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Maid Dress 1.0 by vashikur

Short dress and full-length apron. Strikes a balance between "professional" and "slutty"

  1. vashikur

    The skirt shown here is the default Pleated Skirt (included among the SDT.swf assets), as is the necktie collar. Both will be activated automatically (via embedded charcode) when the mod is loaded.

    The shirt can be recolored via the Top.RGB sliders. This change will not automatically apply to the skirt; you must update the skirt via the Bottoms.RGB slider if you want both halves to match. The necktie can be recolored via the Collar sliders.

    The apron is just plain-old white. It will not respond to RGB sliders.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Rudgar
    Version: 1.0
    A perfect little maid dress - not overdonewith too many frills, but still "frilly" enough ;)
    ... and as soon one gets that it does NOT contain a skirt, you kan use it in moreclothing as well. ;/
  2. AdrianMcClean
    Version: 1.0
    Good looking not-too-frilly maid uniform, and it works with vanilla SDT. This mod resets the body size slider when it's loaded at version 1.0, but the breast slider support is smooth and works well.