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Breast Expansion Girl

Discussion in 'Dialogue' started by jinx771, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. jinx771

    jinx771 Potential Patron

    Jun 8, 2016
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    I've noticed a serious lacking of Breast Expansion Dialogue on this forum, so I thought I'd have a go at one.
    I have to give a lot of credit to @sby for his Eager Rough 9 dialogue found here. I used this dialogue as a skeleton to build my own, most lines are different some are the same though.

    The setting / theme:
    Your personal cum-expansion slave has been waiting eagerly for your return home. She is constantly begging you to fill her up with cum until she is a big plump cum filled whore. She likes it rough and never complains. You can fuck all holes and tits (if you have and know how to use animtools positions).​

    How to use / what you need:

    You will need the *breast expansion mod, you might want the superbreast mod for extra large bewbs, you will probably want animtools to access dialogue for multiple positions, and you will need SDTDialogueActions v3.06 or higher.

    I recommend just downloading sby's latest loader pack found here, which has everything but SDTDialogueActions which can be found in Pim_gd's thread.

    *I changed some of the settings in my breast expansion mod however it shouldn't mess your gameplay up too bad if you leave the settings as stock. I'll include my breast expansion settings file for anyone who doesn't feel like figuring out what dialogue won't display on default settings. But if you care enough to change it yourself the lines that end with: {"check":{"effectivecuminside":">=XXX"}} won't display if XXX is larger than the maxeffectivecuminside in the breast expansion settings. ALSO make sure you have superbreast set to 1 in the breast expansion settings.

    Once you have all the files in places etc. follow this step by step for intended experience:
    1. Open loader
    2. Make your character look how you like (most clothing that goes over boobs / stomach / ass will clip through her as she expands)
    3. Open breast expansion mod
    4. Open dialogue
    5. watch intro without moving around to much(it bugs up the dialogue sometimes)
    6. After a very short 7 line intro, you can jump right into the action. There is no linear dialogue past the intro, so do what you want. Works with all animtools positions, however there is very minimal titfuck position dialogue. (enjoy)​


    This is my first dialogue, so feel free to critique as you will. I just hope to stimulate more breast expansion related dialogue here. Feel free to change this dialogue further, it could probably use some cleaning up, and some of you are better with words than I am, just please repost your changes here! I will probably want to use them!​

    Could not get initial settings to force her breast size don't know what I did wrong.​

    Intro occasionally stops if your moving the mouse around the window. Just let the intro play out without touching anything.​

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  2. dissectcrt

    dissectcrt Potential Patron

    Nov 20, 2015
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    This is actually pretty nice idea for a dialogue and ATV-positions support works fine too. I hope you will continue to add new lines (for example more "her" comments about expanding belly or maybe some comments from "him")

    There are very few "BE" dialogues and of course we need more of that stuff.