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Alcaster4242 chikan clothing

Discussion in 'Adult Mods' started by alcaster4242, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. alcaster4242

    alcaster4242 Avid Affiliate

    Mar 12, 2016
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    After playing around with Paint.NET, decide to share a little something.

    Updated: V3b
    Body and face bukkake.
    Gear that has been fondled.
    Updated: 7-20-2016
    NPCs are now messy and fondled.

    High res body texture from, Nergo (with permission).
    Cum splashes mashup from two sources:
    1) Milk splashes off google.
    2) Sexlab Sperm Replacer by, TSS5062 (at LoversLab) (with permission).
    NOTE: This is the first Skyrim mod to enter Black Desert instead of the other way around! :wink:

    pew_00_head_0001.dds - Bukkake ranger face.
    pew_00_head_0002.dds - Bukkake ranger face.
    pew_00_head_0003.dds - Bukkake ranger face.
    pew_00_head_0004.dds - Bukkake ranger face.
    pew_00_head_0005.dds - Bukkake ranger face.
    pew_00_head_0007.dds - Bukkake ranger face.
    pew_00_head_0008.dds - Bukkake ranger face.
    pew_00_head_0009.dds - Bukkake ranger face.
    PEW_00_UB_0001.dds - Fondled ranger Agerian, cloth part.
    PEW_01_NUDE_0001.dds - Bukkake ranger body with tattoo.
    pew_02_ub_0002.dds - Fondled ranger Agerian, metal chest guard part.
    pew_02_ub_0003.dds - Fondled ranger Agerian, under metal chest guard part.
    phw_00_head_0001.dds - Bukkake sorceress face.
    phw_00_head_0002.dds - Bukkake sorceress face.
    phw_00_head_0003.dds - Bukkake sorceress face.
    phw_00_head_0004.dds - Bukkake sorceress face.
    phw_00_head_0005.dds - Bukkake sorceress face.
    phw_00_head_0006.dds - Bukkake sorceress face.
    PHW_01_NUDE_0001.dds - Bukkake human body.
    pkw_00_head_0001.dds - Bukkake maehwa face.
    pkw_00_head_0002.dds - Bukkake maehwa face.
    pvw_00_head_0001.dds - Bukkake valkyrie face.
    pvw_00_head_0002.dds - Bukkake valkyrie face.
    pvw_00_head_0005.dds - Bukkake valkyrie face.
    pvw_00_head_0006.dds - Bukkake valkyrie face.
    pvw_00_head_0007.dds - Bukkake valkyrie face.
    pvw_00_head_0008.dds - Bukkake valkyrie face.
    pvw_00_ub_0000.dds - Fondled valkyrie Luck of Fortuna.
    PVW_02_UB_0002.dds - Fondled valkyrie Agerian.
    pww_00_head_0001.dds - Bukkake witch face.
    pww_00_head_0002.dds - Bukkake witch face.
    pww_00_head_0003.dds - Bukkake witch face.
    pww_00_head_0004.dds - Bukkake witch face.
    pww_00_head_0005.dds - Bukkake witch face.
    pww_00_head_0006.dds - Bukkake witch face.
    PWW_01_NUDE_0001.dds - Bukkake witch face.
    pew_00_ub_0034_01_hair.dds - Invisible Kibelius, top layer.
    pew_00_ub_0034_hair.dds - Fondled Kibelius, bottom layer.

    Tattoo on the leg says "Ballz Busted".
    Tatoo says "Give me Orgasms!"
    With purple fingernail tips.


    128015358 - Valkyrie Lucky - fondled and skirt smaller.
    1181594064 - Any Kibelius bottom layer - invisible.
    2506496657 - Vakyrie Agerian - fondled and skirt smaller.
    2555076210 - Ranger Agerian - fondled and skirt smaller.
    3958123004 - Any Kibelius top layer stained - fondled.

    1477890455 - Ranger skin with tattoo, hand grabbing blemish, and drip.
    242032935 - Sorceress/Maehwa/Valkyrie skin with tattoo, hand grabbing blemish, and drip.

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  2. alcaster4242

    alcaster4242 Avid Affiliate

    Mar 12, 2016
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    Encyclopedia alterations.

    Version 1
    === Objects ===
    Altar Imp Flag - ic_02137.dds

    === NPCs ===
    Ornella - ic_00102.dds
    Orwen - ic_00180.dds
    Jarette Domongatt - ic_00041.dds
    Elf somebody...(forgot) - ic_00717.dds


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  3. alcaster4242

    alcaster4242 Avid Affiliate

    Mar 12, 2016
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    Added changes to Acher outfit and Kyrill pants only.

    Acher is now made to protect the important parts of the body.
    - edit the shoulder pads so they don't clip bigger breasts.
    - requires edit in the partcutdesc.xml file.
    Kyrill pants are now fondled.
    - no edit needed in the partcutdesc.xml file.

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