swallowed it!БББББ"
128: Adding custom line: "[update_alpha_ghostA]I've swallowed a bit of it?БББББ How come?БББББ I have to be more cautious!БББББ"
129: Adding custom line: "[update_alpha_ghostA][SETVARBYNAEM_da.bgm.volume_bgmVolumeTracker]That cum is the divine reward for my docile mouth"
130: Adding custom line: "[update_alpha_ghostA]NO!БББББ Don't do that!БББББ Do not make me disappear!БББББ"
131: Adding custom line: "[update_alpha_ghostA]Please!БББББ I won't bust any more ghost, I promise!БББББ"
132: Adding custom line: "JUST YOU WAIT.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ"
134: Adding custom line: "YOU'LL GET WHAT'S COMING TO YOU!БББББ"
136: Adding custom line: "-mphh!"
137: Adding custom line: "-mph!"
138: Adding custom line: "-!"
139: Adding custom line: "-ghmph!"
140: Adding custom line: "-mmbh!"
141: Adding custom line: "-nngh!"
142: Adding custom line: "-mmn!"
143: Adding custom line: "-ghch!"
144: Adding custom line: "-mmb!"
145: Adding custom line: "-mmbh!"
146: Adding custom line: "-mnh!"
147: Adding custom line: "-ng!"
148: Adding custom line: "[OH_SOFT]NOW WE'RE TALKING!БББББ"
150: Adding custom line: "[update_alpha_ghostA]Ugh!БББББ I cannot.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ This disgusting slimy-cum.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ I feel so weak.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ"
151: Adding custom line: "He's pretty solid for a ghost!БББББ"
152: Adding custom line: "The more he steals my vitality, the more it hardens!БББББ"
153: Adding custom line: "What a strange feeling, both hard and non-material.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ"
154: Adding custom line: "You did beat the ghost with *da.finishes* ejaculations. Maybe you could do better next time?БББББ"
155: Adding custom line: "I'M HERE FOR YOU!БББББ"
156: Adding custom line: "YOU'RE MINE MORTAL!БББББ"
157: Adding custom line: "LET ME INSIDE, BITCH!БББББ"
158: Adding custom line: "BACK TO THE BUSINESS!БББББ"
159: Adding custom line: "ALL RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!БББББ"
161: Adding custom line: "[first_dt_*playOnce1*]"
162: Adding custom line: "[cum_unavoidable]"
163: Adding custom line: "I must find a way to break his control.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ"
164: Adding custom line: "There must be something I can do to escape him.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ"
165: Adding custom line: "If only I could move my arms again.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ"
166: Adding custom line: "[going_handjob_INSTANT]Done!БББББ My mind is strong!БББББ Now you'll die ghost!БББББ Well.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ You'll.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ Re-die?БББББ[ANIMTOOLS_Ghost_Willing][NORMAL_MOOD]"
167: Adding custom line: "[update_alpha_ghostA]No!БББББ[GAG]I have no way to avoid it!БББББ[GAG]"
168: Adding custom line: "[update_alpha_ghostA]No!БББББ[GAG]I've been stupid on that one[GAG].БББББ.БББББ.БББББ"
169: Adding custom line: "[update_alpha_ghostA][SETVARBYNAEM_da.bgm.volume_bgmVolumeTracker]Yes!БББББ[MOAN] The hot yummy cum of my lord!БББББ So good.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ"
170: Adding custom line: "[SWALLOW]"
171: Adding custom line: "[SWALLOW]"
172: Adding custom line: "[DROOL]"
173: Adding custom line: "[DROOL]"
174: Adding custom line: "[SWALLOW]"
175: Adding custom line: "[increase_pleasure*( da.pleasurePercentage < 85 ) + 84*_INSTANT][AUTO_SOFT]Y.БББББ.БББББ Yes my Lord!БББББ Please come and fuck my mouth.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ[AUTO_HARD]"
176: Adding custom line: "TAKE THIS!БББББ"
177: Adding custom line: "NO MOUTH WILL BE SPARED!БББББ"
178: Adding custom line: "JOIN ME IN DARKNESS!БББББ"
179: Adding custom line: "Oh!БББББ This could be an opportunity!БББББ[BUTTON9_ON]"
180: Adding custom line: "He's paying less attention, I could try and grab him!БББББ[BUTTON9_ON]"
181: Adding custom line: "I can feel my hands again, let's grab it!БББББ[BUTTON9_ON]"
182: Adding custom line: "I have to extract all its slime to weaken him.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ"
183: Adding custom line: "I know I should just wank it to be safe, but the opportunity to suck such a massive dick.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ"
184: Adding custom line: "[AHEGAO_MOOD]This cock is so good.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ[NORMAL_MOOD]What am I thinking?БББББ"
185: Adding custom line: "[CUM]SURPRISE BITCH!БББББ"
186: Adding custom line: "[ghost_defends]YEAH SLAVE!БББББ STROKE ME TO YOUR OWN DOOM!БББББ"
188: Adding custom line: "[SETVARBYNAEM_da.bgm.volume_bgmVolumeTracker]My god is fucking my mouth really good, I am so happy"
189: Adding custom line: "[SETVARBYNAEM_da.bgm.volume_bgmVolumeTracker]I am his servant, I was born to deepthroat him.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ"
190: Adding custom line: "[SETVARBYNAEM_da.bgm.volume_bgmVolumeTracker]My Lord is offering me the throatfuck I've been dreaming on for so long.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ"
191: Adding custom line: "[fadeBGM][SETVARBYNAEM_da.bgm.volume_bgmVolumeTracker]I feel strange about this.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ God?БББББ My mind is like.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ Something's wrong.БББББ.БББББ.БББББ"
192: Adding custom line: ""
193: Adding custom line: "[cum_unavoidable]"
195: Adding custom line: "[increase_pleasure*( da.pleasurePercentage < 85 ) + 84*_INSTANT]YOU'LL SWALLOW ME ENTIRELY!БББББ[PLAY_SFX_sounds/Zap.mp3][OW][ARMS_LOOSE][AUTO_HARD]"
196: Adding custom line: "[increase_pleasure*( da.pleasurePercentage < 85 ) + 96*_INSTANT]SPECIAL DELIVERY FOR YOU!БББББ[PLAY_SFX_sounds/Zap.mp3][OW][ARMS_LOOSE][AUTO_HARD]"
197: Adding custom line: "[increase_pleasure*( da.pleasurePercentage < 85 ) + 84*_INSTANT]YOU HAD IT COMING!БББББ[PLAY_SFX_sounds/Zap.mp3][ANIMTOOLS_Ghost_Zoom][AUTO_HARD]"
198: Adding custom line: "[increase_pleasure*( da.pleasurePercentage < 85 ) + 84*_INSTANT]FEAR MY RESTRAINING POWERS!БББББ[PLAY_SFX_sounds/Zap.mp3][ANIMTOOLS_Ghost_Tied_Far][AUTO_HARD]"
199: Adding custom line: "[increase_pleasure*( da.pleasurePercentage < 85 ) + 84*_INSTANT][AUTO_HARD]HOW DARE YOU BEING DRESSED IN MY PRESENCE!БББББ[PLAY_SFX_sounds/Zap.mp3][LOAD_FULL_CHARCODE]"
200: Adding custom line: "[increase_pleasure*( da.pleasurePercentage < 85 ) + 84*_INSTANT]I AM THE ONE IN CHARGE YOU FOOL!БББББ[PLAY_SFX_sounds/Zap.mp3][ANIMTOOLS_Ghost_Levitating][AUTO_HARD]"
201: Adding custom line: "[increase_pleasure*( da.pleasurePercentage < 85 ) + 84*_INSTANT]GET UP!БББББ STAND UP!БББББ[PLAY_SFX_sounds/Zap.mp3][ANIMTOOLS_Ghost_Hanging][AUTO_HARD]"
203: Adding custom line: "[increase_pleasure*( da.pleasurePercentage < 85 ) + 84*_INSTANT]ENOUGH OF THIS CHILDPLAY!БББББ ENDURE MY TRUE POWER!БББББ[PLAY_SFX_sounds/Zap.mp3][ANIMTOOLS_Ghost_Anal][ANGRY_MOOD][AUTO_HARD]"
204: Done.
205: Variable getter for da.clothes.ankleCuffs.r registered.
