CWF: Kyda vs The Black Tigress Goddess


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Oct 19, 2015
As soon as Kitten was carried out of the arena, the second match was announced.


The doors opened and Tigress walked towards the ring and waved as the crowd cheered and called out her name. She wore a leopard skin bikini and black boots as she jumped into the ring and started flexing her biceps and showing off her six-packs. As soon as she was done with her posing, she stood in the middle of the ring.

‘AND HER OPPONENT!’ the announcer continued. ‘FROM AUSTRALIA: KYDA!’

The doors opened and again a young girl with black hair tied into two ponytails and green eyes made her way to the ring. Her body was white with strong biceps and six-packs showing on her abdominal. Her face was freckled and her bottom lip was pierced with a ring. She wore black and green bikini with black and green boots and fingerless gloves. The crowd cheered and whistles as she jumped into the ring and raised her hands: smiling at her fans who came to watch her match. She turned to face Tigress as the referee stood between them.

‘Aren’t you a bit small to wrestle with me?’ Tigress smirked as she compare height with Kyda.

Kyda fumed. ‘Don’t judge a person by her size! I bet I can still kick your ass!’

Tigress was amused. ‘Let’s see if you say the same thing when you have me sitting on you.’

The bell rang and Kyda charged and before Tigress could defend herself, Kyda uppercut Tigress in the belly and when Tigress bent forward to clutch her belly, Kyda lifted her right leg and slammed it down on Tigress’ back of the neck. Tigress grunted in pain and stopped herself from falling flat into the mat thanks to her knees. Growling, Tigress turned to face the surprised Kyda and uppercut her in between her legs. Kyda screamed in pain as she raised her leg off Tigress and backed away from her, holding her crotch. Tigress straightened up and clothesline Kyda into the mat and elbow dropped onto her stomach: making Kyda spat out saliva. Kyda growled and punched Tigress straight in the face. Tigress cried in pain and sat on top of Kyda and started punching her face: making Kyda spat out saliva every time Tigress’ punches hit her face. Tigress stopped punching Kyda and tore off her bikini top: showing Kyda’s pierced nipples. Tigress smiled as she took hold of the piercings and pulled upwards: making Kyda screamed in pain.

‘Mmmmmm...’ Tigress smiled as she enjoyed hearing Kyda screamed in agony. ‘You shouldn’t had pierced your nipples dear. You could get hurt real bad if somebody were to pull them up like this.’ To emphasize her point, Tigress pulled Kyda’s piercing higher and in the process, also pulling her nipples.

Kyda screamed. ‘YOU BITCH! EVEN WITH MY PIERCINGS, I STILL CAN OUTLAST YOU IN A TITTY FIGHT!’ Kyda reached out and tore out Tigress’ bikini top: showing her dark brown nipples. Kyda threw the bikini top aside and pinched and twisted Tigress’s nipples.

Tigress screamed out loud, amazed that a small girl can cause so much pain to her nipples but continued to pull Kyda’s. Both wrestlers screamed loudly as they pulled each other’s nipples until Kyda asserted more force in her pinches on Tigress’s nipples and twisted them cruelly. That was the last straw for Tigress as she cried in pain and let go of Kyda’s piercings as she tried to pull Kyda’s hands away from her nipples. Moaning with relief that her nipples were no longer pulled, Kyda raised her right leg and kicked Tigress on the head: making Tigress fell forward and crashed into the mat.

As both Tigress and Kyda massage their sore nipples, Kyda got into her feet before Tigress and kicked her in between her legs from behind. Tigress gasped in pain and rolled into a ball: holding onto her crotch. Kyda smirked and dragged Tigress by the hair and pulled her onto her feet: slamming her against the turnbuckle, Kyda put her right foot on Tigress’ throat and squeezed it: making Tigress gagged and choked from the lack of air in her windpipes. At the referee’s interference, Kyda let go of Tigress’ throat and started treating her like a punching bag: pounding on her face, breasts and stomach.

