Ai-Shoujo - Story "The Dark Elf War"


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Nov 14, 2017
So was considering trying to port my Alvin stuff over to Ai-Shoujo but it didn't turn out, too many differences in style and settings.

But I really liked the studio and some of the other options so I decided I needed to do something in it! Never say I don't bite off more than I can chew...

Prologue -

The Dark Elf War

Humanity and the Invaders known commonly as Dark Elves (due to their strikingly similar appearance to the mythical creatures of lore) had now been warring for a century. Neither side had been able to score a decisive blow against the other. The dark elves had emerged from their portals a hundred years ago and with the element of surprise they were able to take several major cities in east asia and Australia. They slaughtered hundreds of thousands in their conquest and enslaved the rest.

Humanity soon countered however with many quick airstrikes launched from nearby US aircraft carriers. The elves abandoned the South Pacific Asian cities under the duress of the bombardment and the US was able to liberate them. Meanwhile unfortunately for the US and the aussies, the elves had maneuvered their main force and taken control of the entire continent of Australia. A strange barrier was erected cutting off the continent from the rest of the world. The US tried several missile strikes, ground and air landings but all were repelled by magical barriers that were erected by the elves.

Years passed, other than the odd skirmish and raid it was relatively peaceful. The peace was not to last however and eventually the Dark Elves started roaming out past the barrier. They started kidnapping important earth leaders and either ransoming them for strange requests or if it was not paid, executing them. This became intolerable and Earth Gov was formed to deal with the threat once and for all.

Since the dark elves magic proved to be an effective counter to the modern day weapons of humanity Earth Gov was considering a final solution to win the war. They would remove the dark elf menace once and for all, even if it meant obliterating the entire continent of Australia.

While the Earth Gov council representatives argued and deliberated with each other over the use of such power, the Dark Elf Empress was busy bringing to fruition her thousand year plan...


*Captured Human Military Complex - Somewhere in Australia*

AI Story - Opening 1A.jpg

"This better the last one for today!" An annoyed sounding and high pitched but cold female voice complained.

AI-SH Story - Opening 1B.jpg

"Yes, Narc, this is the last one on this level. Tomorrow we are supposed to get the ones down on 6B." A higher pitched and lilted like reply came.

"It's Narcelia to you Trielyl" shot back even more annoyed sounding than before.

"Ok Narc, whatever you say!" the carefree voice replied.

Narcelia growled but then grunted and let it pass.

"Look at how long we have been doing this for today! I have plans you know! Why do you take so long operating these?" Narcelia complained again while checking the time.

AI-SH Story - Opening 1C.jpg

"It's a delicate process, I need to make sure our sister's soul matches up correctly with the spawned body or else it will just end up a lifeless chunk of meat! Don't worry soon this one will be done and you can go back to hitting your human slaves." Trielyl admonished her.

"Pfft. I only hit them when I'm in a bad mood." Narcelia retorted defensively.

AI-SH Story - Opening 1D.jpg

Trielyl said nothing, then the device she was working on started whirring suddenly.

"Oh," Trielyl said and then tapped away furiously.

Narcelia stared blankly at the last spawning pod of the day, thinking already about how she was going to take out her day's frustrations.

AI-SH Story - Opening 1E.jpg

"Well I think I got it, but I have some bad news Narc. Our sister's soul that was assigned to this body wont be joining us, she was incompatible. I was able to replace it, however but well... umm... it seems I somehow pulled in a human soul instead."

AI-SH Story - Opening 1F.jpg

"YOU DID WHAT?!? HOW?" Narcelia yelled in panic. "The Mistress will be pissed enough at losing a replacement sister but she will have our heads if she finds out we planted some human soul into one of our infantry!"

AI-SH Story - Opening 1G.jpg

"Get over here, I'm going to make you pay personally Trielyl!" Narc roared.

"Wait Narc!!! I think it will be fine!!!" Trielyl protested as Narcelia grabber her. "It was a good match and besides who would know the difference?!"

