WeeWillie  Slave Bazaar Bundle

WeeWillie Slave Bazaar Bundle 8.9

I am absolutely loving this. My only thing is though (and it might be a PC issue) but is there some way to play a bit more optimised? I have to click things several times and often it doesn't register very well when doing things. It also feels a struggle to understand what I'm doing to get certain results (like the 0 Pride stuff, I don't know where to find things like that) and just feels there's a lot of input lag for me.
Sadly the button lag is a problem that I might not be able to fix. I've been looking into it again recently, and it just seems like the issue is buried deep in base SDT. Slave Bazaar is just a mod, and base SDT was never really meant to support something as beefy as Slave Bazaar. I'll keep trying to fix it, but I'm not hopeful. As for knowing what to do, there is a READMEFIRST.txt in the Slave Bazaar directory that gives some tips on what you need to do to break the slaves.
As for the four star rating, that suggests that 1 out of 5 mods on the site are better than Slave Bazaar. Which ones would you rank 5?
Very glad to see someone pushing this game to the next level. Sadness ensues that original dev is absent, but the community as per usual shows it's undeniable love for a well made game.
I've had some fun with this, I really enjoyed the trials game. Even though I made it to the final (succubus?) stage, I'm really not sure what I did wrong but it almost instantly gave me the game over screen with no explanation why.
Also, I'm assuming once you've made it to the mistresses bedroom, there is no scene or continuation beyond that.
Overall I enjoyed the experience currently available, and I'm hoping you haven't given up on it just yet :b
Such a great mod! New update when? I would love some new slaves!
Best mod i've tried... i can't wait for the sister update!!! great job WeeWillie!!!
i really love this mod but i would like a new update.
My suggestions:
1)add separate whipping options for the ass, for the back (and maybe add belly), also add more whipping marks.
2)add a riding sex position and a titjob one
3)add some chats for Ellie when you whip her
4)add new clothes and an option to pierce your slaves
5)add new slaves
6)and i would also like an option to somehow make Talia not just an assistant but also a personal slut(you can't sell it or pimp it)
Just downloaded your mod. It's great...and surprisingly educational in how to manage and make money.
Incredible such an entertaining and sexy mod ! Ty for sharing it with us
i'm new to computers how do unzip a file? and where?
Why would you give me four stars if you haven't even unzipped the file?
Amazing mod when I've seen it in action. I'm really struggling to get it working though - I follow the steps and open the Loader and all I get it vanilla SDT, none of the mods. The 'scene' section just has all the basic bitch vanilla SDT stuff too. :/ help.
Make sure you are opening the loader from within the bundle, LoaderWeeWillieBundle/Loader.swf. You should see a Slave Bazaar loading screen first thing if you opened the correct swf.
Sorry for such a trivial question, but when should I expect an update? (Sorry for my bad English, I use Google translator)
(i sorry for my bad english) how i use the sister? yeah, probably is stupid but i am new in the mod
I'm sorry, but right now you can't. I've been working on her for a long time, when I find spare time. Sadly for the last couple months I've been crunching like mad at my day job, so I've had almost no time or brain cycles to work on Slave Bazaar, but I promise, I'll get her done.
I have a suggestion.
Is there a way to have two sisters in the next update? not making two separate slaves, just the same character duplicated, just to have a little and big sister in at the same time, if requires too much work, just forget it or make this for a later update.
the best SDT mod around, nothing else comes close.
When will be the next update out?Also,please make the woman at the foyer fuckable too.

And for bug report,when you customize anything,your gold will be set to 500,and any tools and potions you bought will be gone.
I've made some good progress recently, but I still have a ways to go till I can release. Thank you for the bug report. That really helps.
I do plan on making some sex scenes with Talia the Foyer woman, but I'll probably do a few other releases before I get to that.
Ellie still has some bugs. When I whip her, her standard hair will not sit as it is supposed to be. and sometimes she will call a shemale dick a dildo.

som detailed suggestions on the sister:
* customize sister traits:
1. You should remove the question whether she lives at home or for herself since this does not give anything but very little background history.
2. This is how I would make it with as few questions as possible with the most customization:
First question, is she your big sister or little sister? If you choose big sister she is a bit more willful because she is older than you and has more experience (not necessarily sexual). If you choose little sister she is a bit more submissive because you are older than her and you have more experience, so she will at least listen to what you have to say.
Second question, does she like you or hate you? if you choose that she likes you, she has a high Loving and a low Loving if you choose that she hate you.
Third question, how is she towards you? Mean, Sweet or Shy/She did not have much to do with you. If you choose she was Mean towards you, she is more Willful. If you choose she was Sweet towards you, she has more seduction. If you choose she was Shy towards you, she is more Submissive.
fourth question, is she a prudish or Kinky? If you choose prudish, then she has more Submissive and Seduction. If you choose Kinky, she is more Kinky and Exotic.
fifth question (this is icing on the cake but is not necessary), is she a virgin? yes she is, No she has a little experience, No she is a bit of a slut, No she is a nymphomaniac. If you choose yes she is, she starts with 0 Sex Skill. If you choose No she has a little experience, she starts with 1 Sex Skill. If you choose No she is a bit of a slut, she starts with 2 Sex Skill. If you choose No she is a nymphomaniac, she starts with 3 Sex Skill. This question will not change so much on personality or background but will allow for some exciting lines from her.
sixth question (this is strawberry on top of the cake but not at all necessary) what is she? Human, half-elf, vampire, and so on. This question will not change on personality or Statistics (with the exception of Exotic) but will allow some interesting backgrounds and lines from her.

