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Cute Girl vs Brute Girl

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by princeofpain, Oct 30, 2014.

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    Feb 4, 2012
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    I am Gizele Mendes. I am one of the most popular girls of my school, I am a cute girl.
    Baby face, slender body, long black hair, 5ft 6in, dark brown eyes and little Boobbies.
    I am sweet, gentle and smile, every guy in my school wants to be my boyfriend, but, the only one that I want is Dan. Someday, finally we became a couple, but, I knew that someone was really angry about this. Her name is Thayanne.
    Thayanne is a brute girl, she is known, by her fame of be an aggressive person, she already fought against other girls, boys and even teachers, but, nobody do nothing, because we have fear of possible retaliations.
    Thayanne is stronger and taller than me. I am talking about a person of 5ft 9in, big breasts short dark hair.
    I knew that Thayanne was furious with me, because every time that I am with Dan, she looks me as an enemy, sometimes, I think that she would beat me if she could.
    My class won the Olympic games of our school and our prize was a trip to a hotel at the beach, finally I could spend some time with my beloved Dan. For my deception, the director made the rules and he demands that the girls will share rooms with girls. For my surprise, my roommate was Thayanne. I hated, but, she really loved that situation, for 3 days and 2 nights I sleep at the same room that she was.
    The first day in the hotel was amazing. I and Dan walked through the beach; we spend some special time together. To finish the day, we kissed watching the sunset.
    After an unforgettable day, I return to my room, remove my bikini, take a shower and prepare myself for sleep.
    That would be the end of a special day, if she wasn´t there. 1 hour after I arrive at our room, Thayanne arrives and as she proceeded until that moment, she neither looks for me, but, that time, she changed...
    - Thayanne: You really are a lucky bitch Gizele, Dan is a handsome guy, I would never let him go away if he would my boyfriend.
    - Giselle: Thank you for your words, but, you don´t need to call me bitch.
    - Thayanne I call you as I wish, you are nothing for me.
    - Gizele You are a rude girl, I don´t need to talk with you.
    - Thayanne Ooooh!!! Sorry me your highness??? I didn´t know that Gizele, the princess of the school don´t like bad words.
    - Gizele: Thayanne, I noticed that you are trying to make me angry. Why are you doing this???
    - Thayanne: Because I want a fight with you. I want the opportunity of kick your little ass.
    - Gizele: Are you crazy??? Why would I fight with you???
    - Thayanne: Why would you fight with me??? I will answer. If you beat me in fight you can say that you kicked my ass and teach me a good lesson, so you will be a legend at our school. What do you say???
    - Gizele: I don´t need popularity. I am popular, because the people really loves me.
    - Thayanne: I know this, but, I have another thing. Take a look on this???
    Thayanne shows me her cell phone.
    - Gizele: What is this???
    - Thayanne: Oh yeah!!! If you don´t accept to fight with me, I will upload this videos and photos of you taking a shower and striping ton internet.
    - Gizele: This time you passed all the limits.
    - Thayanne: I know, but, I suppose that you would not agree with the fight without a good persuation.
    - Gizele: I don´t want to fight, but, this is too much I will kick your ass.
    - Thayanne: That´s the way I like, the sweet Gizele becoming a rude girl.
    - Gizele: Will we have rules or will just be a fight???
    - Thayanne: For win, we mus make the opponent surrender or pass out. We can´t use objects and no matter what happens to our clothes... or better, we will use swimsuits for this fight. What do you say???
    - Gizele: I agree with you.
    - Thayanne: Good. Let´s put our attires and after we prepare our "arena".
    - Gizele: Ok.
    I put my bikini, it´s pink, strapless and has a white detail (Metallic Pink Bikini with White Netting plus Heart (UK 6-10): Amazon.co.uk: Clothing).
    To be honest, I don´t have an idea about the problem that I could get to me, that girl is totally brute, I don´t even know how to fight, but, what she done could ruin my life.
    I finish and put my robe.
    When I return to the room was ready, it has a lot of space for our fight.
    - Gizele: I am ready Thyanne.
    - Thayanne: I´m coming.
    When Thaynne arrive, she is wearing a robe and she has a video cam in her hands.
    - Gizele: Hey, you didn´t told me nothing about this cam.
    - Thayanne: Don´t worry bitch??? I will not upload this video. It´s private, it´s just for me watch, every time that I want to see your pretty ass kicked.
    Thayanne places the cam on a place where can capture every side of the room.