Trielyl say the punch incoming and rapidly continued, "Neither the soul or the Mistress would ever have a way of knowing what happened! Though ill admit I'm still unsure how a human soul got into the mix, they should be completely incompatible..."

AI-SH Story - Opening 1H.jpg

A Whoosh sounded from the cloning pod...

AI-SH Story - Opening 1I.jpg

The pod door swung open and it revealed one of their new Dark Elf sisters, and she was breathing.

AI-SH Story - Opening 1j.jpg

"Look SEE!" Trielyl exclaimed, "shes breathing! I told you it would work!"

AI-SH Story - Opening 1k.jpg

"Now you listen to me if you want to survive till tomorrow even, we tell *NO ONE* about this. Not even your little bed friend Xunae. DO YOU UNDERSTAND??!" Narcelia growled threateningly to her.

"Of course Narc, I'm not a moron, I'd like to live a long life as well just so you know!" Trielyl said indignantly.

AI-SH Story - Opening 1l.jpg

"Fine" Narc grumbled. "Lets get her out and into the awakening room."

AI-SH Story - Opening 1m.jpg

"Everything will be fine Narc, don't worry, I have a feeling about these things." Trielyl said liltingly in a calmer mood again.

AI-SH Story - Opening 1n.jpg

Narcelia grunted and picked up yet another body for the 20th time today.

Suddenly she stopped, she looked like she was considering, then finally told Trielyl in a commanding tone "Mark her now as one of ours, right now."

"What why? should we not do the physical exam first?" questioned Trielyl

"NO because there will be other eyes there, do it NOW." she demanded.

"OK OK!" Trielyl acquiesced.

AI-SH Story - Opening 1o.jpg

"Ok prepare yourself young one, good thing you are unconscious as this will hurt quite a bit!" Trielyl said cheerfully.

AI-SH Story - Opening 1p.jpg

Trielyl fingers glowed suddenly and something zapped then hissed and crackled. The room started to smell of acrid smoke and burning flesh.

AI-SH Story - Opening 1q.jpg

"All done! Trielyl does it again Narc! Ugh that smell though, the ventilation isn't that great here!" Trielyl singsonged to Narcelia.

AI-SH Story - Opening 1r.jpg

"This day won't be over soon enough..." Narcelia grumbled to herself and carried off the newest member of their Mistress's unit towards the exit elevator.

AI-SH Story - Opening 1s.jpg


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Nov 14, 2017
Prologue Continued - Scene 2


"Their taking so long again! We should just lock them in down there and go eat." Complained a high pitched somewhat nasally sounding voice.

opening scene 2 - 1.jpg

"Now, now, Imrae," Replied feminine voice soothingly. "You are just upset because Narc is a day away from finishing her punishment duty, soon shes going be kicking your ass again in our combat practice."

opening scene 2 - 2.jpg

"Yes, I am, but not because shes any good Alyiara! You know that she's not that good, all those times I've beaten her before! Shes just thinks shes hot shit and lords it over everyone, just because some of the First's praised her!"

"Not recently." Alyiara said softly under her breath as a response.

opening scene 2 - 3.jpg

A hissing sound came from the pneumatic door as the came to life and it slid open.

"Speak of the spider, there they are!" proclaimed Alyiara evidently glad for the distraction.

opening scene 2 - 4.jpg

"All done!" announced Trielyl with gusto.

"Nice we were getting hungry here, now we can lock up here and head down to the Spider's Web for a bite." Alyiara replied to Trielyl appreciatively.

opening scene 2 - 5.jpg

"Hows your back Narkky?" Imrae taunted Narcelia as she walked by burdened by her load. "It's gotta be hurting after having to carry all those fresh recruits by hand for the past month. How about I break it for you it in our next training bout and give you some rest?"

Imrae grinned clearly enjoying Narcelia's misery.

opening scene 2 - 6.jpg

"It's fine Imp. I've been keeping it limber, in fact last night Rilri gave it a nice massage during our threesome with my Slave." Narcelia replied in a cheerful tone despite Imrae's taunts.

