This is a decompile of the vanilla game, v1.21.1b, the last release from Konashion's blogspot. It was made using Sothink SWF Decompiler 7.4

In it you will find all of the game's:
  • Sprites(.svg)
  • Images(.jpeg/.png)
  • Sounds(.mp3)
  • Animations/Morph Shape(.swf)
  • Action Script code(.as)
  • Text(.txt)
  • HTMLs
These files may interest different people for different reasons and I encourage anyone to explore and tinker.
The Hacker Known As Snow
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As good as it'll ever get until Kona comes back. Which we all know he will.
The Hacker Known As Snow
The Hacker Known As Snow
The prophecy foretell it xD
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