thicker ass and legs

  1. sclover13

    ThiccAsFreakness [TAF] - Mod Template 1.0

    ---- Link to the ThiccAsFreakness TAF Mod [Light Skin] ---- Modding template FLA for people interested in creating mods, clothes, or costumes for the TAF mod.
  2. V

    Armor Mods v2

    These mods are [email protected]'s Serra Angel and House Do'Urden Armor. The arms are changed to armwear and added handjob and edited behind the back positions. The thigh armor is modified for Thicker Ass and Legs. The Do'Urden armor is made breast adjustable and removes thigh portion to...
  3. V

    Menace Queen's Blade Revision 2020-02-03

    This is a revision of @sclover13's Menace Costume. 99% of the credit goes to him, I only added a collar, cuffs and made a few minor edits. I removed the shoulder strap and blended the top into the collar. I separated the chest into left and right breast sections. I also removed some of the...
  4. V

    Tight Skirt v2

    This is just a cut down version of my Tight Dress Revision which was originally made by @Huitznahua here. All the credit goes to him especially because he let me use his FLA file.
  5. ds14048

    Senketsu-V3 1.3

    Senketsu-V3 Ryuko Matoi's Kamui Senketsu Thicker ass and legs This mod requires bodymodpatch V2 bodymodpatch
  6. V

    Thicker Ass And Hooves 2019-11-19

    This mod combines @stuntcock's Thicker Ass and Legs mod with @dantethedarkprince's Hooves mod and recolors for the 4 different skin tones. Color will automatically change when you select different skin tone. I will not be making this for normal legs, sorry, but if someone else wants to do it...
  7. V

    Revised Big Jerry's Thick Shorts 2019-08-19

    Credit to @bigjerry for the original Thickened the lines and brought them to the front. Added outlines where they were missing. Couldn't quite get it all to line up perfectly (probably why he left out some of the outlines in the first place). Also it still splits if she bends over too far but I...
  8. B

    Thicker Ass Clothes

    29.06.2016 Update info : clothes with _v2 on the end are rgb supported. Panties down will remain solid colours, until I'll learn shading, and thighhighs until I'll learn to draw them better. If there'll be any request I can just add another colour of panties down / thighhigs Hi there. I...
  9. stuntcock

    Thicker Ass and Legs 1.0

    This is a minor edit of Patrick's mod. It adds Loader scripting, so that changes to the Skin Tone and Tan settings (via the in-game GUI) are automatically reflected in the legs. Hence it is no longer necessary to load a different SWF file when altering skin tone (or when switching to a character...