An RP Session with Syren Delicious


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Apr 29, 2011
The Following is an excerpt from an RP session with Syren Delicious, she was kind enough to film a video and share a few photos, the writing is kind of simplistic in this one but it was done to get the point across efficiently

The sound of a rubber chicken being squeezed through a cow's ass was the best way to describe the sound heard on the PA system in the arena. His nasally, high-pitched scream caught his co-commentator off guard, as he proceeded to spill the mug of coffee in his hand on his pants.

"Ugh!," muttered Jameson Ross as he looked at his fellow MC going crazy on the chair next to him. He couldn't blame him though, the young woman in the ring, Agatha stood in the middle of the Air Arena ring as the undisputed mixed fight champion. She was Competitive Enterprises' rising star, a tough, intelligent woman who threw punches and pipe bombs alike.

She stood in the ring nude, wearing a pair of sports sneakers, elbow guards and knee protectors. Her body glistened with the oil she had put on pre-match and since it took her only five minutes to beat the champion, it had barely dried.

"PEOPLE OF VERTA!!," She bellowed.

"HERE STANDS YOUR ONE TRUE CHAMPION!! THE ASS KICKER AND THE PADRE ALIKE, THE CHILD OF IO AND TITAN," Her arms animated her words through exaggerated movements, they flowed as gracefully as an uninterrupted stream.

"NOW I'VE GOT ONLY ONE QUESTION FOR YOU PUNKS IN THE LOCKER ROOM," She said with a dramatic pause. It was her way to get the crowd riled up, her catchphrase was over with the fans like crazy, as they waited anxiously for her to say those two words.

"WHO'S...........NEXT!?," She screamed as the crowd said the catchphrase with her. It was another night of total domination at the Arena.

Some time later, the camera's followed her backstage in the locker room's as she rampaged through brick and soul alike. Anyone in her way was toast.

"It looks like our champions on the warpath again..," Said Jameson Ross's coarse voice as it filled the PA system. Ross was one of the earliest members of Competitive Enterprises, when it started as a small apartment fight organisation back in the day, eventually it rose to prominence in the underground fight leagues and once it was bought out by Fetish Inc., it became the de-facto standard for mixed fights worldwide and Agatha was the champion and the face of the company.

After some time wrecking the locker room's, Agatha set her sights on a deep, dark walkway.

"Ahhhhhhhhh....!!!," screamed Ross' fellow commentator again as he jumped up and down on his seat. Ross shook his head and took his mic. "Folks, I think what my friend is trying to say is Agatha is heading into the dingy, dark portion of the Arena," Before he could finish his sentence, his colleague butted in "What's in there JR? Has anyone been there in like forever?," Much to the Ross' irritation, he continued jumping up and down on the seat like a 5-year old.

The cameraman followed Agatha as the small light on top of his camcorder illuminated the dingy hallway.

"Wait.." said the cameramen as Agatha stopped and glared at him. "I think I see something!," He said as his hand trembled, his finger pointing in the general direction.

The crowd and the commentators were watching all of this go down on a big screen in the Arena. "Look JR..they stopped! Ahhhhhh!," Ross wasn't sure what was worse, the excitement of seeing what they discovered or his colleague's annoying screams. They seemed to be getting the crowd going though, so he grinned and bore it.

"," Before Agatha could complete her sentence, she heard JR complete it over the PA, "It..What is it?"

The figure slowly got up and moved toward them, as Agatha flinched and took her fighting stance. "," said the cameraman as he trembled. "" said JR as he held his fellow commentator down by placing a hand over his mouth.

"It's a...," said Agatha as she looked at the figure standing right in front of her face "A homeless guy?"

"A Hobo?," said Ross' voice over the PA system.

Agatha stared at the homeless man. The fat, unattractive Bear was down on his luck all right, his tattered clothes and large beard was a clue, as was his unbearable stench!

Agatha and The Bum stared at each other for a while, The bum made the first move..

"Ahhhhhhh....!!," screamed Ross' co-MC "He got a handful of those puppies JR!!!."

"Ladies and gentleman," panted Ross, "Looks like the Bum has grabbed a handful of Agatha's...

Indeed, The Bum had captured Agatha's bosoms and squeezed hard. He threw her up against the wall and proceeded to rain hard punches on her stomach. She winced and grunted as she counted the punches. The rapid fire cannons detonated on Agatha's toned stomach 20 times before he stopped and peeled her off the wall.

He turned her around and gave her a hard low blow. Everyone in the audience grabbed their crotches and a loud "oooooohhhhhhh" echoed through the arena. As she lay on her knees, he grabbed her hair and pulled her to the ramp and took her to the ring.

Once there, he grabbed her in a crushing bear-hug and drove her back-first into the steel pole. As she collapsed to the floor, he grabed her in a side headlock and gave her a brutal DDT on the hard floor.

He grabbed her by the hair and tossed her into the ring.

He scoop slammed her hard to the canvas, her body bouncing a little from the impact. He grabbed her and bought her to a seated position before unleashing three brutal kicks on her back.

He then grabbed her and snuck her head between his thighs, wrapping his arms around her waist, he picked her up and got her in a seated position above his shoulders and threw her to the mat with a devastating power-bomb.

As she lay there, spread eagle, panting and exhausted from the punishment. He threw her to one corner, as she ran and crashed back first on the turnbuckles, he was right behind her squashing her into the buckles with his weight. Next he began punching her stomach hard, before laying down hard chops across her chest.

He laughed menacingly as grabbed her legs and parted them, he took a few paces back as everyone in the arena began squirming.

"NOOOOO!!! MY GOD, YOU BASTARD, Ahhhhhhh!!!," screamed JR as jumped out of his seat. "He just hit her with a...," said JR "Ladies and Gentleman, I don't how to say this, The Bum has just low blowed Agatha in the most horrible way possible."

As Agatha was processing what had just happened, The Bum followed up with two more hard knees to her aching fish lips, she grabbed her snatch and fell to the canvas face first. He picked her up and had her head between thighs again. He held her up straight up as an arrow, her feet pointing toward the air and brought her down head first on to the canvas, with a devastating pile-driver and knocked her out.

When she came too, she could hear the whole arena going wild, she was still back first on the mat and tilted her head up to see The Bum standing with a leg on her toned stomach, with the Championship Belt in hand.

Agatha woke up with sweat running down the side of her forehead and looked around to find herself at home, in her bed. Was it just a bad dream? She ran to the living room and found her belt still framed on the wall and breathed a sigh of relief.

What she didn't notice however, as she turned around and walked back to the bedroom, was the Bum's jacket on her couch.

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