    - Thayanne: I will begin to record. "Hello ladies and gentlemen. Tonight we will have a very special event. Tonight we will watch the fight between the pretty Gizele, the beauty, the princess of the school and me Thayanne, the most hated girl in the world. Now Gizele, show us your body???
    I understand what she wants, so, slowly; I begin to strip my robe. First I untie and after I gentle drop on the ground.
    - Thayanne: My turn.
    Thayanne strips fast her robe and shows her attire (Mini Romper Suit In Black (UK 8-12): Amazon.co.uk: Clothing). She is totally crazy, what could be the reason to make all these things???
    We come to the center of our "arena" and circle each other.
    - Thayanne This is a big mistake, you will suffer as never before.
    - Gizele: I don´t think so.
    - Thayanne: Come on bitch??? I let the first shoot for you.
    I don´t the reason of she allow me to make the first move, but, I can´t waste the opportunity.
    - Gizele: Hayaaa!!! What???
    My punch was useless. I tried to punch her on her belly, but, is like she don´t even felt.
    - Thayanne: Pathenic little girl. I am training hard for every kind of fight.
    She is not lying, the difference between our bodies is great. While I am slender, she is muscular. The things are not good for me.
    - Thayanne: One more??? Hit me again??? One more.
    She is challenging me. I punch her many times, but, she feels nothing, is like I am punching a iron wall. Every punch don´t cause any damage to her, she don´t feel pain, but, she is laughing of me and my effort.
    - Thayanne: Once again??? Punch more??? Is this all the force of the princess Gizele???
    I punch her on her belly a lot, so, I decided to change my strategy, now I punch her face and ribs. All useless. At in a certain moment... PACK!!! She grabbed my hand.
    - Thayanne: Maybe this will be one of my easier fights. You are attacking me for 10 minutes and I am still in one piece. I will have a lot of fun with you.
    Thayanne raises her free hand, she slowly passes in front of my face and... PAAAAAAAFFF!!!
    - Gizele: AAAAAAAIAAAHHH!!!
    She hit my face using her back hand and she don´t release my hand, I am under her mercy now.
    - Thayanne: This is the way of beat an opponent.
    - Gizele: UUUUOOOHHH!!!
    Now is a cross punch. The punch makes my head turns and this gave her time to prepare her back hand and hit my face again.
    - Gizele: UUUAAAHHHH!!!
    - Thayanne Did you liked??? There´s much more.
    Another hit on my pretty face and the worst part is that she still holding my hand, she has me right where she wants.
    - Thayanne: Huahahahahaaaa!!! This is funny!!!
    Paaafff!!! Poooow!!! BAAAAAAHHH!!! BUUUAAAAHHH!!!
    - Gizele: UUUUUaaaahaaa!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHAAA!!! UUUUOOOHHH!!!
    A sequence of punches are punishing my pretty face, Thayanne is really destroying me.
    - Thayanne: Just one more.
    - Gizele: UUUUUUUUUFFF!!!
    Thayanne hits me on my belly. The impact was so violent that I bow before her. Her hand keep the presure, she is pressing my belly to take my breath away.
    Thayanne pulls her fist and release my hand. I fall on my knees and bow before my agressor.
    - Thayanne: Yes, that´s it. This is the way that I want to see you. The princesses Gizele on her knees. Get up bitch??? I want more.
    Thayanne grabs my hair and pulls me from the ground.
    - Thayanne: Here you go.
    - Gizelle: OOOOOUUUAAAAHAAA!!!
    Thayanne grabbed me by my arm and throws me to the wall. I hit the wall hurting my breasts and face; I slowly turns, when I see...
    - Gizele: UUUUUUOOOOHHHH!!!
    Thayanne came running to me and jumped. Her muscular body hit me hard pressing me agains the wall.
    - Gizele: UUUUOOOAAAHHH!
    - Thayanne: Hey bitch, how do you feel???
    - Gizele: Aiiiiiaahhh!!! Are you insane???
    - Thayanne: What do you say??? Do I look Insane for you???
    Thayanne give 2 steps backwards and one more time uses her body for crush me. She presses and release, presses and release, repeatedly.
    As Thayanne presses my body, she slowly takes my breath away. The pressure and the impact drains my forces, making me become limp and weak.
    - Thayanne Come on Gizele??? Hahahahahaaa!!! Fight with me??? Make any reaction??? Give me what I deserve???
    While she taunts me, she beat my body more and more. How much of this may I endure???
    - Gizele: Aaaaahhhh!!! No Thayanne??? I don´t need to do this. Please??? Stop???
    - Thayanne Stop??? But, I just started. I will punish you at will.