Suddenly she continued, "Oh right, were you not, like, chasing after her for the past few months? Looks like you lost again Fly!"

opening scene 2 - 7.jpg

It became very quiet as Narcelia continued to shuffle along burdened with her load. The barely perceptible scraping of her cushioned soft soled boots off the metal floor and her hard breathing were the only audible sounds in the corridor.

opening scene 2 - 8.jpg

As Narcelia continued to shuffle towards the door at the other end of the hall, Imrae continued to stare at her back with an odd expression.

opening scene 2 - 9.jpg

Suddenly she reached for her sidearm and screeched "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU NOW WORM!!! I'LL FEED YOUR CORPSE TO THE SPIDERS!!!"

opening scene 2 - 10.jpg

Alyiara jumped into action immediately to intervene while Narcelia continued to shuffle along, ignoring the commotion and she soon reached the door at the end of the hallway.

opening scene 2 - 11.jpg

Narcelia walked inside to hear another high pitched voice exclaim in another ear piercing screeching "FINALLY!" upon her entrance.

opening scene 2 - 12.jpg

"What took you so long again! I've been famished here waiting for the last recruit of the day and Minanna has already finished inducting all hers once again!" the well endowed seated dark elf complained in a much lower tone thankfully.

opening scene 2 - 13.jpg

"Listen Tubby I'm trying to help you lose weight by delaying a few of your meals, you should be thanking me! By the Spider's eye, your so fat it makes me feel like I'm gaining weight just by being near you!" Narcelia replied while taking note of the rather large cookie that was on her complaintant's desk.

Quickly the seated dark elf reached for the cookie, "Mine!" she squealed as if Narcelia was going to reach out and steal it. Then she ranted "I'm NOT Tubby to you when your on punishment duty! It's Mistress Gurina to you!"

opening scene 2 - 14.jpg

"Yes oh high and mighty Mistress Gurina, where do you want me to put this one, oh Mistress?" Narcelia replied sarcastically.

Gurina flipped her off but then replied in a smarmy tone. "That's better! Now just put her right on the initiator, after all I've been waiting for fifteen minutes with nothing to do slowpoke."

opening scene 2 - 15.jpg

"Yes Oh High Mistress!" replied Narcelia as she walked over to the squarish block and laid down her load on top of it. She let out a sigh of relief as the load left her shoulders.

opening scene 2 - 16.jpg

She glanced over at the new recruits and said "How many is that now? The human's power sources are really something! To be able to supply enough power for so many new inductees into our small division of the Empress's army..."

opening scene 2 - 16b .jpg

"I've lost count!" replied Gurina, but one of the Firsts came in and told me we are going to have to start bunking them 16 a room now! This fortress is getting packed! Apparently the First's may even start having to quad bunk."

"Great" sighed Narcelia, "It is bad enough having three roommates but if the first's are now quad bunking then all the regular's and adept's will be getting some more company too."

opening scene 2 - 17.jpg

Narcelia continued her thought. "Well the Empress must be planning something big with this many troops, and to think we are just in one of the smaller outposts, those citadels in the big cities or the capital must be overflowing!"

"I guess," said Gurina as she finished chowing down on her cookie and smacked her lips.

"Say Gurina..." Narcelia said slowly "I'm sorry for being rude earlier and making you wait... Let me make it up to you and finish the initiation on this one for you today."

"Really?" Gurina replied with a slightly suspect look on her face, "It's not like you to be this generous with your time! Normally your out of here as soon as you offload your last one!"

opening scene 2 - 18.jpg

"Well tomorrow's my last day so I'm in a generous mood. After all I'll be free to ignore this level once again!" Narcelia replied with a voice that almost approximated a caring emotion.

opening scene 2 - 19.jpg

"Well whatever, I'm not going to complain and I'm hungry! Later! Just make sure to initiate her properly, it's on you if you don't." Gurina stood up and walked towards the other door.

"Not to worry Gurina!" Narcelia called out to her retreating back "Enjoy!"

opening scene 2 - 20.jpg

Soon the room started to empty, Rilri gave Narcelia a wave as she led out the latest batch of new initiates to their quarters, Narcelia smiled and waved back.

