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  1. Momentum

    Izuku Her Hair - Static

    I am requesting a static hair for Izuku Midorya, I have the hair file. Hair.
  2. R

    Melissa Shield (My Hero) hair 1.0

    Melissa Shield from My Hero Academia; I copied the glasses from this hair by @secondhuntsman There's a version with no glasses if you want to use your own: [No Screenshot] I also made the fancy hair: And made a version with glasses for that [No Screenshot]
  3. R

    Nejire Hado (My Hero) hair 1.0

    Nejire Hado from My Hero Academia And her Hero curls; theyre not to scale? because it won't fit the template
  4. R

    Itsuka Kendo (My Hero) hair 1.0

    Itsuka Kendo from My Hero Academia w/ Mask
  5. R

    Camie Utsushimi (My Hero) hair 1.0

    Camie Utsushimi from My Hero Academia There's also a version with no hat but I had to make it up since there were no references without a hat [No Screenshot]
  6. T

    Mirko hair request

    Hello everyone I already did a request on this but it was invalid. So I really hope these pictures are good to create a hair png mod. So here are the pictures I found. [USELESS ATTACHEMENTS REMOVED BY A STAFF MEMBER]
  7. T

    Mikro from MHA hair + maybe hero suit

    Hello everyone I would like to request a hair mod maybe even the hero suit on top If it's not too much to ask for! Sadly I couldn't really find any good side views from her but here are some that I hope help doing the mod. [USELESS ATTACHEMENTS REMOVED BY A STAFF MEMBER]
  8. Masterdragon

    Ryuko Tatsuma (Ryukyu) 1.0.0

    Static hair mod for the female hero "Ryuko Tatsuma" (Ryukyu) from My Hero Academia
  9. Masterdragon

    Inko Midoriya (Static Hair Mod) MHA 1.0.1

    Static Hair Mod for Inko Midoriya from My Hero Academia. (Also changes the ear slightly) For the clothes to work too you need the moreclothingsmod
  10. Masterdragon

    Mitsuki Bakugo (Static Hair Mod) MHA 1.0.1

    Static Hair mod for Mitsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia Clothes are not part of this mod (char code for clothes in the spoiler tag below)
  11. G

    MHA Midnight Outfit

    Hi, here to request an outfit mod for Nemuri Kayama, aka "Midnight", from My Hero Academia. We've got the hair, and the face/body can be recreated using in-game options, but the outfit is proving difficult to pull off with existing options (at least those that I can find). These are the best...
  12. R

    Bubble Girl (My Hero) hair 1.0

    Bubble Girl as she appears in My Hero Academia Skin code I chose: Pale H: -154 S: 191 L: 87 C: 153 I made lots of variations to the mask: Default (with Mask lol): No Mask: No Visor: Half Mask: Broken Mask: Hole in Mask *shrugs* (download to the right): download:
  13. FauxNom

    FILLED - Request for Ryuko Tatsuma (Ryukyu) from Boku no Hero Academia

    Hi all, I would like to request a static hair mod for Ryuko Tatsuma from Boku no Hero Academia. Here are the references: Thanks in advance!
  14. R

    Kyoka Jiro (My Hero) hair 2.0

    Jiro with and without her face marks as well as her movie hair (mostly guessed at this since I haven't seen :O ) With Marks Movie Hair (flower not included; that can be found here by @SyntaxTerror )
  15. R

    Sirius (My Hero) hair 1.0

    I guess I'll just keep at it; here's Sirius
  16. R

    Mt. Lady (My Hero) hair 1.0

    There was a lack of My Hero so I made my own hairs. Here's a crappy Mt. Lady if you want it. I may or may not update without her mask because she'd be pretty generic without it.
  17. R

    Momo Yaoyorozu (My Hero) hair 2.0

    Updated to 2.0 on 1/27/19 There was a lack of My Hero so I made my own hairs. Here's a crappy momo if you want it. Here is the mirrored version
  18. R

    Midnight (My Hero) hair 2.0

    I'm surprised at the lack of my hero. Here's a crappy Midnight hair I whipped up if anyone else wants it. I got lazy with the color balance so I just set it in the game: H:0 S:75 L:166 C:100 Hair without Mask here:
  19. BamonSwanqueen

    Please, I do want: momo yaoyorozu dynamic hair (I prefer dynamic but static woudl be good too.)

    Hope not to disturb anyone of the artists, or something else, I looked around and found nothing. I get this needs reference images so hoping not to ...well break rules i can link:
  20. Owent10

    Kyoka Jiro Static Hair 2018-04-03

    Yeah, if someone can make the cheerleader outfits/gym uniforms that'd be great. Character code...
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