206: Variable getter for da.clothes.ankleCuffs.g registered.
207: Variable getter for da.clothes.ankleCuffs.b registered.
208: Variable getter for da.clothes.ankleCuffs.a registered.
209: Variable getter for da.clothes.ankleCuffs.r2 registered.
210: Variable getter for da.clothes.ankleCuffs.g2 registered.
211: Variable getter for da.clothes.ankleCuffs.b2 registered.
212: Variable getter for da.clothes.ankleCuffs.a2 registered.
213: Variable setter for da.clothes.ankleCuffs.r registered.
214: Variable setter for da.clothes.ankleCuffs.g registered.
215: Variable setter for da.clothes.ankleCuffs.b registered.
216: Variable setter for da.clothes.ankleCuffs.a registered.
217: Variable setter for da.clothes.ankleCuffs.r2 registered.
218: Variable setter for da.clothes.ankleCuffs.g2 registered.
219: Variable setter for da.clothes.ankleCuffs.b2 registered.
220: Variable setter for da.clothes.ankleCuffs.a2 registered.
221: Variable getter for da.clothes.ankleCuffs.type registered.
222: Variable setter for da.clothes.ankleCuffs.type registered.
223: Variable getter for da.clothes.ankleCuffs registered.
224: Variable setter for da.clothes.ankleCuffs registered.
225: Variable getter for da.clothes.armwear.r registered.
226: Variable getter for da.clothes.armwear.g registered.
227: Variable getter for da.clothes.armwear.b registered.
228: Variable getter for da.clothes.armwear.a registered.
229: Variable getter for da.clothes.armwear.r2 registered.
230: Variable getter for da.clothes.armwear.g2 registered.
231: Variable getter for da.clothes.armwear.b2 registered.
232: Variable getter for da.clothes.armwear.a2 registered.
233: Variable setter for da.clothes.armwear.r registered.
234: Variable setter for da.clothes.armwear.g registered.
235: Variable setter for da.clothes.armwear.b registered.
236: Variable setter for da.clothes.armwear.a registered.
237: Variable setter for da.clothes.armwear.r2 registered.
238: Variable setter for da.clothes.armwear.g2 registered.
239: Variable setter for da.clothes.armwear.b2 registered.
240: Variable setter for da.clothes.armwear.a2 registered.
241: Variable getter for da.clothes.armwear.type registered.
242: Variable setter for da.clothes.armwear.type registered.
243: Variable getter for da.clothes.armwear registered.
244: Variable setter for da.clothes.armwear registered.
245: Variable getter for da.clothes.bellyPiercing.r registered.
246: Variable getter for da.clothes.bellyPiercing.g registered.
247: Variable getter for da.clothes.bellyPiercing.b registered.
248: Variable getter for da.clothes.bellyPiercing.a registered.
249: Variable getter for da.clothes.bellyPiercing.r2 registered.
250: Variable getter for da.clothes.bellyPiercing.g2 registered.
251: Variable getter for da.clothes.bellyPiercing.b2 registered.
252: Variable getter for da.clothes.bellyPiercing.a2 registered.
253: Variable setter for da.clothes.bellyPiercing.r registered.
254: Variable setter for da.clothes.bellyPiercing.g registered.
255: Variable setter for da.clothes.bellyPiercing.b registered.
256: Variable setter for da.clothes.bellyPiercing.a registered.
257: Variable setter for da.clothes.bellyPiercing.r2 registered.
258: Variable setter for da.clothes.bellyPiercing.g2 registered.
259: Variable setter for da.clothes.bellyPiercing.b2 registered.
260: Variable setter for da.clothes.bellyPiercing.a2 registered.
261: Variable getter for da.clothes.bellyPiercing.type registered.
262: Variable setter for da.clothes.bellyPiercing.type registered.
263: Variable getter for da.clothes.bellyPiercing registered.
264: Variable setter for da.clothes.bellyPiercing registered.
265: Variable getter for da.clothes.bottoms.r registered.
266: Variable getter for da.clothes.bottoms.g registered.
267: Variable getter for da.clothes.bottoms.b registered.
268: Variable getter for da.clothes.bottoms.a registered.
269: Variable getter for da.clothes.bottoms.r2 registered.
270: Variable getter for da.clothes.bottoms.g2 registered.
271: Variable getter for da.clothes.bottoms.b2 registered.
272: Variable getter for da.clothes.bottoms.a2 registered.
273: Variable setter for da.clothes.bottoms.r registered.
274: Variable setter for da.clothes.bottoms.g registered.
275: Variable setter for da.clothes.bottoms.b registered.
276: Variable setter for da.clothes.bottoms.a registered.
277: Variable setter for da.clothes.bottoms.r2 registered.
278: Variable setter for da.clothes.bottoms.g2 registered.
279: Variable setter for da.clothes.bottoms.b2 registered.
280: Variable setter for da.clothes.bottoms.a2 registered.
281: Variable getter for da.clothes.bottoms.type registered.
282: Variable setter for da.clothes.bottoms.type registered.
283: Variable getter for da.clothes.bottoms registered.
284: Variable setter for da.clothes.bottoms registered.
285: Variable getter for da.clothes.collar.r registered.
286: Variable getter for da.clothes.collar.g registered.
287: Variable getter for da.clothes.collar.b registered.
288: Variable getter for da.clothes.collar.a registered.
289: Variable getter for da.clothes.collar.r2 registered.
290: Variable getter for da.clothes.collar.g2 registered.
291: Variable getter for da.clothes.collar.b2 registered.
292: Variable getter for da.clothes.collar.a2 registered.
293: Variable setter for da.clothes.collar.r registered.
294: Variable setter for da.clothes.collar.g registered.
295: Variable setter for da.clothes.collar.b registered.
296: Variable setter for da.clothes.collar.a registered.
297: Variable setter for da.clothes.collar.r2 registered.
298: Variable setter for da.clothes.collar.g2 registered.
299: Variable setter for da.clothes.collar.b2 registered.
300: Variable setter for da.clothes.collar.a2 registered.
301: Variable getter for da.clothes.collar.type registered.
302: Variable setter for da.clothes.collar.type registered.
303: Variable getter for da.clothes.collar registered.
304: Variable setter for da.clothes.collar registered.
305: Variable getter for da.clothes.cuffs.r registered.
306: Variable getter for da.clothes.cuffs.g registered.
307: Variable getter for da.clothes.cuffs.b registered.
308: Variable getter for da.clothes.cuffs.a registered.
309: Variable getter for da.clothes.cuffs.r2 registered.
310: Variable getter for da.clothes.cuffs.g2 registered.
311: Variable getter for da.clothes.cuffs.b2 registered.
312: Variable getter for da.clothes.cuffs.a2 registered.
313: Variable setter for da.clothes.cuffs.r registered.
314: Variable setter for da.clothes.cuffs.g registered.
315: Variable setter for da.clothes.cuffs.b registered.
316: Variable setter for da.clothes.cuffs.a registered.
317: Variable setter for da.clothes.cuffs.r2 registered.
318: Variable setter for da.clothes.cuffs.g2 registered.
319: Variable setter for da.clothes.cuffs.b2 registered.
320: Variable setter for da.clothes.cuffs.a2 registered.
321: Variable getter for da.clothes.cuffs.type registered.
322: Variable setter for da.clothes.cuffs.type registered.
323: Variable getter for da.clothes.cuffs registered.
324: Variable setter for da.clothes.cuffs registered.
325: Variable getter for da.clothes.earring.r registered.