"Imrae was right to be mad, that one really knows how to massage." Narcelia then winced and touched her back, in evident pain. "Maybe I'll invite her for another threesome tonight..."

opening scene 2 - 21.jpg

The room emptied completely save for Trielyl who walked over and stood over the new initiate's unconscious form.

opening scene 2 - 22.jpg

Narcelia quickly got to work at the initiator console. She smiled after tapping a few buttons and seeing the response as the initiator hummed away.

Narcelia then gloated confidently, "This was too easy Trielyl! Everything looks great on the scanner, we should be able to wake her up with no issues."

opening scene 2 - 23.jpg

"Hmmm..." was all the response from Trielyl.

"What? Narcelia asked quizzically.

opening scene 2 - 24.jpg

"I think we have a problem Narc." Trielyl said solemnly.

opening scene 2 - 25.jpg


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Nov 14, 2017
Prologue - Scene 2 Con't

"By the Spider, why are her eyes green? Only the imperial family has green eyes Trielyl! WHAT HAPPENED?" Narcelia demanded with a touch of infamous temper starting to creep into her voice.

opening Scene 2 26.jpg

"Well..." Trielyl replied slowly. "It's definitely not the body itself, it's DNA was taken from one of your distant relatives actually. I think it was your 3rd cousin, Akordia if I remember correctly."

"Flies! She is so annoying! She was always so irritatingly cheerful every time I saw her back at district HQ." Narcelia complained then glared at Trielyl suspiciously. "Actually to think of it you somewhat remind me of her... is it my destiny to be constantly surrounded by you types?"

"The goddess's plans are unknowable..." Trielyl intoned solemnly in reply.

Narcelia moved to spit then apparently thought better of it and swallowed instead.

opening scene 2 27.jpg

"Well we can't obviously wake her in this state, how would we explain this to our commanders, or the priestesses, or worse yet... the Imperial Liaison?" Narcelia said with increasing concern with every word she spoke. "Flies, the Liaison will definitely execute all three of us should she find out we somehow initiated a soldier with the same eyes as the imperial bloodline!"

Narcelia started glancing around quickly evidently realizing just how deep in it they really were.

"We need to kill her! Then I'll dispose of the body somewhere, maybe in some old abandoned room down in the human ruins we grow the initiates in. I'll just make up some story to tell Gurina tomorrow, I can come up with something good overnight! Somehow!" Narcelia started saying as panic creeped into her voice.

Trielyl then replied in a much calmer tone. "That won't work Narc, you know the level of investigation that happens when one of the uninitiated goes bad. There is always days upon days of questioning and interrogations, besides I think I have a much easier solution."

Trielyl paused and looked at Narcelia for a long moment Triumphantly.

Narcelia impatiently looked at Trielyl "Well, What is it!!!" She asked anxiously as hope started to enter back into her voice.

"Oh it's simple, I'll just use my imprinting magic to change the color of her eyes to red!" Trielyl said confidently.

opening scene 2 28.jpg

"You can do that?" Narcelia asked with some mild skepticism in her voice still.

opening scene 2 29.jpg

"Oh easily, but it will take more of my energy since I will be making it a long term enchantment. I'll need you to get me several magic rechargers from one of the secure storage areas to cast it." Trielyl replied matter of factly.

Narcelia groaned, "By the goddess always another hoop! Wait, why can you just go get it? I'm still on probation, I can't be caught going into one of the secure storerooms!"

"Well... to be honest about it, I've been banned from the storerooms as well. I have... had, a magic addiction. One of the Adepts caught me 'borrowing' a couple rechargers from a storeroom a few months ago. How do you think I got this assignment with you in the first place Narc?"

opening scene 2 30.jpg

Narcelia sighed and closed her eyes for several long moments.

opening scene 2 31.jpg

Suddenly they snapped open and she exclaimed "I have it, you wait here and Ill be back in a few hours, don't let anyone near that initiate!"

opening scene 2 32.jpg

And with that she dashed out of the room. "Just wait there and don't leave!" she iterated again as she ran out the doorway.

opening scene 2 33.jpg

"Yes Narc..." Trielyl said slowly several long moments after Narcelia had exited the room... "I will definitely be waiting for those rechargers..."

opening scene 2 34.jpg


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Nov 14, 2017
Prologue Scene 3

"SLAVE!" Narcelia said almost breathlessly as she entered the her communal apartment looking tired from her long sprint.

