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Discussion in 'Adult Games' started by Hamger, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. Hamger

    Hamger Guest

    This game came out at 1/2011 surpised it not in this site. IT basically like VH(Violated Heroine) but with animation and a good unlock content when you beat the game. THIS GAME IS HARD BUT FUN and will take a very long time to understand since it all in japanese no english translator yet.

    RJ071623_img_main.jpg RJ071623_img_smp1.jpg RJ071623_img_smp1.jpg RJ071623_img_smp1.jpg RJ071623_img_smp1.jpg

    RJ071623_img_smp3.jpg RJ071623_img_smp3.jpg RJ071623_img_smp3.jpg

    Game has Torture/Pregnancy/Yuri/Futa/slime rape/Tentacle Rape/ and others ( Didnt really beat the game)
    I have a save file if anyone to lazy to beat the game just request and ill put it up. but i suggest you really beat the game because i barely know much about this game im still trying to figure out how to get the futa working. I heard you basically let the blue hair girl get you pregnant and you get 4 option be preganant and the 2nd option is to become a futa and rape the other 3 heroine girls but i still can't get it to work. When you beat the game you get a CG character where u have 4 chambers all 4 heroine are chained up and you basically can summon all the mobs/people to come in and rape the heroine endlessly.

    Game needs RTP maker 2000 to work ill provide link below.
    RPGÆ’cÆ’NÂ[Æ’"¹2000 RTP / Æ’tÆ’@Æ’~'Ê.com-³-¿ƒQÂ[ƒ€
    basically install it really easy and run the game. Best u have Japanese unicode for no problems. You need the japanese version which is the link it won't work with English version. First it will extract(This is not an installation) find where it extracted then install it.

    This goes to another person who told me about the game and this info credit does not go to me but someone else so don't thank me for this info just helping people know about an awesome game. I got this info from a similar hentai gaming site(ulmf) that has this game but the thread is dead.

    1st girl, Black hair, Red suit:
    1st: She shoots an aoe around her 1 square out that does a lot of damage, costs moderate mana
    2nd: Shoots the same aoe burst about 6 spaces ahead of her
    3rd: Whole screen aoe, Lowest mana cost and damage out of the aoes, will still one shot most things at the right level.

    2nd girl, Red hair, Blue suit:
    1st: Shoots a beam forward, low mana cost and damage, spammable
    2nd: Sword attack in a cone infront of her, low mana cost and moderate damage
    3rd: Gives her invincibility I believe, but it's short, lowish mana cost though for a 3rd special.

    3rd girl, Blue Hair, Grey Suit:
    1st: Shoots out a beam that goes in the direction you face, controllable, low mana cost but you can't use two at once so it's not usable again until it hits something or ends on its own. Low mana cost, low damage.
    2nd. Counter attacks, if something hits you for a second or so after you use it, they take a lot of damage. Low/Moderate mana cost.
    3rd: Strongest 3rd whole screen skill aoe out of the bunch, will kill most things but seems to have a slightly longer wind up time, also costs the most mana.

    4th girl, Monkey girl
    1st: Shoots 3 orbs infront of her, pretty good damage for how strong it is, low mana cost.
    2nd: Breathes fire out a few spaces infront of you, great damage, low mana
    3rd: Whole screen aoe, the 2nd strongest and most expensive mana cost wise.

    1st Girl:
    Probably the strongest skill set just because of their ease of use, Her 1st skill and 2nd skill have good damage areas and kill most things quickly. You can just spam her 1st skill while running into bosses to kill them very easily without much damage. Her skills do cost a bit more than usual but it's worth it because they rarely go to waste.

    She's strong even with just her first skill and also gets free money and items around town that get you new armor quicker than most the other girls, once you get her second skill you can farm slimes without taking any damage since it travels far through walls and has nice range.

    Difficulty: 3/10
    Great Stats

    2nd Girl:
    Very weak skills, although they're the most spammable, it's not really worth the trade off. Her 1st skill doesn't travel through walls but her second one does which makes training a bit easier, it's still a weak skill though.

    Rated her as the worst previously, but she may be more useful than I thought, even more useful than some of the easier girls. I didn't realize how long her invincibility lasted compared to it's downtime, will test her more now. I'll say although training her isn't as hassle free as the other girls that can wipe out a room in a second or so, she can do alright with her 3rd skill invincibility as well. Spamming it you can be invincible about half the fight.

    Difficulty: ??/10
    Worst Stats

    3rd Girl:
    Her first skill takes some getting used to but can actually be pretty useful, just gotta remember you only need to move one space to force it in another direction. Her second skill is just like the 1st girls 1st attack in that you can just spam it without thinking/needing to aim while surrounded by enemies to take some of them out. Her 3rd skill is great for clearing arena battles and areas.

    Even though she has lower stats like the 2nd girl, she doesn't suffer from shit skills like her, she takes a bit more time to train than some of the other girls but she's actually decent once she gets all her skills and some higher armor. It also may just be my imagination but she seems to get bad status effects much less often than the other girls from enemies, I rarely have to deal with them on her.

    If you use her 3rd skill, she can't use physical attacks for about 3-5 seconds because of her mana being so low. So she does have some trouble on bosses since she can only rely on her counter attack to get mobs off her. I didn't notice that no physical attacks on any of the other girls while using their 3rd special but they may have it too to a lesser degree, it's extremely noticeable with her though. So remember that it's very risky for her to use.

    Difficulty: 7.5/10
    Low Stats

    4th Girl:
    The strongest physical attacks which helps her a lot, she has no armor so she's always at full stats and has the highest hp/stats by default. Her first skill is incredibly strong and easy to use though it doesn't travel through walls. Her fire breath is so-so and will probably miss more often than it hits, her 3rd skill is great.

    She always has full stats and doesn't have to worry about repairing armor constantly, but she can be sexed up at any time. Though she has a lot of hp and doesn't take nearly as much damage sex attacks because her defense is 100% when they happen unlike the other girls. She's the easiest to use but can be the riskiest too since some bad luck can get you raped multiple times quickly.

    Even though she was my first girl I used (So I had little experience), I had no trouble leveling her up compared to the other girls.

    Difficulty: 2/10
    Best Stats

    Places to train (Excluding 2nd girl):

    After the second boss in the Slime Zone (multiplying slimes), the area just north of the save point can be entered (From the left most exit square) with enough time to use your whole screen aoe before any slimes can shoot you so it's perfect to just heal/save, go up, use skill, go down, repeat as many times as needed.

    Most people have already mentioned it but the second town has an area in the NE of the graveyard with an arena. The first option when talking to the guard by the stairs sets you up to fight increasing more difficult battles for large amount of money. Until the higher ones (1000-1500 prize), most girls can take out the entire wave with their 3rd skill instantly even at lower levels.

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    Mar 1, 2010
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    I love this game and I can't wait for the next one to come out!
  3. Hamger

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    Do you know how to get the Futa working in CG mode?