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Oct 19, 2015
Once Korra had carried Sakura out of the arena from her fight with Satsuki Kiryuin, the second match was already underway.


The doors opened as Panty Anarchy strutted into the arena and making her way towards the ring: wearing a red one piece bathing suit that showed her arms and belly with red boots. The crowd cheered for her as she rolled into the ring and started posing erotically to her fans.

‘AND HER OPPONENT!’ the announcer continued. ‘FROM CHICAGO, IL: NEGGY!’

The doors opened and Neggy ran towards the ring with her black and white long hair tied in a ponytail swaying in different directions as the crowd cheered for her. She wore a red, white and black wrestling leotard that shows her arms and belly with red and black boots. She jumped into the ring and made a striking pose: making the crowd cheered louder for her. Once the cheers died down and her theme song stopped, Neggy and Panty faced each other.

‘What’s up with your hair?’ Panty smirked as she noted the white part of Neggy’s hair. ‘Are you some old lady who dyed her hair black and trying to act young?’

Neggy glared at Panty. ‘This is my natural hair colour you dumb bimbo!’

Panty laughed. ‘To bad your hair can’t be as pretty as mine!’ She showed off her long blonde hair.

Neggy growled. ‘Let’s see whose laughing last when I pull your hair off that empty head of yours.’

The bell rang and Neggy and Panty charged with Neggy swinging her leg in a roundhouse kick towards Panty’s face: only for Panty to duck, stepped behind Neggy, wrapped her arms around her waist and slammed her backwards into a German Suplex. Neggy grunted in pain and quickly rolled onto her feet as soon as Panty released her but as soon as she stood up, Panty delivered a dropkick into her face: sending Neggy stumbling backwards into the ropes. Neggy rebounded from the ropes and to the surprise of Panty who just stood up: Neggy clotheslined her into the mat. As Panty lay on the mat and clutching her throat, Neggy rebounded from the ropes again and jumping into the air: leg dropped on Panty’s face.

Panty screamed in pain as she rolled away from Neggy. ‘My face! My beautiful face!’

Neggy grinned. ‘You can always go to that cheap beauty saloon just outside. I heard that after I’m done rearranging your face, they will be willing to offer you a discount.’

‘You... Whore!’ Panty screamed and charged at Neggy with a raised fist but Neggy calculated and when Panty was close enough, Neggy kicked Panty in the stomach: making Panty gasped in pain and held her stomach. Neggy grabbed Panty by the hair and threw her out of the ring through the ropes: Panty landing onto the arena’s floor on her back. As Panty groaned on the floor, Neggy slid out of the ring and pulled Panty onto her feet and started punching her: delivering a right hook in the face and a left cross in her side. Before Neggy could deliver another right hook, Panty wrapped her arms around Neggy’s waist, lifted her into the air and slammed her jaws down on the steel rump. Neggy leaned on the steel rump and screamed in pain as her jaws hurt but as she leaned there, Panty grabbed her by the hair and slammed Neggy’s face into the steel rump.

Neggy screamed and desperately, she elbowed Panty in the face and as Panty stumbled backwards holding her face in pain, Neggy kicked her into the ring post: Panty spitting out saliva as her back slammed into the ring post. Messaging her jaws, Neggy grabbed Panty by the hair and threw her back into the ring: climbing after her. Neggy was still on the ring’s apron when Panty stood up and kicked Neggy off the apron: making Neggy fell onto her back on the arena’s floor. As Neggy lay moaning on the floor, Panty climbed on top of the top ropes and somersaulted in mid-air and fell to the floor in hopes of crushing Neggy’s ribs. Neggy rolled away quickly and Panty landed painfully on the arena’s floor.

Neggy groggily got up and pulling Panty by the hair, slammed Panty’s face onto the ring’s apron before throwing her inside the ring. As Panty rolled onto her fours, Neggy slid into the ring and quickly stood up and quickly stood up: just in time to prepare herself when Panty sprinted at her. Neggy ducks Panty’s grab and holding her stomach. Neggy lifted Panty into the air and slammed her on top of the the top ropes before bouncing her of it and slammed her face first into the mat. As Panty groaned in pain, Neggy quickly rolled Panty onto her back and pinned her. The referee made the count.

‘1... 2...’

Panty kicked out before the count of three, prompting Neggy to pull her onto her feet. Neggy prepared an Irish whipped to threw Panty into a corner but Panty reversed Neggy’s attack and Irish Whipped Neggy into a corner: slamming Neggy’s back on the turnbuckle. Sensing victory, Panty charged at Neggy and raised her elbow to slam it into Neggy’s face: Neggy stepped aside and letting Panty slammed into the turnbuckle instead. As Panty screamed at her crushed elbow, Neggy slammed Panty’s back onto the turnbuckle and punched her several times: making Panty spat out saliva at each blow.

When Panty became dizzy from the punches, Neggy dragged her away from the turnbuckle by the hair and lifted her into the air: slamming her down in a package piledriver. Panty cried in pain as she fell onto her back and lay on the mat in an eagle spread position. Neggy made the pin, hooking Panty’s legs into the air, as the referee made the count.

‘1... 2... 3!’

The bell rang and Neggy let go of Panty and stood up: one hand holding her jaws and the other being raised by the referee. The crowd cheered as the announcer’s voice echoed across the arena.


Neggy beamed as the cheers became louder and when the referee lowered her hand, Neggy looked down at the unconscious Panty.

‘Ooohhh...’ Neggy smiled. I feel bad ruining that face of yours. Don’t worry, I will tell the girls at the beauty saloon to give you a new look.’

Neggy laughed, posed for her fans before leaving the ring and going back stage: in need of a soak in the gym’s jacuzzi.
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