Loader - Screenshot Positions

Loader - Screenshot Positions 1.0

This is only intended for artists and modders that release screenshot example of their mods.

This is a Loader version especially set up for me by @sby that has minimal addons and shows only the girl on a white background, avoiding that she closes her eyes.
The girl has SD Chan 2's hair, with lines as hairbrows and no mascara, lipstick, etc.

I edited a bit the positions so it is also possible to zoom on the bottom part of her body and her feet, and have a normal layout showing the guy.
You can change between the different positions by pressing numpad 4 or 5:

Loader - Screenshot Positions - example.jpg

  • The position of her eyes (ie. look up or forward) can be changed by pressing 2 (the regular "2", not on the numpad).
  • All the options should be unticked and the best image quality chosen in the Option tab to avoid tears, sweat or her tongue showing.
  • This is a complete version of the Loader that allows to take screenshots, but you may take only the "Top", "Bottoms" and "Normal" folders in the "Mods" folder and add them to your own version of the Loader.
See also:
  • This tool that allows to add easily edited Custom Data to your mods.
  • This thread that has more info about SDT screenshots.
  • This software that may also be helpful for screenshots.
Good luck!
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