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Once lno Yamanaka and Asami Sato were carried out of the arena, it was time to proceed with the second match as the announcement was made.


The doors opened and Tsunade, in white bikini and white boots, walked towards the ring: a look of determination on her face. She had lost two matches already against Panty Anarchy but after reviewing her matches, she was confident that this time she would win. She climbed into the ring and waited for her opponent to come.


The doors opened again and a young girl with long orange hair and brown eyes walked into the arena: smiling and waving at the cheering crowd. She has a while body with big breasts: the orange bikini barely holding to it and orange boots covering her feel. She beamed as the fans cheered for her as she climbed into the ring and started waving to the crowd: laughing as well.

Tsunade studied Orihime and snorted: there was no way she could lose to this airhead. Orihime turned to face Tsunade and Tsunade, without bothering to say anything or to wait for the bell to ring Tsunade attacked Orihime with a kick in the belly and an elbow in the face. As Orihime cried in pain, Tsunade scooped her into the air and slammed her onto the turnbuckle: making Orihime screamed in pain. Tsunade slammed Orihime against the turnbuckle and growling pulled off Orihime’s bikini: showing her pink nipples and vagina with orange pubic hair. Orihime blushed as her breasts bounced while Tsunade kneed her in the belly and hip tossed her onto the mat before applying body scissors hold from behind: making Orihime gasped in pain.

'Take that! you air-headed hussy!' Tsunade cried as she tightened the hold on Orihime. 'You have no right to be in this ring!'

Orihime, however, just twisted her upper body and slammed her elbow into Tsunade’s massive breasts: making Tsunade gasped in pain. Orihime elbowed Tsunade's breasts again this time loosening Tsunade's bikini up and making it fall down to the mat: exposing Tsunade's brown nipples.

Before Tsunade could angrily react, Orihime slammed both her elbows into Tsunade's breasts and to her shock: her nipples squirted out fluids.
Tsunade cried and fell on her back, trying to cover her leaking nipples as Orihime faced her: smiling.

'Just because I'm a bit ditzy does not mean l'm a pushover. Now I need to punish you.'

Orihime pulled out Tsunade's bikini bottom: showing her blonde hairy vagina and threw it side. Just as Tsunade recovered, Orihime lifted Tsunade's rear into the air and pushed her right nipple into Tsunade's vagina: teasing it. Tsunade screamed sexually as Orihime pushed her right nipple in and out of Tsunade's vagina.

'W-what are you doing?' Tsunade screamed.

'Just trying something new.' Orihime said. 'Seeing if I have some use with my boobs!'

Then to Tsunade’s disbelief, Orihime made her orgasmed: covering her breasts and face with her thick cum. Tsunade moaned and laid on her back as Orihime pulled out her nipple and licked her lips: smiling.


Angry, Tsunade kicked Orihime in the breasts: making the young girl cried out in pain. As Orihime clutched her breasts, Tsunade stood up and kicked Orihime in the face: making Orihime fell onto her back. Tsunade lifted her right foot and slammed it down on Orihime's crotch, Orihime gasping sexually as Tsunade also grabbed her legs and lifting them up: pushing her foot deeper into Orihime’s crotch. Orihime shrieked and leaned forward and grabbed Tsunade's blonde pubic hair, pulling it down and making her screamed. As Tsunade was pulled down by her pubic hair, Orihime slammed her head into Tsunade's forehead: making Tsunade cried out in pain and fell backwards onto the mat. Tsunade stood up while holding her head in pain as Orihime stood up as well. Tsunade glared at her.

'You!' Tsunade charged towards her and slammed her breasts onto Orihime’s, making the young girl grunt but stood her ground. Tsunade and Orihime tried to push each other back using their breasts: making them moaned sexually as their nipples rubbed into one another. They slapped each other breasts left and right before pressing them back onto one another: their nipples moving in circles. Tsunade managed to push Orihime to the middle of the ring when suddenly, she started moaning and gasping louder than Orihime: not believing an air-headed girl was beating her in a breasts fight.

