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After Korra and Sakura left the arena, the referee addressed the cameras.

‘For our second match, please welcome: Chun Li!’

The doors opened and a young woman with brown haired tied into two buns and brown eyes walked into the arena and dropped into the pool. She wore a blue bikini and spike bracelets that barely covers her strong body and muscular thighs. She stretched in the ring as the referee made another announcement.

‘And her opponent: Mai Shiranui!’

The doors opened again and Mai Shiranui, wearing a red stringed bikini, entered the arena and dropped into the pool. She smiled at Chun Li who faced her.

‘Hey Chun Li.’ She smiled. ‘Ready for an ass kicking?’

Chun Li raised an eyebrow. ‘An ass kicking from you, I highly doubt that. Especially from a ninja who always wear inappropriate clothes.’

‘So say the cop in bikini now.’ Mai teased.

Chun Li blushed ‘T-this... Just fight already!’

The referee signalled the start of the fight and Chun-Li kicked Mai in the sides who gasped in pain and was sent to the wall of the pool when Chun-Li fired another kick in her stomach. Making Mai cried out in pain and clutched her stomach. When Chun-Li approached her, Mai pushed herself from the wall and uppercut Chun-Li in the crotch: making Chun-Li gasped in pain. Before Chun-Li could react, Mai grabbed hold of Chun-Li’s head and slammed it down: making Chun-Li’s body snapped backwards into the cum. Chun-Li groaned in pain but wrapped her legs around Mai’s body in a body scissor but it proved to be a mistake as Mai leaned forward and grabbed hold of Chun-Li’s bikini bottom: wedging it into Chun-Li’s vagina.

Chun-Li screamed and moaned loudly as her bikini bottom wedged painfully into her crotch until she gasped: her bikini bottom getting damped from the orgasm. Chun-Li let go of Mai and pushed herself away from her but Mai’s hands were still on her bikini bottom so as Chun-Li pushed away from Mai, her bikini bottom was also pulled off her: showing her exploding brown hairy vagina. Embarrassed, Chun-Li kicked Mai in the stomach, who spat out saliva as Chun-Li stood up: covering her leaking vagina. Mai jumped onto her feet with a grin, rammed into Chun-Li and slammed her against the wall: making her gasped as her back made impact with the wall. Mai quickly inserted her right fingers into Chun-Li’s vagina, fingering her wildly into Chun-Li’s clitoris, while using her left hand pulled out Chun-Li’s bikini top: showing Chun-Li’s brown nipples.

Chun-Li screamed in embarrassment and moaned as Mai’s fingers reached deeper into her vagina and in desperation, Chun-Li untied Mai’s bikini top: show Mai’s brown nipples. Mai just smiled ‘Oh Chun-Li, if you had wanted to see my tits you should had said so. Here, I’ll give you the feeling.’

Mai pressed her nipples onto Chun-Li, making Chun-Li more aroused as she gasped and moaned louder and erotically until she exploded with cum: covering Mai’s fingers with thick cum and coating the bottom of the pool. Mai smiled and continued to rub her nipples onto Chun-Li’s nipples hard until Chun-Li’s nipples squirted out fluids: spraying onto Mai’s breasts. Chun-Li panted and angry at Mai’s smile, she grabbed hold of Mai’s bikini bottom and wedged it into Mai’s crotch: forcing Mai to step backwards and screaming with pain as Chun-Li followed.

‘Let’s see if you enjoy this!’ Chun-Li cried and kneed Mai in the crotch while still wedging her bikini bottom in her vagina. Making Mai cried in ecstasy. Then Mai gasped as her bikini bottom became damped with orgasm and Chun-Li ripped it off her: showing Mai’s exploding brown hairy vagina. Chun-Li threw the bikini bottom aside and scooped Mai into the air and slammed her into the pool before leg dropping on her forehead: making Mai cried out in pain. Then Chun-Li wrapped her legs around Mai’s head in a head scissors and squeezed her tightly: making Mai gasped and groaned at the pressure on her head. Chun-Li cheekily reached out and started pinching and twisting Mai’s brown nipples: making Mai cried some more until her nipples squirted out fluids.

Chun-Li, now enjoying herself, released Mai from the hold and pulled her up by the armpits, before turning her upside down but before she could deliver a piledriver on Mai, Mai started sucking and licking Chun-Li’s clitoris: pushing her tongue deep inside her. Surprised, Chun-Li moaned loudly and not concentrating, she fell onto her knees and Mai’s head touched softly on the pool as she continued to lick Chun-Li’s insides. Moaning, Chun-Li quickly pushed Mai onto her back and also started eating Mai’s vagina in a position 69. Both Mai and Chun-Li moaned sexually and then at the same time, both women exploded with cum: covering each other’s faces with thick virginal fluids. Chun-Li rolled of Mai and licked her lips as Mai sat up, also licking her lips.

‘I see you’re getting the hang of this.’ Mai smiled.

‘I had to if I want to beat you.’ Chun-Li said.

‘Huh!’ Mai laughed. ‘As if you can ever beat me in a sex fight!’

Before Chun-Li could do anything, Mai slammed her wet vagina onto Chun-Li’s and grinded as hard and rough as she could: forcing Chun-Li onto her back and holding her legs as she slammed her vagina harder on Chun-Li’s. Chun-Li screamed sexually as she was sexually dominated by Mai and to her disbelief: she orgasmed again just shortly after she orgasmed the second time. Mai smiled and pulled Chun-Li onto her feet and lifted her into the air, slammed her down into the pool with a muscle buster: Chun-Li crying out in pain before falling onto her back. As Chun-Li lay in the cum, panting heavily and messaging her leaking vagina, Mai pinned her with a leg hooked and the referee made the count.

‘1... 2... 3!’ The referee raised Mai’s hands into the air. ‘Winner by pin fall: Mai Shiranui!’

Mai smiled and beamed and bounced her breasts up and down at the camera before sitting heavily on Chun-Li’s face. Moaning with pleasure, Mai released her cum all over Chun-Li’s face and into her mouth: Chun-Li quickly swallowing as much as she could. Smiling, Mai stood up and also helped Chun-Li onto her feet: Chun-Li was licking her lips. Mai kissed Chun-Li on the lips deeply before breaking it.

‘Wow!’ Mai said in amazement. ‘You’re a fast learner.’

Chun-Li smiled and shrugged. ‘You have to be if you want to win.’

Mai giggled. ‘Definitely. Wanna continue some more? I could show you some more stuffs, privately.’

Chun-Li looked at Mai before smiling. ‘Sure.’

Giggling, Mai pulled Chun-Li by the hand and led her out of the arena: in search of somewhere more private.