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Discussion in 'Adult Games' started by Someone92, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Someone92

    Someone92 Staff Member Moderator

    Feb 21, 2010
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    DLsite: http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/announce/=/product_id/RJ112559.html
    Developer homepage: Æ’AÆ’XÆ’KÆ’"¹"¹RŽm'c
    Game homepage: "šÃ«"šÃ‘"šÂ¦"šÃ“ÂI

    Required: RPG MAKER VX Ace
    RPG Maker RTP Download | Run Time Package Download
    RPGÆ’cÆ’NÂ[Æ’"¹VX Ace RTP / Æ’tÆ’@Æ’~'Ê.com-³-¿ƒQÂ[ƒ€

    ROBF is a RPG Maker game with a game-play similar to http://www.ryonani.com/downloadable-games/4308-erotica-night-[eng].html:. You play as a yet "inexperienced" guy and "fight" against various monstergirls, and by fight I mean having sex with them. The sex scenes are animated in a simple matter yet the quality of the pictures is good, during them the guy is portrayed as a transparent, single-colored body shape or just his dick. As in Erotica Night you win by making your opponent orgasm, and lose if she manages to bring you to climax; if you win you see a short finishing animation where the hero brings the girl to orgasm, if you lose the you're prompted with two options: Give in to the girl and let her have her way with your body ala Monster Girl Quest, or go directly back to the last save point.

    So far the release is planned for March 2013 but you can play a trial at the DLsite; the trial seems to be the tutorial of the whole game, and other than the "boss" no monstergirl has a "Bad End".

    Enter the house in the top left in starting area; the women in the top right inside the building will train you. It may be that you need to talk to some other NPCs before she agrees to train you, though. Once you've finished one area a teleporter will appear at the other end of the current area which will bring you to the next level.
    If you lose against the boss the battle will reset and you'll get three healing potions; the easiest way to beat the boss is to lose a few times until you have about 10 healing potions.
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  2. unknown

    unknown Avid Affiliate

    Nov 9, 2012
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    Mmm...curious and now I'll go to try it ;)
  3. Synonymous

    Synonymous Guest

    the "ROBF" in the pic remind me of RO
  4. Hamger

    Hamger Guest

    wow finally a monster girl game with animation
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  5. Someone92

    Someone92 Staff Member Moderator

    Feb 21, 2010
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    Afaik "ROBF" stands for "Ragnarok Online Battle Fuck" or "Fucker", so similarities shouldn't be too surprising. :p

    I completely forgot about this game, it was released a few weeks ago and already has been patched to version 1.1. Apparently the full version is about 1GB big so hopefully it has lots and lots of content.

    Guide and walkthrough
    100% save
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  6. Someone92

    Someone92 Staff Member Moderator

    Feb 21, 2010
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    Finally managed to give this game a try so here's my first impression:

    The Good:
    - The game offers a lot in terms of character development
    - There's an open world for you to explore, you're only prohibited to enter certain areas
    - There are only a few games with animated artwork of equal or greater quality

    The Ho-hum:
    - The items you get from defeated enemies are random, so in good old Diablo 2-style you have to farm the same girls/bosses multiple times to get all the items you want; depending on if you like such a system it's good or bad
    - Apparently some girls also appear randomly in some locations

    The Bad:
    - After a while a lot of the animations become repetitive and boring (to disable some of them: [Other] ROBF - Page 7 - The Unofficial LineMarvel Forums)
    - Because you have a lot of freedom you can easily run into enemies way above your level
    - Likewise because you're relatively free which skills you choose (and they don't seem to be arranged in any sensible way) it's easy to choose skills that does not synergies with each each other, your stats or both
    - Because the game is non-linear I often had no clue where to go and thus the game can get frustrating; however that's properly because I don't understand Japanese


    Leave the starting city to the north and enter the area with the tree; the slime girls there should be easy opponents for you.


    You want to reach AGI 50 and DEX 10 as quickly as possible. DEX 10 is the breakpoint to get the first +HIT, and AGI 50 gives you an additional normal attack per round, efficiently doubling your damage. If you feel you deal to little damage add a few points to strength, if you feel to squishy add a few points to VIT. When you reached AGI 50 concentrate on VIT until you have 50, VIT 50 gives you a resistance bonus against some status effects. Again, add a few points to strength if you deem it necessary. After that bring AGI to 99, at 80 and 99 you get yet another normal attack per round; you know the deal regarding STR.


    Start with the passive healing skill (it's the red square with the outlines of a heart in it); get it to level 2 or 3 to gain 3% respectively 5% of your max HP per round back. Some girls can "poison" you which cancels the passive healing so buy the leaf item to treat that. Because I don't intend to put many points in STR early on I forgo STR-based attack skills for now and concentrate on defensive, utility and passive skills.

    Get the Steal skill to level 2 (it's a blue square and I think it's supposed to portray a man holding a bag; it's just above the Blowjob skills (a mouth liking a male symbol)); Steal is useful for getting items for quests and sale and you it can undress certain girls, making them easier to fight. The next skill you should get is Hide (three green arrows pointing down); you can use it to escape holds and to avoid most or all attacks. At some point after gaining the first level of Steal and after gaining Hide you should get the passive SP regeneration skill (yellow/green symbol of a person raising their hands into the air; relatively easy to spot because it has a "SP" at the beginning of its name) to level 2 or 3.
    After that get the Blowjob skill to level 3; it has a chance to poison the girl and in combination with the Hide skill it can be used to beat almost any girl, it just might take a while. Now, get the passive HP and SP regeneration skill and the Steal skill to level 3. Afterwards get the Rip Clothes skill (hand ripping of a bra, it's almost at the very bottom of the list) to level 3. With these skills you should be able to eventually beat any girl.

    Either now or before you got the Steal skill get the passive penis upgrade skill to level 3 (it's a yellow square with a blue/green male symbol) and afterwards the passive double attack skill (blue square with three arrows to the left).
  7. Nemexis

    Nemexis Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I'm resurrecting this post to announce that i'm currently making a translation to ROBF and it's "sequel" ROBFS4U.

    Unfortunately i don't know japanese, so i'm completely relying to google translator, babylon and friends to do the work, horever when it comes to actual "story related" translations they are practically useless.

    So if anyone out here knows japanese and wants to lend a hand just PM me and we will talk about it!

    Any help is more than welcome, it dosen't matter if you can't do much!

  8. Sharko

    Sharko Potential Patron

    Jul 31, 2014
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    i can't open the game it says "unable to find file : AUDIO/BGM/salaya_ (here it is a japanese phrase)"
  9. Lhytiss

    Lhytiss Potential Patron

    Jan 26, 2013
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    There might be several causes for this, but here's my top guesses :
    1. That particular file might be 'renamed' by the archiver. this usually happens during compression with incompatible windows local version.
    Solutions :
    a) Rename the file(s) yourself. I've attached the file list from my local copy for you.
    Of course, your BGM would be jumbled, but at least the game will works.. =p
    b) Download another version with the 'correct' naming.

    2. Your windows cannot show the japanese filename.
    Solution : change your windows locale to japanese.

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  10. ryan210

    ryan210 Guest

    A user on ULMF (ramza022) has translated the main story up to just before the final boss battle, and a couple of the losing h-scenes. [Other] ROBF - Page 49 - The Unofficial LineMarvel Forums

    If you're undertaking a full translation job, the posts on that page should be a huge help to you.