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Thicker Ass and Legs 1.0 by stuntcock

Replaces the girl's buttocks and thighs with a thicker version

  1. stuntcock

    This is a minor edit of Patrick's mod. It adds Loader scripting, so that changes to the Skin Tone and Tan settings (via the in-game GUI) are automatically reflected in the legs. Hence it is no longer necessary to load a different SWF file when altering skin tone (or when switching to a character with a different skin tone).

    Any clothing designed to work with Pat's mod will work normally with this mod also. Clothing designed to work with the standard body (i.e. all vanilla clothing and the vast majority of modded clothing) will look terrible.

    Flash modders can find the source file on mega.nz. Normal users can download the MOD file via the link at the top of this page.

    The mod is compatible with moreClothing:
    sdt-thickerAssAndLegs.mod=Thicker Ass and Legs
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Recent Reviews

  1. MrMetaldong
    Version: 1.0
    I've been making clothing for this mod from the bottoms template in the flash file you provided, which is extremely helpful, but anything I draw on the chest layer ends up above the new thighs in-game. I've been drawing around it, but is this normal? The chest layer still stays beneath the vanilla thighs as normal.
    1. stuntcock
      Author's Response
      To be precise: the chest sprites clip through the extended (thick) portion of the legs. If you use a very large sprite (such as a skirt drawn entirely on the CHEST layer) then you'll find that it stays beneath the "normal" part of the girl's thigh. Hence, part of the thigh will be hidden and part of the skirt will be hidden; the whole thing will look silly.

      This is because SDT uses an ad-hoc layering hierarchy. Chest clothing is drawn above the thigh. The game applies a Mask to chop off any chest stuff whenever it threatens to touch the thigh. But the Mask is shaped specifically for the vanilla thigh. So you'll need to include an edited Mask with your thick-thigh clothing mod.

      Visit this thread for more information
  2. fuckrightoff
    Version: 1.0
    Love it, any chance of a fatter arm mod to go with it? The arms look kinda scrawny by comparison now.
    1. stuntcock
      Author's Response
      No chance, unfortunately. I don't draw original artwork; my only contribution to this mod was code. The sprites were drawn by @Patrice and he isn't active in SDT modding anymore.

      You could create a new Request thread if you're interested in pursuing the idea.
  3. Sykosa
    Version: 1.0
    Now to invoke this at a certain point and tie it into my dialogue. Thanks!