    For a moment, Thayanne stop her assault. My body, weak and sore, slides through the wall and I fall sitting.
    - Thayanne: This is real pathetic sight. The fight just begun and you are already done. No matter, I knew that this would happen and I will enjoy every single momento of you suffering.
    After finish her little speech, Thayanne places her foot on my face, she rubs her foot on my face, she presses my head against the wall, she slaps my face using her foot, she inserts the fingers on my mouth.
    - Thayanne: I want that you suck my fingers. Kiss my foot and use your pretty and ridiculous face for caress my foot.
    - Gizele: No, never, this would be disgusting.
    - Thayanne: I don´t want you answering to me.
    This time, I think that I made her angry, she increases the pressure on my face.
    - Thayanne: This is so funny. I am crushing the head of the princess Gizele. I can make this forever, but, I have another great ideas. Stand up you bitch.
    Thayanne grabs me by my bra, she pulls me from the ground, and this exposes my little boobies and my little nipples. After finish, Thayanne places me stand and against the wall one more time.
    - Thayanne: I think that I have a new punch bag. HUAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
    - Gizele: No. What you gonna do???
    1 second after I finish my question, Thayanne launches a rain of punches all over my body. Punches on my face, my breasts, my belly and ribs.
    The punches on my face, makes my head turns from the right to the left and from the left to the right.
    The punches on my belly make me bow before her, but, she don´t even let me down, she grabs my hair and place me against the wall.
    The punches on my ribs makes me squirms in pain.
    The punches on my breasts makes my tiny tits shake and after every punch, she presses my tits by keeping the pressure or grabbing.
    - Thayanne: How do you feel Gizele??? Hahahahahaaaaaaa!!!
    - Gizele: I... I can´t take much more of this.
    - Thayanne: I had another idea!!!
    Thayanne stops her onslaught, she looks closely to my bra.
    - Thayanne: I want this.
    Thayanne grabs my bra and tears!!!
    - Gizele: Oh NOOOOOO!!! Why did you do that??? Give my bra back???
    - Thayanne: You want??? Take it.
    Thayanne cheated me. She offered me my bra, but, when I tried to take, she pulls and for 3 times, she repeated this. Every time that tried to take she pulls and sometimes she beats my face using my own bra.
    - Thayanne: It was fun, but, I don´t need this anymore.
    She throws my bra away and she takes the moment of my distraction, she knee before me and punches my pussy.
    She pain is too much for me, immediately I kneel and fall on the ground.
    - Thayanne: I am having one of the best nights of my whole life. I am torturing Gizele, the most popular girl of the school. I love to beat cute girls like you. You are so cute when you are weak and punished. Hahahahahaaaaa!!!
    Now, she uses my hair to stand me up. Weakened and against the wall, I am waiting for my new torture.
    - Thayanne: I loved you tiny tits, they are so cute and your nipples are little. I already know what to do.
    - Gizele: No... don´t do nothing. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!
    Thayanne don´t waste time and grabs my breasts, now she is nipping my nipples while she shake my breasts.
    - Thayanne: How do you feel Gizele??? Just say, right??? If you can´t, I don´t care, because your groans and screams are enough for me.
    Shaking me from side to side, Thayanne is really enjoying this situation. She pulls me, shakes me and pushes me against the wall and all this, using my breasts.
    Thayanne release my breasts. When I look to them, they are red, it was a real punishment.
    - Thayanne: I love to see you suffering Gizele. I want to beat you for a long time.
    - Gizele: Why??? What is the reason for you do this???
    - Thayanne: You have a handsome boyfriend who I always love (After finish her answer, Thayanne punches Gizele´s face); you are the most beautiful girl at the school (a punch on the breast); you are the most popular (knee on the pussy). I hate you (a hard punchon the face)!!!
    After the last punch, I spin and fall on the ground.
    - Thayanne: Wait me here sweet??? I´ll be right back.
    I hear that Thayanne goes towards the bathroom. I don´t have any idea about what she is doing there, but, one thing I´m sure: Will not be good for me.
    - Thayanne: I´m baaaaack!!! Let´s remove this???
    - Gizele: No!!! Not there!!!
    I struggle, but, she removed my panties. Now I am naked. My little haired pussy is exposed!!!
    - Thayanne: So, is this your body??? You are pathetic. Come with me???
    Thayanne grabs me by my hair and conducts me towards the bathroom and taking the camera with us.
    When we arrive, I see that the tub is full.
    - Thayanne: Gizele, here is the place where your body will be destroyed.
    - Gizele: SSSSSStoooop!!! Please???