Orihime put more pressure on Tsunade’s breasts, making Tsunade take a step back and to her horror, made her nipples squirted out fluids; Splashing all over Orihime's face and covering her breasts with Tsunade’s fluids. Orihime licked her lips and smiled, her smile enraged Tsunade. Screaming with rage, Tsunade kicked Orihime between her legs: Orihime screamed in pain every time Tsunade’s leg struck her crotch. Then at the seventh kick, Orihime exploded with cum: her orgasm falling down onto the mat like a waterfall. Still orgasmed, Orihime stepped backwards holding her exploding vagina as Tsunade raised both her hands: making them flat like knives.

'Take this!' Tsunade cried and brought her hands down towards Orihime: aiming her fingernails that were filled with aphrodisiac powder into Orihime’s stomach so that Orihime with orgasm uncontrollably. To her shock, before her nails could dig into Orihime’s flesh Orihime let go of her vagina and caught Tsunade's wrists; preventing her from poking her with her nails. With a look of fury on the cheerful girl's face, Orihime pulled Tsunade towards her and slammed her knee into Tsunade's crotch. Not believing the fact, Tsunade gasped and drooled as she orgasmed: pouring more cum onto the mat. With Tsunade orgasmed and looking up at the ceilings, Orihime pushed her onto the mat and smothering her with her massive breasts.

'It was a good thing that girl warned me about your nails." Orihime told Tsunade who was making muffled sounds. 'She has a weird name... Underwear... No... Lingerie.. No... Thong... No...'

While Orihime was searching for the mysterious girl's name, the referee checked on Tsunade and finding that she wasn't moving, she quickly made the signal and the bell rang: ending the match. The referee quickly pulled Orihime off the unconscious Tsunade and lifted one of her hand into the air as the announcer declared her the winner.


Orihime beamed widely and she saw that Tsunade was slowly waking it up. Before Tsunade could register what was going on, Orihime clapped her hands together in an apologetic gesture.

'I’m so sorry for this'

Before Tsunade could say anything, Orihime pulled Tsunade by the hair and slammed her stomach onto her knee: making Tsunade spat out saliva. With both hands, Orihime grabbed hold of Tsunade's breasts and started pulling them downwards and squeezing them. Tsunade screamed and moaned as her breasts were being pulled by Orihime and like a cow being milked, Tsunade's nipples started squirting out fluids onto the mat with each pull. After being milked for five minutes by Orihime, Tsunade we pushed off Orihime's knee: making Tsunade faced the ceiling and breathing heavily with her tongue hanging out.

'Real sorry.' Orihime apologized. 'But that girl with the weird name requested for it. Panty... Yeah! That's her name! Erm... I’ll see you soon.

Orihime smiled at the crowd and rolled out of the ring and walked backstage. As soon as Orihime was gone, Tsunade slowly straightened up: moaning heavily. After she realised what had just happened, she curled into a ball and hid her face away from the crowd. She had been defeated thrice, and this time by a girl who we too air-headed to tell what was going on around her most of the time. With her defeated most of the time and her secret technique no longer a secret, maybe it was time to retire...

Just then a figure stood next to her and helped her up. Tsunade glanced and saw it was Sakura Haruno, her former student, who was offering her sympathies again.

'Master.' Sakuma started. 'You don't need to feel bad about losing: you have to learn from your defeats and used it to win in the future. And don't worry about last time because I forgive you. I understood you were frustrated and...'

Before Sakuma could lead Tsunade out of the ring, Tsunade angrily pushed her away. 'Shut up Sakura! I don't need your pity and sympathy!
Looks like I have to knock some sense into you!'

Tsunade raised her right fist but before she could punch Sakura, she noticed too late that somebody jumped from the top ropes and she felt something slammed into her face and sent her down into the mat. As Tsunade slowly drifted into unconsciousness, she groggily noticed that Korra landed on her feat: Kona being the one who kneed Tsunade in the face.

Korra took Sakura's hands and glared at Tsunade. 'That ungrateful old hag! You're trying to offer your help and she just threw it back into your face! Come on Sakura, let's leave her be!'

Sakura looked at Tsunade but seeing there was no point, she sighed and nodded. Korra and Sakura left the ring and the arena: leaving Tsunade lying out cold in the ring.

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