CWF: Tatsuki Arisawa vs Sakura Haruno


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Oct 19, 2015
The CWF arena was being filled with wrestling fans from all over the globe and they quickly sat down: excited for tonight’s event. Once the arena was filled, the lights, with the exception of the ring’s spotlights, dimmed: leaving the arena dark except for the middle. A female referee was already in the ring, ready for the match, and the announcement was soon made.


The doors opened and a girl with short black hair and blue eyes walked into the arena: looking nervous and determined at the same time. She wore black bikini and boots with red and white wristbands around her wrists. She walked pass the cheering crowd and rolled into the ring: doing a few stretches as she waited in her corner: not waiting for long.

‘AND HER OPPONENT!’ the announcer continued. ‘FROM KONOHA: SAKURA HARUNO!’

The doors opened and Sakura, wearing pink bikini and boots, ran into the arena: high-fiving her fans as she ran pass them and her fists in the air. The crowd’s cheer grew louder as Sakura jumped into the ring and posed sexually for her fans to watch before facing Tatsuki who now walked to the middle of the ring: looking confident.

Sakura grinned at Tatsuki. ‘So you’re the newbie. Think you’re ready for this?’

Tatsuki smiled in return. ‘Sure am. I’ve been training for weeks and I’m no pushover.’

‘Glad to hear that.’ Sakura said as she got into fighting position. ‘I hope you’re not all talk.’

The bell rang and to Sakura’s surprise, Tatsuki roared and charged: spearing Sakura into the ropes. Tatsuki then kneed Sakura in the belly belly before putting her in a headlock: putting pressure into Sakura’s head. Taken by surprise and gasping for air, Sakura weakly elbowed Tatsuki in the stomach: only to make Tatsuki gasp slightly. Tatsuki then ran into the ring with Sakura in her hold bulldogged her: slamming her face into the mat. Sakura moaned in pain as Tatsuki quickly rolled onto her knees and pulled Sakura up by the hair.

Angrily, Sakura pushed Tatsuki into the ropes and Irish whipped her to the other side: Tatsuki rebounding from the rope. As Tatsuki ran back, Sakura ran towards her and jumped into the air: delivering a dropkick into Tatsuki’s chest. Tatsuki cried in pain as she stumbled backwards towards the ropes: rubbing her chest in pain. Sakura quickly got up and rammed her shoulder into Tatsuki’s stomach, making her spat out saliva, before lifting her into the air and slamming her face-first into the mat. Tatsuki cried as her face hit the mat and held her face with both hands: not noticing Sakura standing between her head.

‘Not bad.’ Sakura complemented. ‘You got the first strike. Now let’s see if you’re made out of harder stuffs.’

Putting Tatsuki in a standing head scissors, Sakura reached down and pulled Tatsuki’s bikini bottom upwards: wedging it into Tatsuki’s crotch. Tatsuki’s eyes widened and she cried out loud as Sakura rubbed her bikini bottom hard and deep into Tatsuki’s vagina: now making Tatsuki moaned loudly. Soon, Tatsuki’s bikini bottom became drenched as cum and urine poured through it. Sakura smiled and pulled Tatsuki’s bikini bottoms of her: swinging it into the air before throwing it into the exciting crowd. Then she pulled the stings off of Tatsuki’s bikini top before lifting her into the air: showing off Tatsuki’s nude body with pink nipples and black hairy vagina.

Tatsuki blushed as her nudity was being displayed and then screamed as she slammed into Sakura’s shoulders and her body being bent: Sakura applying torture rack backbreaker on her. Sakura pulled Tatsuki by her head and inserted two fingers into her vagina: fingering her roughly. Tatsuki moaned but, she was not ready to give up to her sexual desire, reached out and pulled out the strings from Sakura’s bikini top: dropping it onto the mat and exposing Sakura’s pink nipples. Sakura’s breast exposure made Sakura distracted slightly, giving Tatsuki the opportunity she needed.

Tatsuki rolled onto her side and dropped behind Sakura, who quickly turned around but was to slow, and kneed her in the crotch: making Sakura winced. Tatsuki then grabbed Sakura by the hair and threw her onto the corner before kicking Sakura in between the legs. Sakura gasped and held onto the ropes to prevent herself from falling as Tatsuki continued working on her vagina: increasing the kicks. Then Tatsuki stopped kicking Sakura’s crotch and ripped off Sakura’s bikini bottom: showing her pink hairy vagina. Tatsuki grabbed hold of the moaning Sakura’s hair and pulled her up.

‘You like this huh bitch?’ Tatsuki asked. ‘How about this?’

Tatsuki then rammed two fingers into Sakura’s vagina: her fingers dwelling deeper into Sakura. Sakura moaned loudly as Tatsuki’s fingers rubbed her vagina inside and out: Tatsuki increasing the force. At Sakura’s gasp, her vagina exploded with cum and urine: covering Tatsuki’s fingers with thick cum and urine. As Sakura moaned, Tatsuki smiled and slide her fingers inside: tasting Sakura’s fluids. She grinned at Sakura.

‘Your juice taste sweet, slut. After I win my debut match, I’m going to have some fun with you.’

To her surprise, Sakura smiled back at her.

‘Why wait?’

Using the ropes, Sakura pushed herself up and slammed her thighs onto Tatsuki’s head: burying Tatsuki into her still exploding vagina. Tatsuki gagged and coughed as Sakura’s cum and urine were forced to flow into her mouth: Sakura pulled Tatsuki deeper into her vagina. Tatsuki flailed her arms wildly as Sakura smiled as more cum and urine shot into Tatsuki’s mouth: soon overflowing it. Then as soon as she was done expelling her fluid, Sakura pushed herself away from the turnbuckle and in a head scissor takedown, slammed Tatsuki into the mat.

Tatsuki gasped and spat out the cum and urine from her mouth but Sakura lifted her onto her feet by her armpits and uppercut Tatsuki in the belly: making Tatsuki vomit out more cum and was forced forward. Sakura then wrapped her arms around Tatsuki’s waist and lifted her onto her shoulders: slamming her down into the mat in a power bomb. Tatsuki gasped in pain and was dazed on the mat as Sakura continued to hold her in a sitting position but instead of pinning her, poked her tongue into Tatsuki’s vagina: lapping at it.
Tatsuki moaned softly and then louder as Sakura’s tongue worked its magic: going deeper into Tatsuki’s soft vagina and teasing it. Tatsuki moaned as her body became hot until she exploded with cum and urine: covering Sakura’s face with thick cum as well as her own body. Sakura licked her lips and pushed Tatsuki’s exploding vagina above Tatsuki’s head: making the cum and urine fall onto Tatsuki’s face while pinning her in a matchbook pin. The referee went down for the count.

‘1... 2... 3!’

The bell rang and the crowds’ cheers rang the arena as the referee took hold of Sakura’s right wrist and raised it into the air: Sakura grinning and pumped her fists in victory as the announcer’s voice boomed out loud.


Sakura posed triumphantly towards her fans before sitting down on Tatsuki’s face: moaning sexually as she orgasmed and urinated into Tatsuki’s mouth again. Tatsuki gagged and choked on the same amount of virginal fluids Sakura was giving her: knocking her out. Once she was done, Sakura stood up: pushing Tatsuki’s head sideway with her foot to spill some of the cum in her mouth. Posing one last time for her fans, Sakura slid out of the ring and walked towards the backstage: CFW aides rushing towards the ring to help Tatsuki to the infirmary.
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