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  1. metaleroda

    sakura clothes v1 2018-09-28

  2. Jade1503

    CWF: Tsunade vs Orihime Inoue

    Once lno Yamanaka and Asami Sato were carried out of the arena, it was time to proceed with the second match as the announcement was made. 'FOR OUR SECOND MATCH!' the announcer continued. 'PLEASE WELCOME, FROM KONOHA: TSUNADE!' The doors opened and Tsunade, in white bikini and white boots...
  3. Jade1503

    CWF: Korra vs Kitten

    Korra was backstage stripping in front of the locker’s mirror room and putting on her dark blue bikini and black and blue boots. Behind her was her girlfriend, Sakura Haruno, who was standing behind her massaging her back and healing what injuries Korra had from the previous match. Once she was...
  4. Jade1503

    CWF: Sakura Haruno vs Satsuki Kiryuin

    CWF’s arena crowded with fans once again for another set of wrestling matches: filling the arena with excited chatter as a young girl with long blonde hair and wearing the referee bikini climbed into the ring. The arena was filled with a loud voice. ‘WELCOME TO ANOTHER CWF WRESTLING NIGHT! FOR...
  5. Jade1503

    CWF: Noel vs Noel Vermillion

    After Ryuko, Tsunade, Korra, and Sakura were carried off the arena and to the infirmary, the audience got back to their seats as their final match of the day was about to start. ‘FOR OUR FINAL MATCH!’ the announcer shouted. ‘PLEASE WELCOME, NOEL!’ The doors opened and a young girl with short...
  6. Jade1503

    CWF Tag Team Match: Sakura Haruno & Korra vs Reiko & Candy Cane

    CFW’s arena was filling up with wrestling fans from all over the country as they excitedly took their seats: impatiently for the matches to start. Already in the ring was a female referee brunette hair tied in a ponytail and wearing the black and white striped bikini. The lights dimmed except...
  7. Jade1503

    CWF Underground: Chun-Li vs Mai Shiranui

    After Korra and Sakura left the arena, the referee addressed the cameras. ‘For our second match, please welcome: Chun Li!’ The doors opened and a young woman with brown haired tied into two buns and brown eyes walked into the arena and dropped into the pool. She wore a blue bikini and spike...
  8. Jade1503

    CWF - Neggy vs Panty Anarchy

    Once Korra had carried Sakura out of the arena from her fight with Satsuki Kiryuin, the second match was already underway. ‘FOR OUR SECOND MATCH!’ the announcer cried. ‘PLEASE WELCOME, FROM DATEN CITY: PANTY ANARCHY!’ The doors opened as Panty Anarchy strutted into the arena and making her...
  9. Jade1503

    CWF: Tatsuki Arisawa vs Sakura Haruno

    The CWF arena was being filled with wrestling fans from all over the globe and they quickly sat down: excited for tonight’s event. Once the arena was filled, the lights, with the exception of the ring’s spotlights, dimmed: leaving the arena dark except for the middle. A female referee was...
  10. Jade1503

    CWF Title Match: Korra vs Satsuki Kiryuin

    After Jinx was carried out of the arena and to the infirmary, the excitement in the crowd reached fever pitch as they were excited for the next event: CWF’s first Title Match. The announcer’s voice boomed through the arena. ‘AND NOW THE MOMENT YOU ALL BEEN WAITING FOR: CWF’S FIRST TITLE MATCH...
  11. Jade1503

    CWF Tag Team Championship: The Black & White Petals vs The Tyrants

    The CWF arena was crowded more than usual as wrestling fans fought for their seats and the noise became loud, as tonight was CWF’s first Tag Team Title Match. The crowd settled down quickly as the announcer’s voice boomed throughout the arena. ‘WELCOME BACK EVERYONE! I HOPE YOU ALL ARE EXCITED...
  12. Jade1503

    CWF: Satsuki & Tsunade vs Korra & Sakura

    Glaring at Satsuki, Korra striped: showing her dark brown nipples and black hairy vagina. To her surprise, Sakura was also stripping: showing her pink nipples and pink hairy vagina. Both girls were wearing black & blue and pink & white boots respectively and have their six-packs showing on their...
  13. Jade1503

    CWF: Ryuko Matoi vs Satsuki Kiryuin

    After their tag team match with Reiko Hinomoto and Candy Cane, Korra and Sakura have a quick shower and got dressed to their usual clothing before pushing through the crowd and reaching the ringside just in time for the second match. ‘FOR OUR SECOND MATCH!’ the announcer announced. ‘PLEASE...
  14. Perdition

    RGB Adjustable Sakura Skirt 2018-03-15

    Based on @Ah P's 'Sakura Ninja Outfit' mod, this mod isolates the skirt from the bike shorts and makes it rgb adjustable.
  15. sandman_2010

    Sakura Haruno (young) Static Hair 2018-01-19

  16. etienne

    Sakura outfit

    Hello i'm searching for a sakura clothing mod from naruto ( her first outfit ) I have a very bad english, sorry for this shit i like this forum, love from france bon appétit
  17. Jade1503

    CWF Title Match: Sakura vs Korra

    The CWF arena was once again being filled up by spectators who enjoyed wrestling. Actually, there were more people in the arena as tonight’s match was a special one: it was CWF’s first title match for the Women’s Championship. Once every seat was taken, the lights above the seats dimmed: leaving...
  18. Jade1503

    Naruto: Sakura vs Hinata

    Under Konoha was an underground cave, massive in space and torches sticking out from the walls. The walls and floors were paved with stone and there were two massive doors at each side. In the middle of the ring was a ring with ropes surrounding a mat. The cave was brightly lighted as the...
  19. Jade1503

    CWF Underground - Korra vs Sakura

    On Saturday, the CWF was quiet as most of the main events take place on Wednesday and Friday. The arena was dark and quiet with a few candy wrappers lying on the floor, the janitors have not come to cleaning up the arena yet. It was another quiet Saturday. Underground the arena was a...
  20. Jade1503

    Naruto - Sakura vs Ino

    ‘Mmmmmmmm…’ Both Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino moaned as they kissed deeply, their hands clasped together and their lips touching in kneeling position on the bed. It was becoming dark as the sun disappeared in the horizon, bringing Konoha into the night. After working hard at the Konoha...
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