WeeWillie  Slave Bazaar Bundle

WeeWillie Slave Bazaar Bundle Alpha 8.11

Alpha 8.11
- Fixed issue with eye size being messed up when customizing the sister without touching the eye size sliders.
- Fixed issue with Ellie and tiny sister disappearing during whipping, forcing a reload.
- Sister can now cum from anal sex, and makes comments accordingly.
- Fixed issue with anal cum comments not happening when the sister was broken.
- Added Eyescale support
- Fixed issue with no buttons after canceling out of a pimping.
- Fixed issue with not being able to purchase the Valkyrie costume.
- Fixed an issue with the sister giving up on being a partner and returning to non-broken.
- Fixed bug when choosing not to buy sister.
- Fixed bug where sister's breast size wasn't being saved after a tit growth/shrink potion was used.
Alpha 8.10
- Fixed bug where no clothing button would show up for non-sisters if they only owned the Maid costume.
- Added Poor Bed and Nice Bed room selection for different backgrounds and ability to raise pride and love.
- Fixed issue with sister comment on partnership when it didn't occur.
- Fixed issue where Ellie couldn't be broken into a kitten.
- Fixed Slave Trainer, Mistress Playthings, and Trials of the Sorceress broken from by 8.9.
- Fixed issue with only three customers being available.
Alpha 8.9
- Fixed bug in store where breast resize potions couldn't be bought if all other potions were bought.
- Added Maid outfit
- Added more hair and clothing options
- Changed Talia's hair and updated Title Screen to match.
- For the sister, undresses adds to arousal and dressing reduces arousal.
- In WeeWillieMod, added a bunch of triggers and variables to support detecting clothing changes.
- Cleaned up some of the flow into the main menu and foyer.
- Fixed bug with customizing mid game resetting gold and clearing tools.
- Added a little more variations to pimping scenes.
- Fixed issue with gagged girls being pimped.
- Fixed issues with Ellie as a cat getting hair cuts or hair restored.
- In WeeWillieMod, WW_RESET now resets throat resistance.
- Added some button commands to WeeWillieMod to aid with button permanently gone bugs.
- Added AnySizeHer, making Ellie smaller and Plexia larger.
- Fixed bunches of typos with Ashley, Ellie, and Plexia.
- Timer used to fire thought lines is no longer frame rate independent.
- Fixed bug with Ellie not breaking if choking before whipping.
- Fixed some empty dialog single frames during whipping across all girls.
- Fixed issue with girls where mid pain thought comments would never fire.
- Fixed eyebrow color setting of sister with workaround to unfixable DA bug
- Fixed hair and skin color saving for sister (fix by Pim_gd in DA)
- Fixed bug with buying back a kitten Ellie after selling her.
- Changed stats on kitten Ellie to up her sell/pimping prices a bit
Alpha 8.8
- Fixed some text typos in Ashley's dialog.
- Fixed bug where old data wasn't getting clean out properly when doing a New Game after customize.
- When telling Ellie to call you a title, she will be unsure if unbroken.
- Fixed bug were file revision wasn't being stored correctly in the save game.
- Fixed issue with gender getting screwed up, causing wrong pronouns and Ellie black screen from stables.
- Fixed an issue with shemales being accidentally treated like females.
- Fixed issue with negative hue values in player customization continue to hue shift on loads.
- Sister tan and amount is now saved in customization.
Alpha 8.7
- Added player customization (Sister too, though she can't be bought yet)
- Fixed whip sound for Pleaxia when she's fully whipped, and she comments sometimes now in that state.
- Fixed bug where all pimp customers would become available at once after spending some time with a slave.
- No longer print stat info for Ashley and Plexia for stats already shown in the UI.
- When broken, Plexia will cum from fucking much more often.
- Fixed bug where Plexia wouldn't ask permission to masturbate when Pain Slut:Horny state.
- Fixed bug with Ellie's one time comments in the stables not reseting properly.
- Fixed error where Ellie cat comments during whipping would happen when she was a masochist.
- Fixed Plexia to break as docile only when Love >= 90.
- Plexia will break with any orgasm if she's desperate, and love determines if she break docile or slut.
Alpha 8.6
- Fixed a few syntax errors.
- Talia's mouth no longer remains open with her tongue waggling.
- Refactored Pimping so that it happens only from Foyer, pimp info is shown, and girl can only pimp once a day.
- Added "End Of Day" with room rent and picking of new customers for the day.
- Fixed some spoken Ellie lines that were marked as thought lines.
Alpha 8.5
- Fixed Plexia to allow breast potion use.
- Fixed Ellie to have proper breast size in the stables.
- Added some age play variations to Ashley's compliment responses.
Alpha 8.4
- Removed pain requirement for Ashley and Ellie to break when waking up.
- If Ashley has a flat chest when she breaks crazy, she will go into Age Play mode, acting like a young girl.
You can grow her chest later and she will stay broken as AgePlay.
- Fixed some coding errors in Ashley
- Fixed Ellie to have her arousal grow from anal even when unskilled but already at high arousal.
- Added Breast Grow and Breast Shrink potions to the store.
- Removed potion use from the stables to simplify and reduce line cut and paste.
- Added sby's breast firmness mod so that breasts don't flop around so unnaturally.
- Replaced Latex with other clothing in Kitten costume since latex top and bottom only work together and don't support tiny tits correctly.
- Added fancier load screen with using sby's loading mod
- Fixed issue where whip marks would erroneously return on Ellie after going to the stables or loading a save.
- Fixed issue where "Continue" option would be available the very first time the game was opened without a save.
Alpha 8.3
- Ashley cums from fucking much more often.
- Added some line variation during fucking for Ashley.
- Ashley more likely to ask to masturbate with low pride while fucking.
- An unbroken Ashley now enjoys anal if she's already highly aroused.
- Fixed some missing fuck lines for Ashley and Plexia
- Added option to fully dress a slave instead of just one item at a time.
- Fixed Plexia so that she'll break after waking up with an arousal of 95 instead of 100 to account for loss of arousal while unconsious.
- Increased how aroused Plexia gets from being choked out.
- restored space key to be hold in oral position, made 'f' key to be hold for fucking postitions (bug in Animtools?)
- refixed removal of honneypot audio that got reintroduced.
Emergency fix to broken Ashley purchase.
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