326: Variable getter for da.clothes.earring.g registered.
327: Variable getter for da.clothes.earring.b registered.
328: Variable getter for da.clothes.earring.a registered.
329: Variable getter for da.clothes.earring.r2 registered.
330: Variable getter for da.clothes.earring.g2 registered.
331: Variable getter for da.clothes.earring.b2 registered.
332: Variable getter for da.clothes.earring.a2 registered.
333: Variable setter for da.clothes.earring.r registered.
334: Variable setter for da.clothes.earring.g registered.
335: Variable setter for da.clothes.earring.b registered.
336: Variable setter for da.clothes.earring.a registered.
337: Variable setter for da.clothes.earring.r2 registered.
338: Variable setter for da.clothes.earring.g2 registered.
339: Variable setter for da.clothes.earring.b2 registered.
340: Variable setter for da.clothes.earring.a2 registered.
341: Variable getter for da.clothes.earring.type registered.
342: Variable setter for da.clothes.earring.type registered.
343: Variable getter for da.clothes.earring registered.
344: Variable setter for da.clothes.earring registered.
345: Variable getter for da.clothes.eyewear.r registered.
346: Variable getter for da.clothes.eyewear.g registered.
347: Variable getter for da.clothes.eyewear.b registered.
348: Variable getter for da.clothes.eyewear.a registered.
349: Variable getter for da.clothes.eyewear.r2 registered.
350: Variable getter for da.clothes.eyewear.g2 registered.
351: Variable getter for da.clothes.eyewear.b2 registered.
352: Variable getter for da.clothes.eyewear.a2 registered.
353: Variable setter for da.clothes.eyewear.r registered.
354: Variable setter for da.clothes.eyewear.g registered.
355: Variable setter for da.clothes.eyewear.b registered.
356: Variable setter for da.clothes.eyewear.a registered.
357: Variable setter for da.clothes.eyewear.r2 registered.
358: Variable setter for da.clothes.eyewear.g2 registered.
359: Variable setter for da.clothes.eyewear.b2 registered.
360: Variable setter for da.clothes.eyewear.a2 registered.
361: Variable getter for da.clothes.eyewear.type registered.
362: Variable setter for da.clothes.eyewear.type registered.
363: Variable getter for da.clothes.eyewear registered.
364: Variable setter for da.clothes.eyewear registered.
365: Variable getter for da.clothes.footwear.r registered.
366: Variable getter for da.clothes.footwear.g registered.
367: Variable getter for da.clothes.footwear.b registered.
368: Variable getter for da.clothes.footwear.a registered.
369: Variable getter for da.clothes.footwear.r2 registered.
370: Variable getter for da.clothes.footwear.g2 registered.
371: Variable getter for da.clothes.footwear.b2 registered.
372: Variable getter for da.clothes.footwear.a2 registered.
373: Variable setter for da.clothes.footwear.r registered.
374: Variable setter for da.clothes.footwear.g registered.
375: Variable setter for da.clothes.footwear.b registered.
376: Variable setter for da.clothes.footwear.a registered.
377: Variable setter for da.clothes.footwear.r2 registered.
378: Variable setter for da.clothes.footwear.g2 registered.
379: Variable setter for da.clothes.footwear.b2 registered.
380: Variable setter for da.clothes.footwear.a2 registered.
381: Variable getter for da.clothes.footwear.type registered.
382: Variable setter for da.clothes.footwear.type registered.
383: Variable getter for da.clothes.footwear registered.
384: Variable setter for da.clothes.footwear registered.
385: Variable getter for da.clothes.gag.r registered.
386: Variable getter for da.clothes.gag.g registered.
387: Variable getter for da.clothes.gag.b registered.
388: Variable getter for da.clothes.gag.a registered.
389: Variable getter for da.clothes.gag.r2 registered.
390: Variable getter for da.clothes.gag.g2 registered.
391: Variable getter for da.clothes.gag.b2 registered.
392: Variable getter for da.clothes.gag.a2 registered.
393: Variable setter for da.clothes.gag.r registered.
394: Variable setter for da.clothes.gag.g registered.
395: Variable setter for da.clothes.gag.b registered.
396: Variable setter for da.clothes.gag.a registered.
397: Variable setter for da.clothes.gag.r2 registered.
398: Variable setter for da.clothes.gag.g2 registered.
399: Variable setter for da.clothes.gag.b2 registered.
400: Variable setter for da.clothes.gag.a2 registered.
401: Variable getter for da.clothes.gag.type registered.
402: Variable setter for da.clothes.gag.type registered.
403: Variable getter for da.clothes.gag registered.
404: Variable setter for da.clothes.gag registered.
405: Variable getter for da.clothes.headwear.r registered.
406: Variable getter for da.clothes.headwear.g registered.
407: Variable getter for da.clothes.headwear.b registered.
408: Variable getter for da.clothes.headwear.a registered.
409: Variable getter for da.clothes.headwear.r2 registered.
410: Variable getter for da.clothes.headwear.g2 registered.
411: Variable getter for da.clothes.headwear.b2 registered.
412: Variable getter for da.clothes.headwear.a2 registered.
413: Variable setter for da.clothes.headwear.r registered.
414: Variable setter for da.clothes.headwear.g registered.
415: Variable setter for da.clothes.headwear.b registered.
416: Variable setter for da.clothes.headwear.a registered.
417: Variable setter for da.clothes.headwear.r2 registered.
418: Variable setter for da.clothes.headwear.g2 registered.
419: Variable setter for da.clothes.headwear.b2 registered.
420: Variable setter for da.clothes.headwear.a2 registered.
421: Variable getter for da.clothes.headwear.type registered.
422: Variable setter for da.clothes.headwear.type registered.
423: Variable getter for da.clothes.headwear registered.
424: Variable setter for da.clothes.headwear registered.
425: Variable getter for da.clothes.himBottoms.r registered.
426: Variable getter for da.clothes.himBottoms.g registered.
427: Variable getter for da.clothes.himBottoms.b registered.
428: Variable getter for da.clothes.himBottoms.a registered.
429: Variable getter for da.clothes.himBottoms.r2 registered.
430: Variable getter for da.clothes.himBottoms.g2 registered.
431: Variable getter for da.clothes.himBottoms.b2 registered.
432: Variable getter for da.clothes.himBottoms.a2 registered.
433: Variable setter for da.clothes.himBottoms.r registered.
434: Variable setter for da.clothes.himBottoms.g registered.
435: Variable setter for da.clothes.himBottoms.b registered.
436: Variable setter for da.clothes.himBottoms.a registered.
437: Variable setter for da.clothes.himBottoms.r2 registered.
438: Variable setter for da.clothes.himBottoms.g2 registered.
439: Variable setter for da.clothes.himBottoms.b2 registered.
440: Variable setter for da.clothes.himBottoms.a2 registered.
441: Variable getter for da.clothes.himBottoms.type registered.
442: Variable setter for da.clothes.himBottoms.type registered.
443: Variable getter for da.clothes.himBottoms registered.
444: Variable setter for da.clothes.himBottoms registered.
445: Variable getter for da.clothes.himFootwear.r registered.
446: Variable getter for da.clothes.himFootwear.g registered.