"I have a task for you!"

opening scene 3 1.jpg

Loud snoring and a TV left on a couple levels too high answered her.

opening scene 3 2.jpg

"Spiders Breath are you kidding me!" she exclaimed in frustration, "Did Vieranna leave the wine cabinet unlocked again!?!"

The TV blared loudly as the blond haired slave snored away.

"Where is everyone, and how can he even sleep in this racket?" Narcelia said to herself fuming as she walked over to the remote control.

opening scene 3 3.jpg

"Damn that Slave, can't let him anywhere near the wine! I told them all but especially that moron Vieranna over and over again to lock that cabinet!"

She reached down for the controller.

opening scene 3 4.jpg

"There finally some quiet! Now to deal with our little wine lush. Ill definitely need to give him a few extra lashes tonight! The little glutton just drank a day's pay in expensive earth wine!" Narcelia said half complaining and half evidently anticipating the pleasure of inflicting pain to relieve her stress.

opening scene 3 5.jpg

"DIE, you damn dark elf BITCH!" a low masculine voice shouted from directly behind Narcelia as thick muscular arms grabbed her.

opening scene 3 6.jpg

The remote dropped to the table with a clatter.

Narcelia struggled against her captor as he whispered in her ear. "After I choke out the life from you, I'm going to open you up spread eagle and fuck your corpse bloody!"

opening scene 3 7.jpg

In a low deep tone the attacking slave continued on with his monologue. "Then I'll take your pass and exit this place killing every single one of you whores that I can find on my way out! I'll leave a nice long trail of dead dark elf skanks in my wake!"

Narcelia closed her eyes, it appeared as if she was struggling to maintain consciousness.

opening scene 3 8.jpg

Still struggling but in a excited almost fevered pitch Narcelia croaked out "By the goddess, Slave... Jon! I need your.... human... manhood... NOW!!!"

"Yes my Mistress!" replied Jon.

opening scene 3 9.jpg

A couple dozen very steamy minutes later...

"Flies, did I ever need that! That was the best I've had in years!" proclaimed Narcelia as she wiped the sweat from her forehead.

opening scene 3 10.jpg

"I live to serve Mistress." Intoned Jon as he rested while sweat dripped, he had clearly given it his all as well.

"Well you have put me in a much better mood Slave... so much so that I think I will forgive you for the wine..." Narcelia started.

opening scene 3 11.jpg

"Thank you Mistress..." Jon started to reply as Narcelia got up.

"Provided you fulfill one simple task for me, do this and I may even invite you to one of my 'massage' sessions with the girls. Rilri is quite the 'Masseuse'."

Jon visibly perked up but being a slave was cautious in his reply evidently coming from years of knowing disappointment. "And what task would you have me perform for you to offer my such generosity Mistress?"

opening scene 3 12.jpg

"Trivial really, for one as skilled as you, simply enter one of the secure storerooms and bring me a dozen magic rechargers. I think the one on level A5 is vacant at this time of day." Narcelia replied in a cheery tone as she got up.

"Hmm... Of course my Mistress but should I be caught going into a secured area surely it would be the death penalty for me, a lowly Slave!" he replied plaintively but tinged with a humility that could only be gained from years of servitude.

"Nonsense no one will catch you, I know your skills firsthand Jon. Besides you only have two choices, either the rechargers and the extravagant reward or the whip. Now I need a nice hot shower, I'll see you when you get back" Narcelia stated as she exited the room.

opening scene 3 13.jpg

The slave named Jon sat on the couch for a few moments in silence considering...

opening scene 3 14.jpg

Then smiled as he closed his hand into fist as he got up and exited the other door.

opening scene 3 15.jpg
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