* customize sister looks: give her breasts fixed sizes so you can shrink and enlarge them with potions.

* how sister is when you break her into a crazy nutcase (special break):
1. If you shrink a big sister's breasts down to the smallest before breaking her to be nutty, she will think she's the little sister and you the big brother/sister.
2. have kitten ears on her when a little sister breasts down and she will behave like big brother/sister's pet Slave.
Thank you for the bug reports and great suggestions. I still need to track down the Ellie "dildo" reference for shemale; I've working more on the sister. The hair issue is something inherent to how base SDT dynamic hair interacts with animtools positions. I can't really fix that. My only suggestion is to change position to something else and back again to whipping and see if it fixes itself. Not a great answer, but it's the only one I have.

As for the sister suggestions, those are very good but I'm too far in to implement too many changes. The various personality choices mostly just color the dialog here and there. The "live at home" question really means "Will she comment about your parents or not". If she lives at home she might say things like "What would mother and father think about this?" while she won't say that if she's moved out of the house. I also use that to estimate her age. If she lives at home, she might say more younger sounding things while if she has moved out she'll say more mature type things. A sister that is younger than you but moved out of the house will behave very mature, but will still refer to you as Big Brother. As such, "live at home" is one of the more influencing questions instead of just background.

I have added "is virgin" as an option, though right now it's mostly just so she acknowledges the loss of her virginity. I hope to make a pass to use it to influence more dialog and pimp pricing, but it's taken me soooo long to make progress, I'm just trying to finish her up as quickly as possible to make a new release. I still have a ways to go.

As for breast size, you can use potions to change the size, but her starter size is completely in your control at customization time. I'm trying to make all the physical aspects of your sister be in your control.

I love the idea of shrinking an older sister's breast down and make her break to think she's a younger sister, but I'll wait to put that in after a release. If I keep adding things I want, I'll never get a release out. As for a pet slave, she already can break as a docile slave. I love her to break as a "pet" slave, similiar to how Ellie can think she's a kitten, but once again, that will have to wait for later. I love the idea of different races too.

There's so much I want to do and so little time I can afford to put into this (and the sister is currently at 5000 lines and I still have a bunch more to do. This takes me some time :) )
Probably the most extensive gamification of SDT that I've seen. Slave Bazaar takes SDT from being a fun little simulation and makes it into a game you want to keep playing.

There have been some bugs, of course, over the years, but I'm glad to see that they're gradually getting squashed. Rolling WW's older works into the Slave Bazaar package is also nice, though I would respectfully suggest that they need to be debugged as well. The responsiveness of the buttons leaves a lot to be desired at times, and I have had instances where the menu completely disappears and you're locked into a particular part of the dialogue, and it might or might not come back.

My only real criticism apart from bugs is typos, writing style, and some word choice issues. They've not stopped me from playing, though I still think the scripts should be edited.
What part of the writing style or word choices would you change? Do you have some examples or more detailed suggestions?
amazing mod but I am pretty sure this mod is dead :'(
What do you mean by dead? I'm slowly, SLOWLY still working on it. Someday there will be an update, just not soon. My apologies. My life is crazy hectic, but you get what you pay for :P
You are an absolute genious.

Now let me share some ideas to add, if you want to spend the time (mainly what I would like to see in the game based on my personal tastes!):

I really bond with my girls, so I never pimp them. So, for a playthrough for people like me, I would really dig the option to "make films" instead of pimpin' them. It could be done more or less easily by giving the player a "screenplay", something very basic like -now deepthroat her, -now make her cum, -now dress her as a kitty, etc. When meeting an x number of goals, you earn the money.
I think it would be not that hard to implement, and lots of fun.

Also something similar (not mutually exclusive, why not both!) could be "cam girls", which could be basically giving your girl a dildo (making him dissapear) and making her do things to it. The same, little money, lots of fun.

After that, there is just the obvious, more girls, which you don´t need me to tell you haha. Also, the "your sister " idea sounds pretty amazing !

Let's see if I can suggest maybe some personality traits to new ones?:

The exotic and sensual beauty, with a dark-ish skinn (middle easter, hindi?) and very long, dark hair who is haughty, almost arrogant and very talented. (Like the turks queen from Don Juan! I hope you read that one)-

The (hentai) classic short green haired, big tittied, SHY one, that believes it true true love. She makes a big deal out of everything (ahh so cliché, I love it.)

The kidnapped from a foreigner-far-away tribe, ala Pocahontas, or Chel from that movie Road to el Dorado <3

Hope the brainstorm serves you for something.

Also, I have three weeks more or less free now, (except for work now and then) up until college starts again. If you would like some help with something, I would love to lend you a hand (no pun intended). Anything you need with your project!

Thank youuuuuu
Okay. I've downloaded this game and it looks pretty fun. Better then the original, but every time I Unzip the files it never lets me open the modded version and begin playing. I'm on Windows 10, is there something I'm doing wrong?
Shockingly amazing mod for what I thought was a rather simple, straight forward game.
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