447: Variable getter for da.clothes.himFootwear.b registered.
448: Variable getter for da.clothes.himFootwear.a registered.
449: Variable getter for da.clothes.himFootwear.r2 registered.
450: Variable getter for da.clothes.himFootwear.g2 registered.
451: Variable getter for da.clothes.himFootwear.b2 registered.
452: Variable getter for da.clothes.himFootwear.a2 registered.
453: Variable setter for da.clothes.himFootwear.r registered.
454: Variable setter for da.clothes.himFootwear.g registered.
455: Variable setter for da.clothes.himFootwear.b registered.
456: Variable setter for da.clothes.himFootwear.a registered.
457: Variable setter for da.clothes.himFootwear.r2 registered.
458: Variable setter for da.clothes.himFootwear.g2 registered.
459: Variable setter for da.clothes.himFootwear.b2 registered.
460: Variable setter for da.clothes.himFootwear.a2 registered.
461: Variable getter for da.clothes.himFootwear.type registered.
462: Variable setter for da.clothes.himFootwear.type registered.
463: Variable getter for da.clothes.himFootwear registered.
464: Variable setter for da.clothes.himFootwear registered.
465: Variable getter for da.clothes.himTop.r registered.
466: Variable getter for da.clothes.himTop.g registered.
467: Variable getter for da.clothes.himTop.b registered.
468: Variable getter for da.clothes.himTop.a registered.
469: Variable getter for da.clothes.himTop.r2 registered.
470: Variable getter for da.clothes.himTop.g2 registered.
471: Variable getter for da.clothes.himTop.b2 registered.
472: Variable getter for da.clothes.himTop.a2 registered.
473: Variable setter for da.clothes.himTop.r registered.
474: Variable setter for da.clothes.himTop.g registered.
475: Variable setter for da.clothes.himTop.b registered.
476: Variable setter for da.clothes.himTop.a registered.
477: Variable setter for da.clothes.himTop.r2 registered.
478: Variable setter for da.clothes.himTop.g2 registered.
479: Variable setter for da.clothes.himTop.b2 registered.
480: Variable setter for da.clothes.himTop.a2 registered.
481: Variable getter for da.clothes.himTop.type registered.
482: Variable setter for da.clothes.himTop.type registered.
483: Variable getter for da.clothes.himTop registered.
484: Variable setter for da.clothes.himTop registered.
485: Variable getter for da.clothes.legwear.r registered.
486: Variable getter for da.clothes.legwear.g registered.
487: Variable getter for da.clothes.legwear.b registered.
488: Variable getter for da.clothes.legwear.a registered.
489: Variable getter for da.clothes.legwear.r2 registered.
490: Variable getter for da.clothes.legwear.g2 registered.
491: Variable getter for da.clothes.legwear.b2 registered.
492: Variable getter for da.clothes.legwear.a2 registered.
493: Variable setter for da.clothes.legwear.r registered.
494: Variable setter for da.clothes.legwear.g registered.
495: Variable setter for da.clothes.legwear.b registered.
496: Variable setter for da.clothes.legwear.a registered.
497: Variable setter for da.clothes.legwear.r2 registered.
498: Variable setter for da.clothes.legwear.g2 registered.
499: Variable setter for da.clothes.legwear.b2 registered.
500: Variable setter for da.clothes.legwear.a2 registered.
501: Variable getter for da.clothes.legwear.type registered.
502: Variable setter for da.clothes.legwear.type registered.
503: Variable getter for da.clothes.legwear registered.
504: Variable setter for da.clothes.legwear registered.
505: Variable getter for da.clothes.legwearB.r registered.
506: Variable getter for da.clothes.legwearB.g registered.
507: Variable getter for da.clothes.legwearB.b registered.
508: Variable getter for da.clothes.legwearB.a registered.
509: Variable getter for da.clothes.legwearB.r2 registered.
510: Variable getter for da.clothes.legwearB.g2 registered.
511: Variable getter for da.clothes.legwearB.b2 registered.
512: Variable getter for da.clothes.legwearB.a2 registered.
513: Variable setter for da.clothes.legwearB.r registered.
514: Variable setter for da.clothes.legwearB.g registered.
515: Variable setter for da.clothes.legwearB.b registered.
516: Variable setter for da.clothes.legwearB.a registered.
517: Variable setter for da.clothes.legwearB.r2 registered.
518: Variable setter for da.clothes.legwearB.g2 registered.
519: Variable setter for da.clothes.legwearB.b2 registered.
520: Variable setter for da.clothes.legwearB.a2 registered.
521: Variable getter for da.clothes.legwearB.type registered.
522: Variable setter for da.clothes.legwearB.type registered.
523: Variable getter for da.clothes.legwearB registered.
524: Variable setter for da.clothes.legwearB registered.
525: Variable getter for da.clothes.nipplePiercing.r registered.
526: Variable getter for da.clothes.nipplePiercing.g registered.
527: Variable getter for da.clothes.nipplePiercing.b registered.
528: Variable getter for da.clothes.nipplePiercing.a registered.
529: Variable getter for da.clothes.nipplePiercing.r2 registered.
530: Variable getter for da.clothes.nipplePiercing.g2 registered.
531: Variable getter for da.clothes.nipplePiercing.b2 registered.
532: Variable getter for da.clothes.nipplePiercing.a2 registered.
533: Variable setter for da.clothes.nipplePiercing.r registered.
534: Variable setter for da.clothes.nipplePiercing.g registered.
535: Variable setter for da.clothes.nipplePiercing.b registered.
536: Variable setter for da.clothes.nipplePiercing.a registered.
537: Variable setter for da.clothes.nipplePiercing.r2 registered.
538: Variable setter for da.clothes.nipplePiercing.g2 registered.
539: Variable setter for da.clothes.nipplePiercing.b2 registered.
540: Variable setter for da.clothes.nipplePiercing.a2 registered.
541: Variable getter for da.clothes.nipplePiercing.type registered.
542: Variable setter for da.clothes.nipplePiercing.type registered.
543: Variable getter for da.clothes.nipplePiercing registered.
544: Variable setter for da.clothes.nipplePiercing registered.
545: Variable getter for da.clothes.panties.r registered.
546: Variable getter for da.clothes.panties.g registered.
547: Variable getter for da.clothes.panties.b registered.
548: Variable getter for da.clothes.panties.a registered.
549: Variable getter for da.clothes.panties.r2 registered.
550: Variable getter for da.clothes.panties.g2 registered.
551: Variable getter for da.clothes.panties.b2 registered.
552: Variable getter for da.clothes.panties.a2 registered.
553: Variable setter for da.clothes.panties.r registered.
554: Variable setter for da.clothes.panties.g registered.
555: Variable setter for da.clothes.panties.b registered.
556: Variable setter for da.clothes.panties.a registered.
557: Variable setter for da.clothes.panties.r2 registered.
558: Variable setter for da.clothes.panties.g2 registered.
559: Variable setter for da.clothes.panties.b2 registered.
560: Variable setter for da.clothes.panties.a2 registered.
561: Variable getter for da.clothes.panties.type registered.
562: Variable setter for da.clothes.panties.type registered.
563: Variable getter for da.clothes.panties registered.
