Alternate Spider-Gwen outfit request


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Oct 16, 2018
I'm aware of the previous Spider-Gwen request by Arbiterdude that went unfulfilled but this is a slightly different request.

Im looking for an outfit (with hair possibly built in but not required) for Spider-Gwen, with the hood up and mask off.

sideview_sunday_spider_gwen_by_e_carpenter-d87.jpg melbnova___spider_gwen_by_thechamba-da13c73.jpg

You can see how the hood is sort of shifted to one side stylistically to show the interior and i'd prefer to have that as well, although if you cant make it look right, thats ok too.

I'm thinking you could start with This Hoodie posted by Iago, with his permission/credit. Bring the backside forward slightly and recolor the interior maybe? I'd prefer an open and closed variants, like this Closed Outfit/Open outfit (The Thread for it) although i'd be happy with just the closed variant.

And as far as hair goes, again, i'd prefer built in (probably static) hair but im not opposed to having to use a different hair. I was looking at either Babydoll static hair by [S]The Liar[/S] or Satoko static hair by [S]xXxkawiihugsxXxcolonthree[/S], with their permission/credit, as a base to start. When i get back to my computer, i plan on testing hairs with that hoodie.


So i managed to get this far with a hair i previously downloaded and don't know the source. I edited it to fit a bit better too :smile: (added original hair.png if it helps as well)

Screenshot (2).png

Jessie3.png Jessie.png

4d91f9e26008eb2c3d6a3669f4d7277d.jpg 1426098140.rudragon_spider_gwen___rudragon_cover__by_phation-d8lathh.png OrekiFag-507728-Red_Robin_x_Spider_Gwen_commis.png sample_455454b1c6dce62b4e6f676ca1e48e8c.jpg SpiderGwen-09.jpg CxWvSf4WgAAfJ7x.jpg 1453112 - Dick_Hammersmith Gwen_Stacy Marvel S.jpg

Let me know if additional details are needed, ill edit with hair/hoodie testing

hw0dykt.jpg Hentai-Spider-Gwen-and-Batgirl-Marvel-Comics-a.jpg Spider-Gwen005.jpg
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