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can i get some help finding the japanese rpg maker xp rtg

Discussion in 'Adult Games' started by dartred, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. dartred

    dartred Guest

    i downloaded the chinese version to play ring of lust and realized how much of a pain it was just to get it to run. so i thought i may as well uninstall that RTP. i accidently deleted my japanese rtp and now i can't my games any more :'( any help? thx in advance.

    tried downloading it from RPGÆ’cÆ’NÂ[Æ’"¹XP RTP / Æ’tÆ’@Æ’~'Ê.com-³-¿ƒQÂ[ƒ€

    but it's current download link isn't working. any help would be appreciated.
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  2. Nekodorama

    Nekodorama Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 3, 2010
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    Download link is working fine for me. I'll be uploading it so wait for the upload to finish or try it again though it might take a long time since my upload rate is always crap.

    Here you go: xp_rtp103.exe
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  3. dartred

    dartred Guest

    much appreciated, but i found out i can't download it. for some reason, who knows why. had a friend do what you just did and uploaded it to media fire. works now. thx for trying.