564: Variable setter for da.clothes.panties registered.
565: Variable getter for da.clothes.tonguePiercing.r registered.
566: Variable getter for da.clothes.tonguePiercing.g registered.
567: Variable getter for da.clothes.tonguePiercing.b registered.
568: Variable getter for da.clothes.tonguePiercing.a registered.
569: Variable getter for da.clothes.tonguePiercing.r2 registered.
570: Variable getter for da.clothes.tonguePiercing.g2 registered.
571: Variable getter for da.clothes.tonguePiercing.b2 registered.
572: Variable getter for da.clothes.tonguePiercing.a2 registered.
573: Variable setter for da.clothes.tonguePiercing.r registered.
574: Variable setter for da.clothes.tonguePiercing.g registered.
575: Variable setter for da.clothes.tonguePiercing.b registered.
576: Variable setter for da.clothes.tonguePiercing.a registered.
577: Variable setter for da.clothes.tonguePiercing.r2 registered.
578: Variable setter for da.clothes.tonguePiercing.g2 registered.
579: Variable setter for da.clothes.tonguePiercing.b2 registered.
580: Variable setter for da.clothes.tonguePiercing.a2 registered.
581: Variable getter for da.clothes.tonguePiercing.type registered.
582: Variable setter for da.clothes.tonguePiercing.type registered.
583: Variable getter for da.clothes.tonguePiercing registered.
584: Variable setter for da.clothes.tonguePiercing registered.
585: Variable getter for da.clothes.top.r registered.
586: Variable getter for da.clothes.top.g registered.
587: Variable getter for da.clothes.top.b registered.
588: Variable getter for da.clothes.top.a registered.
589: Variable getter for da.clothes.top.r2 registered.
590: Variable getter for da.clothes.top.g2 registered.
591: Variable getter for da.clothes.top.b2 registered.
592: Variable getter for da.clothes.top.a2 registered.
593: Variable setter for da.clothes.top.r registered.
594: Variable setter for da.clothes.top.g registered.
595: Variable setter for da.clothes.top.b registered.
596: Variable setter for da.clothes.top.a registered.
597: Variable setter for da.clothes.top.r2 registered.
598: Variable setter for da.clothes.top.g2 registered.
599: Variable setter for da.clothes.top.b2 registered.
600: Variable setter for da.clothes.top.a2 registered.
601: Variable getter for da.clothes.top.type registered.
602: Variable setter for da.clothes.top.type registered.
603: Variable getter for da.clothes.top registered.
604: Variable setter for da.clothes.top registered.
605: Variable getter for da.clothes.tops.r registered.
606: Variable getter for da.clothes.tops.g registered.
607: Variable getter for da.clothes.tops.b registered.
608: Variable getter for da.clothes.tops.a registered.
609: Variable getter for da.clothes.tops.r2 registered.
610: Variable getter for da.clothes.tops.g2 registered.
611: Variable getter for da.clothes.tops.b2 registered.
612: Variable getter for da.clothes.tops.a2 registered.
613: Variable setter for da.clothes.tops.r registered.
614: Variable setter for da.clothes.tops.g registered.
615: Variable setter for da.clothes.tops.b registered.
616: Variable setter for da.clothes.tops.a registered.
617: Variable setter for da.clothes.tops.r2 registered.
618: Variable setter for da.clothes.tops.g2 registered.
619: Variable setter for da.clothes.tops.b2 registered.
620: Variable setter for da.clothes.tops.a2 registered.
621: Variable getter for da.clothes.tops.type registered.
622: Variable setter for da.clothes.tops.type registered.
623: Variable getter for da.clothes.tops registered.
624: Variable setter for da.clothes.tops registered.
625: Variable setter for da.dialogue.load registered.
626: Variable getter for da.mouthfull registered.
627: Variable getter for da.held registered.
628: Variable getter for da.finishes registered.
629: Variable setter for da.hair.load registered.
630: Variable setter for da.background.load registered.
631: Variable setter for da.charcode.load registered.
632: Variable setter for da.masturbation.herpleasure registered.
633: Variable getter for da.masturbation.herpleasure registered.
634: Variable getter for da.pleasurePercentage registered.
635: Variable setter for da.pleasurePercentage registered.
636: Variable getter for da.breathPercentage registered.
637: Variable setter for da.breathPercentage registered.
638: Variable getter for da.oxygenPercentage registered.
639: Variable setter for da.oxygenPercentage registered.
640: Variable getter for da.canSpeakLineTrigger registered.
641: Variable getter for da.random registered.
642: Variable setter for da.button1.name registered.
643: Variable setter for da.button1.varname registered.
644: Variable setter for da.button2.name registered.
645: Variable setter for da.button2.varname registered.
646: Variable setter for da.button3.name registered.
647: Variable setter for da.button3.varname registered.
648: Variable setter for da.button4.name registered.
649: Variable setter for da.button4.varname registered.
650: Variable setter for da.button5.name registered.
651: Variable setter for da.button5.varname registered.
652: Variable setter for da.button6.name registered.
653: Variable setter for da.button6.varname registered.
654: Variable setter for da.button7.name registered.
655: Variable setter for da.button7.varname registered.
656: Variable setter for da.button8.name registered.
657: Variable setter for da.button8.varname registered.
658: Variable setter for da.button9.name registered.
659: Variable setter for da.button9.varname registered.
660: Variable setter for da.button10.name registered.
661: Variable setter for da.button10.varname registered.
662: Variable setter for da.mod.load registered.
663: Variable setter for da.bgm.volume registered.
664: Variable getter for da.blockingOrgasm registered.
665: Variable setter for da.blockingOrgasm registered.
666: Playing line "[MASTURBATE_OFF]"
667: Trigger called: MASTURBATE_OFF with 0 arguments ()
668: Variable getter for mt.cuminmouth registered.
669: Variable setter for mt.cuminmouth registered.
670: Loading custom dialogue.
671: Adding custom line: ""
672: Done.
673: Playing line ""
674: Loading custom dialogue.
675: Reading initial settings.
676: Okay.
678: Adding custom line: "[PLAY_BGM_sounds/IntroBGM.mp3]Somewhere,БББ in New-York city,БББ there's something strange in the neighborhood.БББ.БББ.БББ"
679: Adding custom line: "[intro_*played*]"
680: Adding custom line: "[intro1][CLEAN_ALL][ARMS_LEGS][END_FLASH]БББThe bitch is going to pay for what she's done to me!ББББББ OhБББ you like running after ghosts don't you?ББББББ I'm gonna send you one special kind of ghost.БББ.БББ.БББ"
681: Adding custom line: "[intro2]Especially chosen for you!ББББББ It will not let you any chance of capture!ББББББ It will make you regret your actions!ББББББ"
682: Adding custom line: "[intro3]Oh Yes!ББББББ Soon you'll implore my pardon.БББ.БББ.БББ"
683: Adding custom line: "[intro4]And when it's done with you, I'll release it into New-York and everybody will scream in terror and beg my mercy.БББ.БББ.БББ"
684: Adding custom line: "[intro5][PLAY_SFX_sounds/FemEvilLaugh.mp3]БББББББББHAБ HAБ HAБ HAБ !! Come now![MASTURBATE_ON] I summon you!ББББББ"
