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Char List Backup Loading fail

Discussion in 'Help' started by Aelvir, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. Aelvir

    Aelvir Potential Patron

    Jun 28, 2013
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    Everything works normally except I click load and, as usual, it opens a small window then I click my CustomChars.sdt file and i hit open and it does not open it it acts as if the file is thin air or something. The same goes for trying to load any .swf mods.

    It was loading them all perfectly a couple days ago.
  2. AaRL

    AaRL Swell Supporter

    Feb 17, 2011
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    Its best to keep all the hairs, mods, and bgs that you are using with the saved SDT character file in one folder. Also, if you were to move a mod, bg, or hair from that original saved folder. It will not load next time around.

    What I have is one main folder with the game and other core files I use all the times. (Templates, dialogue checker...) Also in this same folder, I have all my mods/bgs/hairs that I used with my current SDT custom character list. Then with in the main SDT folder, creatr other folders to help separate hairs bgs and other mods. Basically this:

    C:\SDT Game - root folder that contains the actual game along with mods/bgs/hairs you use with your custom characters
    C:\SDT Game\BGs - keeps background in order
    C:\SDT Game\Hairs - keeps hairs in order
    C:\SDT Game\Mods - keeps mods in order

    This does lead to duplicate files in some case but I find it much easier this way.