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Art Dump (Explicit)

Discussion in 'Visual Art' started by RiOT, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. RiOT

    RiOT Content Creator

    May 10, 2012
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    So, I've decided to display some of my artworks here since well, I feel like this place has my home away from home. The first few uploads will be kinda old, since I haven't scanned anything in a while. There will be highly risque fetish content in some of these, so please be warned. I don't want to show some people what they don't want to see.

    I draw a lot, and mostly of likenesses from photos. It's what I enjoy doing. Most stuff will likely be of a non-consensual or ryona nature, sometimes heading into guro territory. These first initial few will be fairly tame, however. If anyone's interested in my SFW stuff, I can post those too. Thanks for looking!

    Anon0072px.jpg Cortana72px.jpg Samus72px.jpg
  2. Kargan3033

    Kargan3033 Club Regular

    Aug 10, 2015
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    Nicely done Riot thanks for sharing I hope you'll share more of you NSFW art.