685: Adding custom line: "[intro6]Prince of Lust!ББББББББББББ Unsatiable Ghost of Pleasure!ББББББББББББ Come into our realm and follow my orders for I give you a new breath of life here!ББББББББББББ"
686: Adding custom line: "Ia!ББББББ Ia!ББББББ Fhtagn!ББББББ"
687: Adding custom line: "[intro7][MASTURBATE_OFF]With this orgasm I open the door for you!БББ Connect to my soul and draw the energy you need from it!БББ Come and release your depravity on the innocent souls of New-York!ББББББ"
688: Adding custom line: "[intro8_INSTANT][FLASH_C3A563]БББББББББББББББББББББББ[ANIMTOOLS_SHOCK]ББIn another apartment, not so far away.БББ.БББ.БББ[SETVAR_da.hair.load_EmysHair.png][SETVAR_da.background.load_EmysRoom.png][SHOW_HIM]ББББ[SHOW_PENIS][STOP_BGM][LOAD_FULL_CHARCODE]"
689: Adding custom line: ""
690: Done.
692: Trigger called: FLASH with 1 arguments (000000)
693: Trigger called: KILL_PROGRESSBAR with 1 arguments (ALL)
694: Trigger called: BUTTONALL_CLEAR with 0 arguments ()
695: Trigger called: BUTTONALL_OFF with 0 arguments ()
696: Trigger called: AUTO_OFF with 0 arguments ()
697: Trigger called: RESET_RESIST with 0 arguments ()
698: Trigger called: HIDE_HIM with 0 arguments ()
699: Trigger called: HIDE_PENIS with 0 arguments ()
700: Trigger called: TONGUE_REMOVE with 0 arguments ()
701: Trigger called: TOGGLE_NIPPLES with 1 arguments (OFF)
702: Playing line "[MASTURBATE_OFF]"
703: Trigger called: MASTURBATE_OFF with 0 arguments ()
704: Playing line "[PLAY_BGM_sounds/IntroBGM.mp3]Somewhere,БББ in New-York city,БББ there's something strange in the neighborhood.БББ.БББ.БББ"
705: Trigger called: PLAY_BGM with 1 arguments (sounds/IntroBGM.mp3)
706: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
707: Playing line "[intro1][CLEAN_ALL][ARMS_LEGS][END_FLASH]БББThe bitch is going to pay for what she's done to me!ББББББ OhБББ you like running after ghosts don't you?ББББББ I'm gonna send you one special kind of ghost.БББ.БББ.БББ"
708: Trigger called: CLEAN_ALL with 0 arguments ()
709: Trigger called: END_FLASH with 0 arguments ()
710: Playing line "[intro2]Especially chosen for you!ББББББ It will not let you any chance of capture!ББББББ It will make you regret your actions!ББББББ"
711: Playing line "[intro3]Oh Yes!ББББББ Soon you'll implore my pardon.БББ.БББ.БББ"
712: Playing line "[intro4]And when it's done with you, I'll release it into New-York and everybody will scream in terror and beg my mercy.БББ.БББ.БББ"
713: Playing line "[intro5][PLAY_SFX_sounds/FemEvilLaugh.mp3]БББББББББHAБ HAБ HAБ HAБ !! Come now![MASTURBATE_ON] I summon you!ББББББ"
714: Trigger called: PLAY_SFX with 1 arguments (sounds/FemEvilLaugh.mp3)
715: Trigger called: MASTURBATE_ON with 0 arguments ()
716: Playing line "[intro6]Prince of Lust!ББББББББББББ Unsatiable Ghost of Pleasure!ББББББББББББ Come into our realm and follow my orders for I give you a new breath of life here!ББББББББББББ"
717: Playing line "Ia!ББББББ Ia!ББББББ Fhtagn!ББББББ"
718: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
719: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
720: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
721: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
722: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
723: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
724: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
725: Playing line "[intro7][MASTURBATE_OFF]With this orgasm I open the door for you!БББ Connect to my soul and draw the energy you need from it!БББ Come and release your depravity on the innocent souls of New-York!ББББББ"
726: Trigger called: MASTURBATE_OFF with 0 arguments ()
727: Playing line "[intro8_INSTANT][FLASH_C3A563]БББББББББББББББББББББББ[ANIMTOOLS_SHOCK]ББIn another apartment, not so far away.БББ.БББ.БББ[SETVAR_da.hair.load_EmysHair.png][SETVAR_da.background.load_EmysRoom.png][SHOW_HIM]ББББ[SHOW_PENIS][STOP_BGM][LOAD_FULL_CHARCODE]"
728: Trigger called: FLASH with 1 arguments (C3A563)
729: Trigger called: SETVAR with 2 arguments (da.hair.load,EmysHair.png)
730: Trigger called: SETVAR with 2 arguments (da.background.load,EmysRoom.png)
731: Trigger called: SHOW_HIM with 0 arguments ()
732: Trigger called: SHOW_PENIS with 0 arguments ()
733: Trigger called: STOP_BGM with 0 arguments ()
734: Trigger called: LOAD_FULL_CHARCODE with 0 arguments ()
735: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
736: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
737: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
738: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
739: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
740: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
741: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
742: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
743: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
744: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
745: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
746: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
747: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
748: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
749: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
750: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
751: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
752: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
753: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
754: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
755: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
756: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
757: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
758: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
759: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
760: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
761: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
762: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
763: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
764: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
765: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
766: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
767: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
768: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
769: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
770: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
771: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
772: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
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880: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
881: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
882: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
883: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
884: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
885: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
886: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
887: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"
888: Playing line "[intro_*played*]"


