1. hyko23

    Black Desert Online Lahn Body Size DATA Fix

    When I first used Black Desert Online Resorepless Nude Mod to mod the body size of Lahn Class, it didn't work. I asked around, found out there was a bug. So I managed to find out where the bug was thanks to @suzu 's help. On the screenshot below, there were an extra line for the "minimum"...
  2. Evolving

    List of Rise of the Tomb Raider .dds files

    Hi everyone, since the modding of DX11 based games is starting to become a thing thanks to resorep (huge thanks to the creator!), this might prove useful. In this thread, mods for Rise of the Tomb Raider are being created. But modding textures and profiles is still a hard job since finding the...
  3. Mike1992


  4. Mike1992


  5. BlackFireBR

    Black Desert Online Resorepless Nude Mod

    The most customizable nude mod for Black Desert Online. It comes with 12 different types of pubic hair to match your own taste. Choose which type of clothing you want to remove or keep. Increase the breast butt and tights maximum size, and more! Status of the mod: GAMEZBD - BLOCKED BDO NA/EU -...
  6. L

    Tutorial for using Resorep with BDO

    This guide needs to be updated for the new methods of modding BDO. For now hop over here Black Desert Online - Armor Swapping Essentials and download that and follow the instructions. So if you have been lurking on the forums here you will most likely seen this tool, and seen just how...
  7. F

    Folly's BDO Nude skins 2016-04-06

    I used Joku's skins as a base, but replaced the nipples to make the pinker, replaced the vaginas to make them innies, and removed the pubic hair. For use in Black Desert Online with Resorep's texture replacement tool.