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Custom Data Cleaner 1.3

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This tool is only intended for artists and modders that release their mods along with custom datas.

When providing custom datas with mods, most of the time it is unneccessary (if not a source of bother for users), to leave parts like His clothing, Her mood, body positions, background, etc.
This tool allows to keep only the useful parts of custom datas, like Iris and Eyebrow colour, Breast size, clothes, etc.

  1. Copy the complete custom data from SDT's Modding tab.
  2. Run Custom Data Cleaner.exe.
  3. Select if you want to keep the clothes or not.
The edited custom data will be automatically copied to your Clipboard and ready to be pasted anywhere you want.

Custom Data Cleaner example.png

As it performs operations on your clipboard content, this program may be recognised by your antivirus or web browser as a potential threat (VirusTotal detection).
If you don't trust the EXE file, download AutoHotkey and use the script below by yourself or if you're really paranoid, use the RegExes, but don't come whining.
[*]If RegExMatch(clipboard,"i)(charName.*?;).*?(bodyScale.*?;).*?(iris:.*?)hisskinhsl.*?(collar.*?herTan:[^;]*).*")
MsgBox, 4,, Do you want to keep Her clothes and accessories?
IfMsgBox, Yes
clipboard := RegExReplace(clipboard,"i)(charName.*?;).*?(bodyScale.*?;).*?(iris:.*?)hisskinhsl.*?(collar.*?herTan:[^;]*).*","$1$2$3$4")
MsgBox, Edited Custom Data (with clothes and accessories):`n`n%clipboard%`n`nThis code has been copied to your clipboard.
clipboard := RegExReplace(clipboard,"i)(charName.*?;).*?(bodyScale.*?;).*?(iris:.*?)hisskinhsl.*?(herTan:[^;]*).*","$1$2$3")
MsgBox, Edited Custom Data (without clothes and accessories):`n`n%clipboard%`n`nThis code has been copied to your clipboard.
MsgBox, Clipboard does not contains a full Custom Data.`n`nCopy it from the `"Modding`" tab:`nHit the `"Generate`" button in the `"Custom Data`" section.
Keep clothes and accessories:
Find: (charName.*?;).*?(bodyScale.*?;).*?(iris:.*?)hisskinhsl.*?(collar.*?herTan:[^;]*).*
Replace: $1$2$3$4
Do not keep clothes and accessories:
Find: (charName.*?;).*?(bodyScale.*?;).*?(iris:.*?)hisskinhsl.*?(herTan:[^;]*).*
Replace: $1$2$3$4
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  1. 1.3

    Now keeps the character name & simplified the code.

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very useful. autohotkey is magical aint it? i realized i could use ahk to tweak certain mods without having to know how to code flash

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