SDT 1.21.1b.fla

SDT 1.21.1b.fla .

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This is SDT.swf (version 1.21.1b) decompiled and recompiled into an FLA file with JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler.

It is completely useless if you don't have Adobe Flash Pro/Animate to edit it, but it can be helpful to some modders that want to recover some body parts, clothing or hair from the original game.

As it was decompiled, all the names of layers or symbols are lost.
Only the linkage (and symbol instance names) is still available, so if you're looking for something, either sort the library by linkage, explore the main symbols (e.g. obj.Her contains her clothes) or look at every preview image...

You can recompose most of the girls hairs by looking at their linkage, but the dynamic hair portions will be misplaced and the damping and gravity values are lost.

The clothes are harder to recompose because they don't have a linkage. You can try to find their symbols in the obj.Her symbol, or search for them in the library by looking at their preview images.
For example, the shoes symbol (Symbol 655) contains the highheels on the 1st frames (Symbol 648) and the school shoes on the 3rd frames (Symbol 653).

This file has been reported by a user as a potential virus, but it is very likely to be a false positive (VirusTotal detection: 0/56, no engines detected this file).
If you still don't trust it, you can extract and recompile SDT.swf by yourself with JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler.
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I wanted this to include AS so bad. It's still great, but without AS I can't use it sadly. Thanks for providing it however.