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Dialogue problems [fixed]

Discussion in 'Help' started by Nintendo4ever, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Sup, guys! Before anything, I'm floored on how much this project has improved in just a few months!

    Bad the news is... I've run into a problem.

    I recently did the following:
    Downloaded 1.10b
    Grabbed Insecuredialogue.swf and latest nympho.swf dialogue I found on a thread here...
    Grabbed Adobe Flash Player 11 Projector (stand alone) for Windows.
    Tried them both out... checked on Dialogue.

    And nothing. The usual sounds from the older versions are still present, and dialogue boxes appear. I hear no actual talking at all. Maybe I misunderstood it and figured it was just text dialog? If so, I'd really be a sad panda.

    EDIT: Was about to give up. Randomly put it in swf mods instead of custom dialogue which I assumed it was... and wouldn't you know it came up on my speakers at full blast. yikes.