orihime inoue

  1. UndeadLick

    Requesting TYBW Orihime Hair and Outfit

    Hi I'm requesting TYBW Orihime Hair and Outfit Static PNG I've attached the Imgur link below to the reference image thanks for your time.
  2. Jade1503

    Crossover Wrestling Federation - WrestLicious: Valhalla match #2 - The Black & White Petals Sakura & Korra Vs Heaven’s Wrath Panty & Orihime

    CWF Tag Team Match: Black & White Petals Sakura Haruno & Korra vs Heaven’s Wrath Panty Anarchy & Orihime Inoue When Kagome Higurashi was carried out of the ring and to the infirmary, Kazumi Asakura’s voice boomed throughout the arena. ‘NEXT UP IS THE CWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP...
  3. Jade1503

    CWF: Tsunade vs Orihime Inoue

    Once lno Yamanaka and Asami Sato were carried out of the arena, it was time to proceed with the second match as the announcement was made. 'FOR OUR SECOND MATCH!' the announcer continued. 'PLEASE WELCOME, FROM KONOHA: TSUNADE!' The doors opened and Tsunade, in white bikini and white boots...
  4. Jade1503

    Bleach: Orihime Inoue vs Tatsuki Arisawa

    ‘That’s dinner was wonderful, Orihime!’ Tatsuki Arisawa said as she dropped her bag next to a desk and fall onto Orihime’s bed. Orihime Inoue beamed as she closed the door behind her. ‘Thank you for staying over for tonight, Tatsuki! It’s get so lonely sometimes. Is my cooking really well...
  5. Jade1503

    CWF Tag Team Match: Heaven's Wrath vs Beautiful Pair

    Once the Tyrants, Kuvira and Satsuki Kityuin, were carried off to the infirmary, the crowd became more excited: not only watching CWF’s first Tag Team championship but not there was another tag team match. ‘FOR OUR SECOND MATCH!’ the announcer shouted. ‘PLEASE WELCOME: PANTY ANARCHY AND...
  6. Orihime Inoue Static Hair (Post-timeskip)

    Orihime Inoue Static Hair (Post-timeskip) 1.0

    Static hairstyle for Orihime Inoue post-timeskip from Bleach
  7. Orihime Dynamic Hair

    Orihime Dynamic Hair 1.0

    Dynamic hairstyle for Orihime Inoue of Bleach
  8. Orihime Static Hair

    Orihime Static Hair 1.0

    Static hairstyle for Orihime Inoue from Bleach

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