After a few punches, Kyda had Tigress dizzy and her eyes unfocused. Kyda took this chance to pull Tigress’ bikini bottom off her: showing Tigress’ black hairy vagina. Kyda threw Tigress’ bikini bottom out of the ring and widened Tigress’ legs: delivering a powerful kick into Tigress’ vagina. Tigress spat out saliva as she exploded with orgasm: exploding all over Kyda who giggled. Once Tigress stop orgasmed, Kyda pressed her breasts into Tigress’ face, smirking down at her.

‘Well bitch, how do you like that? Getting beaten up by someone small as... Ah!’

Kyda suddenly gasped as Tigress took hold of her bikini bottom without warning and wedged it up into her crotch: making Kyda screamed loudly. Tigress pushed herself off the turnbuckle and carried Kyda to the middle of the ring: still wedging her bikini bottom into Kyda’s crotch.

Tigress leaned closer to Kyda’s face who was looking up at the ceiling and moaning in pain. ‘Impressive you little cunt, but you won’t be so cocky when I’m done with you!’

Tigress lifted Kyda off her feet, driving Kyda’s bikini bottoms further into her crotch, and started sucking on her pierced nipples: making Kyda moaned sexually and gasped in pain when Tigress pulled her pierced nipples with her teeth. Finally, Kyda gasped out loud as she felt her bikini bottom getting damp from her orgasm: flowing through the thin material and dropping onto the mat. Still holding onto Kyda’s bikini bottom, Tigress rammed her head onto Kyda’s forehead and at the third head butt: Kyda’s bikini bottom ripped from the pressure and Kyda fell onto her back. Tigress threw Kyda’s tattered bikini bottom aside as Kyda groaned in pain: lying on her back and her black hairy vagina still had cum flowing onto the mat. Tigress pulled Kyda onto her feet and lifted her into the air: slamming her back down onto the mat in a power bomb and pinning her in a matchbook pin. The referee made the count.

‘1... 2...’

To Tigress’s surpise, Kyda kicked out: pushing Tigress off her. Angrily, Tigress dragged Kyda towards her by the legs and punched her crotch: making Kyda gasped in pain. Tigress then pulled Kyda onto her feet.

‘Bitch!’ Tigress hissed. ‘This time, stay down!’

Tigress lifted Kyda into the air for another power bomb but while in the air and on Tigress’ shoulders, Kyda tightened her legs around Tigress’s head and punched her three times on the head. Once Tigress was dizzy, Kyda flipped backwards in a head scissors takedown and slammed Tigress into the mat. With Tigress’ head under her and her legs hooked, Kyda went for a pin while the referee counted.

‘1... 2...’

Tigress pushed Kyda off her and Kyda landed on her bottoms. Tigress furiously stood and strode towards Kyda but before she could even get her hands on her, Kyda raised both legs and double kicked Tigress in her crotch. To Tigress’ disbelief, she exploded with orgasm and she slowly fell backwards: her back to the mat, her tongue hanging out and holding onto her exploding vagina. Kyda got up slowly hooked her legs around Tigress’ in a figure four hold: putting pressure on her legs. Tigress screamed in pain as the tried to pull Kyda off her but in vain. Kyda smirked and after putting Tigress in the hold for a full minute, Kyda flipped both her and Tigress onto their bellies: Kyda continued putting Tigress in a reverse figure four hold but Kyda was not done. Kyda pushed herself up and formed a bridge above Tigress: putting more pressure onto her legs. Tigress screamed and cried in agony and soon she could not take it anymore. She thumped on the mat hard furiously: submitting to Kyda.

The referee signalled and the bell rang, signalling the end of the match. Kyda smiled and let go of Tigress as the referee raised her hands to the crowd: who were cheered and calling out Kyda’s name.

‘YOU WINNER BY SUBMISSION!’ the announcer declared. ‘KYDA!’

Kyda beamed and flexed her biceps when the referee let her go. Once the cheers died down, Kyda rolled Tigress onto her back and sat on her face. With a moan of pleasure, Kyda orgasmed all over Tigress’s face and into her mouth: Tigress drinking as much as she could. Once she released all her fluids, Kyda stood up and spat on Tigress’ face.

‘Hope you like that bitch! The next time you wrestle, don’t judge a book by its cover!’

Tigress moaned as Kyda slid out of the ring and walked backstage while CWF’s aids rushed to Tigress’ aids.
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