The sandal straps use the Footwear.RGB sliders. The soles use the Footwear.RGB2 sliders.

Moderator's note: This mod slightly alters the shape of the girl's feet, so it originally consisted of four vanilla imports (SWF files) - one for each skin tone.

I've repackaged it as a single Loader import (MOD file) which switches between skin tones and tan settings as needed. If you encounter problems, then you can use the Version History tag (above) to download one of the "legacy" SWF files.
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  • Monoglove
    Aka armbinder. Bondage device which holds both of the girls arms tightly parallel, behind her back
  • Straitjacket
    Bondage costume. Restrains the girl's arms at her sides.
  • Bolero Straitjacket
    Bolero Straitjacket
    Cutaway version of the straitjacket - exposes the breasts and midriff
  • Maid Dress
    Maid Dress
    Short dress and full-length apron. Strikes a balance between "professional" and "slutty"
  • Sailor Shirt
    Sailor Shirt
    Sailor-style (Serafuku) shirt, often seen as part of a Japanese school uniform for female students

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  1. Generic version of the sandals

    This version includes all four skin tones, and tan settings. Loader scripting is used to switch...
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