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Any chance to get darker skinned males into this game? I've looked in the game options. I've looked for male characters. I've looked for skin tint mods for the male characters. I feel like I'm either missing something obvious or there's a complete lack of mods in this area.


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Jun 5, 2012
I've looked for skin tint mods for the male characters.
The male character's skin tone can be manipulated via a set of HSLC sliders. Click the "Custom" tab of the in-game menu. There's a "Tint" section near the right edge of the game window. Click the color swatch labeled "His Skin". The sliders will appear in a small overlay window.

Before adjusting the Hue, Saturation, Luminance, or Contrast values, you should probably set the male character's skin to Dark. I know that it's much less dark than what you're looking for, but it will be easier to achieve "Darker" if you start from Dark instead of Light. In general, you'll be looking to reduce the L value while boosting S (and possibly C) in order to prevent the character from simply becoming grey. You can click the small X button in order to discard your work (reset to defaults) if things get too weird and you want to start again.

SDT veterans (or modders) may be able to provide specific HSLC numbers for you, but in the meantime you should take a few minutes to experiment with the sliders.


You're correct about the lack of diversity. Because the vanilla SDT game provides a lot of customization options to players, modders tend to focus on more elaborate content. Modders are more likely to create a a monstrous urple man than a normal black man :)

You may consider the HSLC options to be underwhelming (and/or difficult to use). They do have one advantage: if you find a set of numbers which looks good then you can re-use it on any mod which employs similar colors. For example, you could take the dark-skinned muscular torso (drawn by @dzi9l3) and copy-paste your HSLC settings in order to make it darker.

If you're not satisfied with these changes then you're free to request a new male mod. Please remember that you must provide reference images -- side-view anime-style illustrations which show the shape, color, and shading of your desired body.

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