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Another Saturday had come as underground the CWF’s arena, the Underground arena with cameras surrounding the pool was live. A female referee stood in the pool, with a microphone in her hand, as she addressed the rich audience who were hiding behind the cameras.

‘Welcome to another CWF Underground match! For our first match, please welcome, from Republic City: Korra!’

The doors opened and Korra walked into the room, wearing a dark blue robes, and jumped into the pool. She stood in her corner, bouncing on the ball of her feet and smiling.

‘And her opponent!’ the announcer continued. ‘From Konoha: Sakura Haruno!’

The doors opened again and Sakura, wearing pink robes, walked into the arena and dropped into the pool. She smiled at Korra and Korra smiled back.

‘If I didn’t know better.’ Sakura said accusingly but was still smiling. ‘That you set this up didn’t you?’

Korra smiled guiltily. ‘Sorry baby but I want to have a rematch after our draw in our first match. Hope there are no hard feelings.’

‘Ohhh...’ Sakura pouted. ‘I wanted to spent today going to that new Japanese restaurant just around the corner! You better be ready for the consequences!’

‘Wow...’ Korra said. ‘How about this? Loser has to buy winner dinner at that new restaurant and must do whatever the winner wants them to do for one day.’

Sakura stopped pouting and smiled. ‘That’s sounds nice! You better be ready baby because you’re going down!’

Sakura pulled off her robes, showing her pink nipples and pink hairy vagina, and Korra did the same thing: showing her dark brown nipples and black hairy vagina. Both of them have well-toned bodies with strong biceps and six packs on their abdominals. ‘I like to see you try!’ Korra grinned as she quickly stepped forward and hugged Sakura tightly. ‘Let’s make some love first before fighting.’

Sakura smiled. ‘Oh you.’ Then she kissed Korra on the lips and Korra kissed back: kissing passionately. They rubbed their nipples and vaginas into one another: moaning in each other mouths as they made love to each other. Then they moaned with pleasure as they released cum and urine into the pool: their fluids coating the bottom pool. They broke the kiss, a string of saliva connecting to their mouths as more cum and urine flowed down their legs into the pool.

‘Wow.’ Korra licked her lips. ‘You tasty yummy today.’

Sakura giggled. ‘Must be the sweet dango I had. Ready to rumble?’

‘Yeah!’ Korra said and hip tossed Sakura into the pool. As soon as her back hit the pool, Sakura grabbed Korra by the ankles and tripped her onto her back. As Korra slammed onto her back, Sakura crawled towards her and elbow dropped onto Korra’s already exploding vagina: making her squirted out more cum and urine. Korra gasped but leaned forward and pulled Sakura in top of her and wrapped her arms around in a bear hug: squeezing Sakura’s rib cage: making Sakura drool on her as she struggled to get free. Shortly, Korra released Sakura and turned her to face the ceiling and put Sakura in a ceiling hold: using her legs to widen Sakura’s legs and opening her clitoris wider. Sakura gasped sexually and painfully as her clitoris was being played and her body being stretched to their limits until cum and urine flowed out of her vagina and onto Korra’s own vagina.

Satisfied, Korra dropped Sakura on her and push her off her: pulling Sakura up by the armpits but as she did, Sakura uppercut Korra in the stomach. Korra spat out saliva as Sakura punched her in the sides and stomach before delivering an uppercut onto Korra’s jaws: sending her stumbling back. Korra stood her ground and speared Sakura against the wall of the pool, making her spat out saliva, and plunged her fingers into Sakura’s vagina: fingering her roughly. Sakura, however, head butted Korra in the forehead: sending her onto her back and creating a splash in the pool. Korra and Sakura stood up at the same time and immediately clasped hands: entering the test of strength.

They pressed their nipples against each other, circling them around one another, and locked lips: kissing wildly while trying to push each other back. Korra and Sakura took turns sucking each other’s tongues and dominating each other mouths as they pressed their nipples deeper into one another until their nipples squirted out fluids. With aroused moans, Korra and Sakura broke the kiss and started sucking each other’s nipples while punching one another sides: softly. Gasping and grunting, they grappled each other, trying to throw one another into the pool until Korra manage to push Sakura onto her back and sat on her: leaning backwards and fingering her vagina. Moaning sexually, Sakura reached out and pinched and twisted Korra’s nipples: making Korra moaned out loud as well but she continued to finger Sakura’s vagina. Sakura screamed and pulled Korra of her off by the nipples, sending Korra falling into the cum and holding her nipples: moaning in pain.

Sakura pulled Korra by the armpits and sat her on the edge of the pool and plunged one fingers into Korra’s vagina and another in her asshole: fingering her hard and deep. Korra moaned loudly but her moans became muffled as Sakura kissed her: dominating Korra’s mouth and sucking on her tongue. Korra became even more aroused when Sakura pressed her pink nipples into Korra’s dark brown nipples and started rubbing them into hers. Korra moaned as her climax reached as she aloud Sakura to dominate her mouth: finally releasing a loud gasped. Korra’s nipples squirted out fluids and her vagina exploded with cum and urine: covering their legs and filling up the pool. As Korra continued to leak, Sakura broke the kiss: allowing Korra to breath easily and drool flowing out of her mouth.

‘Damn!’ Korra gasped. ‘You’re good baby...’

Sakura smiled. ‘I learned from the best. Now hold on, this might hurt a bit.’

Korra nodded as Sakura bent Korra forward and wrapped her arms around Korra’s body: lifting her up into the air and slamming her into the pool with a power bomb. Korra gasped in pain and spat out saliva as Sakura pinned her in a sit out position: also licking her exploding vagina. The referee made the count.

‘1... 2... 3! Winner by pin fall: Sakura Haruno!’

Sakura smiled but instead of getting up, licked Korra’s wet vagina: pushing her tongue into Korra’s insides. Korra moaned sexually as Sakura touched all her sensitive spots and soon, cum and urine erupted out of her vagina like a volcano: spraying all over Sakura’s face and down her body to her face. Sakura licked her lips and lowered Korra’s body down onto the pool and sat on Korra’s face.

‘You’re ready baby?’ Sakura asked and at Korra’s nod, Sakura released cum and urine all over Korra’s face and into her mouth: Korra drinking every drop Sakura’s fluids. Sakura sighed with relief as she slid away from Korra’s face and connected her wet clitoris to Korra’s: pulling Korra forward and locking lips with her. As Korra and Sakura kissed, they rubbed their vaginas into one another: making smacking sounds and moaning loudly. Soon, they orgasmed and urinated again, covering themselves from head to toe, and they broke the kiss smiling at each other.

‘Still hungry.’ Korra smiled and lay on her back into the cum. Giggling, Sakura turned around and placed her exploding vagina onto Korra’s mouth while she placed her mouth on Korra’s exploding vagina: both of them sucking out as much fluids as they could before cleaning each other out. Once they were done, Sakura stood up and pulling Korra onto her feet. Sakura raised her arms behind her head.

‘Clean me.’ Sakura said.

Korra smiled and started licking and sucking on Sakura’s pink nipples, then licked her wet armpits before kissing her deeply. Sakura smiled and started licking Korra from her abdominal, then sucked and kissed her dark brown nipples, then licked Korra’s wet armpits before kissing her passionately on the lips. They broke the kiss and smiled at each other.

‘Somebody still owe me dinner.’ Sakura smiled.

Korra smiled back. ‘Let’s clean up and head to this new place you keep taking about. It will be on me.’

‘Yay!’ Sakura said and hugged Korra’s right arm. Korra grinned and helped Sakura out of the pool and left the arena: getting ready for their date.