    - Thayanne: Did you say something???
    After punches me on my belly, Thayanne brings me for the tub. She drowns me and dives me.
    Thayanne pulls me from the water and submits me in a full nelson.
    Thayanne curves my back and shakes me from side to side, this brute girl really wants to show her dominance over me. She makes my breasts shake and lift me. Sometimes, my legs are spread and this exposes my privates for the camera.
    - Thayanne: Take a good look here??? Gizele Mendes is my ragdoll. I can do with her anything that I want. Haahahahahahaaaaa!!!
    Thayanne releases me from the full nelson. I fall part of my body inside the tub and the other part on the ground outside the tub.
    - Thayanne: We don´t finished yet sweetheart.
    - Gizele: Please no more no more, please no more???
    In an amazing exhibition of brute force, Thayanne grabs me by hair, stands me, carries me on her arms and destroy my back in a painful backbreaker!!!
    The impact makes a part of the water splashes from the tub. Thayanne presses my body by my breasts and pussy against her knee.
    For a single moment, I could see the hatred in her eyes; she is like an animal devouring her prey. She makes sure that the camera is capturing every single moment of my torture section.
    - Thayanne: Are you enjoying this??? I am. I am really loving to make you suffer Gizele.
    - Gizele: AAAAAAHHH!!! You are insane.
    - Thayanne: Yes I am, but, now, you are under my mercy and I will make you suffer as never before and as never you will again!!!
    Thayanne one more time exhibit her force lift me again and this time here comes a reverse bearhug.
    - Thayanne: I love to play with my doll... MY RAGDOLL!!!
    Pressing me, shaking me, lifting me and crushing my pussy on her knee, Thayanne is totally dominant. I never could imagine that someone could make these kind of things, she is brute and ruthless.
    - Thayanne: One more!!!
    The last squeeze was harder than the others, I salivate a little.
    - Thayanne: Now, the last part.
    I don´t know if I am happy or worried, all I know is that is time for my suffering end or become worse.
    Thayanne turns me and rubs her breasts on mine. It´s a tit fight!!! Of course that I don´t have any chance. Her breasts rubs on mine, they fight each other, but, as she has the bigger breasts, she has total advantage. I see her breasts beating mine as they are slapping, sometimes I see my breasts under her breasts. I was getting exited, but, I know that this will be more humiliating.
    - Thayanne: You are so weak and beaten, how about a little hug???
    - Gizele: ooooooohhh!!! What do you mean???
    - Thayanne: This!!! Hahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!
    Now is a front bearhug!!! She is crushing my body!!! She shakes me from side to side, she makes my body goes towards and backwards, it´s really hard to breath, my vision is becoming dark!!!
    - Thayanne: I will crush you Gizele. This will be your ultimate humiliation.
    As I moan and groan, I just waste my breath, I feel like my life force is being drained from my body. Our wet body are pressed against each other, but, is like her body doens´t msuffer nothing, she is so brute and dominant as she started this madness.
    After some moments of a crushing punishment, I finally faint. Thayanne defeated, humiliated me and worse, in front of a camera, now I am under her mercy, she can do anything she wants to me or even my reputation.
    - Thayanne: Are you sleeping beauty??? Answer me??? Nothing??? Not even a moan, beg or scream??? Hahahahahaaaaa!!! Gizele belongs to me!!!
    Thayanne exposes my defeated, weak and limp body for the camera, she is shaking me like a ragdoll.
    - Thayanne: Now, everybody will see as the princess Gizele was defeated.
    Now, for the final, she tears my bra and panties and ties my hands and feet to each extremity of my bed, making me seems as a "X".
    - Thayanne: Well guys, this was the humiliation of our princess, please, share this video for everyone you know. Hahahahahaaaa!!! I know that I told that I would keep this video just for me, but, I can´t resist, I want her humiliated more and more.
    When we return from this terrible weekend, I see the guys of the school watching the video on their cell phones.
    - Guy: Nice body Gizele!!!
    - Guy 2: Do you want to fight with me???
    - Guy 3: I loved the way that you scream and moan
    This is the way that the cute princess Gizele was tortured, destroyed, defeated and humiliated by Thayanne and now... everybody can watch.
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  2. Mah

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    Awsome story.
    I loved the way that the poor Gizele was beaten.
  3. gigi

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    Nov 17, 2013
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    I also loved.
    Is always good to see a little cute girl being defeated by a stronger opponent.
  4. Mah

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    May 10, 2013
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    Hey prince, your story was pretty good.
    I hope to see Gizele in new stories.