Content Creator
Jul 10, 2016
Ok with the log I see where the problem is now. The dialogue loops on a line which does not exist because it failed to go where it was supposed to. What is very strange is that you seem to be the only one to experience this over all the people who have tested it and for whom the last line played well. Did you keep the package exactly as is after unzipping it or did you modify anything ? On which system are you running ?

Anyway, I modified the way the intro dialogue loads the main dialogue so now you should be able to play with this new version !



Vivacious Visitor
Feb 11, 2013
I wondered at first if it might be because I just copied it over your first bundle and I let all the new content over write the old content.
But I figured since this particular mod was a new addition that THAT couldn't be the issue. Perhaps I was wrong.
I will test it now with the new file. And if that doesn't work I'll test again with a FRESH bundle.
I haven't used any other mods with it. Just your Bundle(s)


Content Creator
Jul 10, 2016
Yep, Overwriting the old bundle with the new one may not be a good idea, even if I can't see why it would be a problem in this particular case.
I corrected the specific problem you encountered so now you should be good.
The only reason I see why you would want to overwrite the bundle is that you changed some charcodes or hairs or anything to customize the girls to your own taste. But then, you can't be sure that I did not made myself any minor modification to a file that you changed yourself and so it would be overwritten as well. So I'd recommend to always use the fresh new bundle and keeping track of your modifications.


