WeeWillie  Slave Bazaar Bundle

WeeWillie Slave Bazaar Bundle 8.9


This contains a copy of my dialogues bundled together with the Loader and proper versions of the Mods to run them. It's meant for casual players who don't want to deal with all the steps it takes to set up a build. You just unzip, open, and away you go (in theory!).


1. Download LoaderWeeWillieBundleAlpha8.0.zip and unzip into any directory.

2. Open LoaderWeeWillieBundle/Loader.swf with Flash Player Projector version 13 or higher.

3. You should see a loading screen for Slave Bazaar.

4. If you wish to play a different dialogue than Slave bazaar, go back to the Options menu, then Custom in the Scene tab (upper left). Pick the dialogue you wish to play by clicking on it. Then exit the Option menu and select Play.

Many Thanks to:
MG for the Loader
Pim_gd for Dialogue Actions
sby for Animtools and MoreClothing
Dante, for his hair and clothing mods, and help with Flash
Silentsky, icepik, Kuroryuu, and Maniem for originals for the background art.
ClimaxTitan for his nipple tape mod, and all the other modders that provided for MoreClothing.
Iago for his panty mods
Maggot for help with identifying and fixing bugs
stuntcock for help with restoring "him" changes, having my back while I was gone, and help with SlantedEyesMod
MoomMoon for the horse mod
Help with identifying and fixing bugs:
SkyHeart, tw1istedsoul, Maggot, Kingra, SomeGuy344, demonhunter352, Chris1776, 19Toast97, dsilibre, NeonJ, NeedBiggerClips, Big R, Steven Universe, Annonyman55

Slave Bazaar

Note: This is an alpha build of Slave Bazaar. There are only three slaves, and I'm sure this is full of bugs. Please report any problems you find and let me know what you think!

In Slave Bazaar, you take on the role of a master who buys, trains, pimps out, and sells slave girls. Your progressed is automatically saved and the game is meant to be played over many sessions.

How to play:
  • Pick New game to start with the default player (white, average cock, clothed, named "John").
  • If you would like to look different, change your name, or play as a female or shemale, pick "Customize" first. Playing as a woman does remove options resulting from cum since the dildo won't do that.
  • Quit at any time. When you play again, select "Continue" and you should be able to proceed from where you left off last.
  • If continuing results in a bug that keep you from progressing, select "Repair" at the start. This should get you back up and running.
  • Purchase a slave from your assistant, Talia.
  • You can go to the store to buy equipment, such as cuffs or collars (not implemented in the alpha yet), or buy clothing for each if your slaves. Clothing is specific to the girl while equipment is carried by you and can be shared across all girls. For example, you use the same pair of wrist cuffs on all girls, so only need to buy it once, but you need to buy an outfit again for each girl because they wear different sizes. Girls will tend to like you more and gain pride from receiving new clothing.
  • Train your slaves by using them, praising them, insulting them, and punishing them. Each starts out unbroken and can be broken into at least two ways, each with a different personality change. The way they break depends on their mental state, such as how much they like you at the moment they snap. A broken slave is more valuable. Once they break, they are permanently broken.
  • You can pimp out your slaves to make gold. Depending on their personality and if they are broken, they will change mental state when pimped out. Girls typically lose pride and dislike you more when pimped. Customers have different personality types and will pay different amounts for different types of slaves. Match your girls to the proper customer to maximize profits. A new set of customers will appear each day. Each girl can be pimped out once a day. To start a new day with new customers, press "End of Day" from the foyer, but you will have to pay a small amount of rent for all the girls lodging.
  • You can sell a slave. The cost of their clothing is included in the sale price, and if you buy the slave back, they will return with the clothing you previously purchased. Trained slaves are worth more. Selling a slave nets about 75% of their value.
  • To remove clothing from a girl, hold Shift and click on the clothing item. Always use the clothing menu to dress a girl.
Note: Do not change things via the options menu. The game won't know about these changes and things can break.
The game automatically saves periodically as you play. Just quit anytime. The next time you play, choose Continue to start where you left off.
If Continue fails because of a bug, try Repair instead. It will put you in the foyer will all your progress kept.
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4.86 star(s) 197 ratings

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Latest reviews

The patch is cool and interesting, but the error with customers is only 3.
I would like to see new characters and their ability to customize.
When to wait for the next update?
The sheer amount of work put into this, is astounding. What Willie has been able to accomplish on such a limited platform is insane. I'm convinced the community is separated into, "Those that have played Slave Bazaar, and those that are going to play Slave Bazaar." Truly great work.
Must have for anyone who's interested in the genre!
Great mod, ran into a couple issues in the latest version though.
1. I can't break Ellie into Kitten. I followed all the steps for Masochist, and had the kitten costume on her, but it just makes her depraved masochist every time.
2. The Slave Trainer dialogue has a weird bug where none of the character animations line up properly (camera not zoomed)
Excellent work, amazing Mod. For real.
I also ran into the problem that only Mean, Sadistic and Brutal customers show up. I've already broke all of them, ended day several times and still only those customers show up.
What could I do?
Again, ammmmmazing Job, congrats for that.
I'm an idiot. I was once testing the cruel customers to see how the partner sister would react when losing love during pimping, and I forgot to back out my changes. I believe you should be able to do this in your build to get customers back:

in Girl0.txt, change all
(i.e. remove ONE dash. Don't change --menu_endofday_newcustomers to menu_endofday_newcustomers)

Basically I commented out all customers except the mean ones on purpose while I was testing. Sorry about that.
Had a great playing this mod, so thank you for your effort. It was for me the best thing that came out SDT.

Thank you once again
A masterpiece of adult entertainment, made even better with a long awaited update. Besides one or two bugs, which are to be expected with the archaic, unfinished engine that these creators are forced to work with, everything works almost seamlessly.

The Sister function works perfectly, the customisation options are bountiful and relatively intuitive, and the rest of Slave Bazaar is still functioning mostly as it ought.

I especially noticed and appreciated the attention to detail in the dialogue of the Sister herself. The fact that she has dialogue dependent on her customisation, for details like her overall personality and sexual tastes, to things relatively minor like her bust's size, whether she is older or younger and her arrangements of living are impressive and welcome additions. These are made even more impressive when one considers that this is accounted for across three different personality outcomes, alongside her "default personality.

This is further made almost incredible, because this was all done by one man in his spare time.

My only real issue is that the other dialogues included do not seem to work properly anymore. This however, is secondary to the main course that is Slave Bazaar, and therefore little more than a slight inconvenience easily overlooked.

This is simply a wonderwork in creative vision, especially in an oversaturated market as adult gaming, and this update has rejuvinated it. It is my sincere hope that another update for this will come. If there should not be, then this will have finished on a high note.

This update is what I was hoping for and more, I have nothing to detract from it.
pretty good, but how exactly do you break the sister
awesome mod! Will character editing be available in the future?
Do you mean editing the appearance of the other three non-sister characters?
love the update but i noticed a 2 bugs 1 cant use the scisorse and 2 after braking my character's sister and pimping her with the sadistic for maybe the second time it doesnt load her diologe and i have to restart the loader
I had mentioned in my Slave Bazaar thread that for now the scissors have been removed from the sister so that I could get the release out on time (the scissors are tricky when I don't know what hair style you've picked for your sister. I may have to go directly to bald instead of short hair).

As for the sadistic pimping, do you remember in what way you broke your sister?

Thank you for the feedback.
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