WeeWillie  Slave Bazaar Bundle

WeeWillie Slave Bazaar Bundle Alpha 8.11

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I really liked it last year. But now under win 10 I get that problem that the game either won't load at all (only shows the standard girl from the stock game as JPEG) or after the assets loaded nothing happens.
So far it's great my only issue is I can't get the sound to work, anybody know a fix?
One of best dialogues out there. I hope that author is still working on it sometimes.. I'd love to see an update with more positions, dialogues/girls, more items in store? Keep up the good work :)
i love this mod a lot! im notcing a weird issue where th game breaks when you try to take ellie to the stables tho and wanted to give you a heads up
Can you add his daughter and mother in were you can choose if they are attracted to you or not
The games is probably very great, but only the menu to customise work in my case and I can't play the games. Deleting all folders and re-download them have not reset the save and repairing the game does nothing. So I just have a black screen for this games. This could also be due to the fact than I am using a Mac OS.
(Not a review, more of a call for some assistance) - I have played the game before, however, after reinstalling the latest version countless times and upgrading my flash player, the game comes up with a black screen after clicking the 'New game' or 'Customize' options. I have tried deleting the save files in the appdata directory however it seems to just not work. Is there anyone who may be able to help? Thanks.
how do i choke her out please help great mod btw .
It seems to not come up for me could someone direct me to a video of guidance?
it's good well done and I want in speak in french ? it possible ? :)
Great mod. idk if you're coming back to this, but add more things like the whip and scissors to the game!
Tons of fun. The ability to break different slaves in different ways (and to do it repeatedly) is probably my favorite part. A bit buggy but that's understandable for a WIP mod.

Bugs I've encountered:

- Mod crashes on launch (you get a repeated message DA: Loading from Bazaar) - reinstalling the mod and Flash Player Projector fixed this for me.

- Sister's eyes aren't in the right spot - "U" and then adjust the "Eye X" and "Eye Y" values. You'll have to do this every time.

- Plexia can't be pimped (message: DA: can't find BGmods/slave Bazaar.png) - do not upgrade Plexia's room before first pimping.
Amazing except for the bugs already mentioned with Plexia
Hello everyone and happy new year !
I discover this game a few days ago and it's very good !

The gameplay is fun, not hard too understand and very additive !
A excellent job, I have a lot of fun.There is al ot of BDSM tools to use, such a pleasure but we want more like leashes, ropes, handcuffs, blinfolds...
But a have bugs, including impossible to pimping Plexia; a message error appears saying something is missing and I must restart the game. The problem is fix when Plexia is broken.
Does a patch will coming up soon to fix that ?

Thanks you and thanks for the game
(Forgive my english...)
Overall I like the game. I love RPG elements in things and the fact that it is in SDT makes it better. My only problem is that there seems to be a major bug with the Pimping thing. I've tried it about 4 times. Whenever I try to pimp my Sister character to the Sadistic client, I get the opening dialog line, then black screen. And from there I have to reset the game. The other options work. Hopefully next update will fix this. Can't wait to see what other content is added as well
Amazing work!
When using "Auto" mode on the sister, the game seems to go "crazy". The characters go out of screen, dialogue still plays though.
Pretty cool game, i just had a few problems whit some bugs and glitches, but overall it's a great game, i also would like to know if there's a posibility to add a femboy/trap/Femenine Male Slave in the future, I think that would be awesome, Also i think you should add an potion that would make slaves to orgasm more frecuently and easy. 10/10
crazy, waiting for more of this awesome work¡ you made this quarantine a good time xd
Awesome game, have really enjoyed myself frequently. I'd like to see more positions implemented, perhaps Missionary? Mating Press? Laying down blowjob? Hair customization would also be nice.
Regardless, great mod and look forward to future uploads!
Great overall but would really like to see another slave added, or the ability to add piercings and have them remembered. Also discovered a bug where the eyes of the sister are all messed up and have to be changed manfully every time you load a slave.
Oh no! The eye bug issue is still present in 8.11? I thought I had fixed that. Is there any chance you could send me your save files in a message (i.e. BAZAAR.sol and CUSTOM.sol)? Even if not, thank you for the bug report and for the 5 star review. Regarding new slaves, it takes me weeks of work to do a new slave, and my life has been super busy with work and social hobbies, that a new slave would be a long way away. Piercings would be more doable, so I'll see if I can find time to look into that.