Content Creator
Jul 10, 2016
Hi everybody,

Since I got a question from @Anon-kun concerning a virus detected by AVG on my .exe main file, I updated the download page's FAQ with a little something to explain that I'm not trying to fuck you all and that the .exe only launches the Loader.swf (which you can do yourself).

Here is the text I inserted into the FAQ, I hope that it will suit you all !

Question: My Antivirus detected a trojan horse on your DrZombi's Sweet Treats.exe main file. Are you a fucking bastard trying to infest me ?

Answer: Of course I'm not ! And since I take security very seriously, I made a research as soon as @Anon-kun reported this to me. So I personally use the Windows Defender Antivirus (yeah i know...) on my own PC and it never reported anything. So I tried an online scanner (House Call from Trend Micro) which did not detect anythinf neither. I finally found this site to which you can submit a file for free mutli-analysis and here is the report:

Antivirus scan for db1bb7031bb672d61048b7d17b9346d7536c3089b1bedf906519ea55fe771d3e at 2016-10-14 16:44:53 UTC - VirusTotal

So it seems that very few antiviruses do detect something on the file (and noteveryone are of the most trustables IMHO).

So I made a research on the software that I used to convert the .bat to a .exe and nobody reports it as a malware injecting software (and I downloaded it on a trustable site).

Now, if you want to know it all, I just used the software to make a .exe out of @sby 's .bat because I wanted to put a pretty icon on it. End of story. The embedded .bat only launches the Loader.swf, so you don't really need it at all. If you want to not trust the .exe, just launch the Loader.swf as usual.

My own guess is that some antivirus softwares just detect that the .exe hides a .bat and consider that this is a potential trojan/malware. Which is also what some people seem to think here:

after converting batch file to exe Windows Defender shows the file as trojan why?

I hope this clarifies the problem for everybody.


Potential Patron
Jan 21, 2015
I just downloaded the new version and Fin de soiree won't load. Everything else loads fine, but not that one
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