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Oct 19, 2015
After Ryuko, Tsunade, Korra, and Sakura were carried off the arena and to the infirmary, the audience got back to their seats as their final match of the day was about to start.

‘FOR OUR FINAL MATCH!’ the announcer shouted. ‘PLEASE WELCOME, NOEL!’

The doors opened and a young girl with short black hair and brown eyes entered the arena. Her body was dark skinned and a slim figure. She wore a yellow top and skirt covered in frills as well as yellow boots. There was a yellow headband around her head. The crowd cheered as Noel walked towards the ring and climbed into it: giving out cute poses to the fans.

‘AND HER OPPONENT!’ the announcer cried. ‘NOEL VERMILLION!’

The doors opened again and another young girl with short blonde hair and green eyes walked towards the ring. Her skin was as white as snow and her body was very slim. She wore a white and blue top and white and blue shorts with white and blue boots. She waved and smiled at the cheering crowd as she rolled into the ring and posed for her fans. Then when the cheers died down, she turned to Noel who was smiling at her.

‘It’s coincidence that we have the same name.’ Noel smiled. ‘It’s feel like I’m wrestling a twin or a doppleganger.’

Noel Vermillion blushed, her face turned into a tomato. ‘Stop that! It’s... Embarrassing! Can we start fighting already?’

Noel smiled. ‘A shy one eh? I hope you will make a good opponent.’

The bell rang and the two girls circled around the ring: looking for each other’s week spots or waiting for one of them to make the first move. Noel Vermilion was the first to attack with a kick in Noel’s stomach: making Noel gasped and spat out saliva. As Noel clutched her stomach in pain, Noel Vermilion leaped into the air and readied a elbow drop but Noel caught Noel Vermilion’s elbow and kicked her in the stomach: knocking the wind out of Noel Vermilion’s body. Noel then twisted Noel Vermilion’s arm and stepped behind her before pushing her face-first into a turnbuckle. As Noel Vermilion’s groaned in pain, Noel wrapped her arms around Noel Vermilion’s body from behind and delivered a German suplex on her: pinning her. The referee went down for the count.

‘1... 2...’

Noel Vermilion quickly kicked out and got onto her feet in a cartwheel as Noel was still rolling onto her fours. Noel Vermilion charged into her and kicked her in the face, sending Noel spinning into the air before falling onto her back: Noel Vermilion jumping into the air and elbow dropping onto Noel’s chest. Noel cried in pain as Noel Vermilion pinned her in a cover: the referee making the count again.

‘1... 2...’

Noel performed a bridge, knocking Noel Vermilion off her and jumping onto her feet. Sensing something, Noel jumped into the air as Noel Vermillion swept her leg: missing Noel. Noel landed back onto the mat and lifted Noel Vermillion onto her feet, Irish whipped her towards the ropes and when she rebounded back towards Noel: Noel caught her in a clothesline and sent Noel Vermilion into the mat. Noel Vermillion screamed in pain as her back hit the mat and she screamed louder as Noel leg dropped on her chest and then applied a body scissors on her: squeezing her ribs cage.

Noel Vermillion cried out in pain but punched Noel in the stomach, forcing Noel to let go of Noel Vermillion who rolled away from her. As Noel stood up, still clutching her stomach, Noel Vermillion was already on her feet and speared Noel into the turnbuckle, making Noel spat out saliva and cried even more as Noel Vermillion punched her belly and face with hooks and crosses. Noel quickly grabbed Noel Vermillion by the hair and kneed her in the sides three times before slamming her face onto the turnbuckle. Noel Vermillion waddled backwards, slightly dizzy, while Noel put her hands between Noel Vermillion’s legs, placed her palm on her stomach and pushed her onto her back: pinning her. As Noel Vermillion struggled the referee made the count.

‘1... 2...’

Once again, Noel Vermillion kicked out and Noel was surprised at Noel Vermillion’s strength. Noel quickly pulled Noel Vermillion onto her feet for a DDT but Noel Vermillion pushed Noel away from her and elbowed Noel in the stomach: making Noel spat out saliva. Noel stumbled away from Noel Vermillion who was also taking a breather. Both girls stood where they were: breathing heavily and looking at each other.

‘Wow.’ Noel said. ‘You’re tough! You just won’t stay down.’

Noel Vermillion nodded. ‘It’s what I’ve been trained to do.’

Noel nodded. ‘Let’s finish this.’

Noel Vermillion nodded back and at the same time, she and Noel entered a test of strength: trying to push one another back with no results, as both of them we’re equal in strength. Then without warning Noel pulled Noel Vermillion towards her and kneed her in the stomach and with Noel Vermillion’s head under her left arm, Noel DDT her into the mat: making Noel Vermillion screaming in pain and holding onto her face. Before Noel could pull Noel Vermillion onto her feet, Noel Vermillion elbowed Noel in the belly and stood up: looking furious. Noel Vermillion uppercut Noel in the stomach and left hooked her in the face before grabbing her and attempted to lift her into the air: only for Noel to hook her legs to Noel Vermillion’s and reversing the attack. Now Noel lifted Noel Vermillion into the air and falling backwards: slammed Noel Vermillion in a body slam, making her cried in pain.

As Noel Vermillion arched her back, Noel lifted her up onto her feet and turned her upside down: delivering a tombstone piledriver on her. Noel Vermillion screamed in pain as her head slammed into the mat before falling flat onto her belly: remaining silent. Noel rolled Noel Vermillion onto her back and pinned her: the referee making the count.

‘1... 2... 3!’

The bell rang as the referee raised Noel’s hands into the air: Noel smiling at her cheering fans while the announcer announced her as the winner.


Noel smiled and posed for her fans before sliding out of the ring and disappearing backstage. As CFW staffs carried Noel Vermillion to the infirmary, the crowd started leaving the arena.


Once everybody left the arena, the lights shut down: leaving the arena in total darkness.
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