The color of the shirt material can be adjusted via the Top.RGB sliders. The collar, sleeve, and striping cannot be recolored during gameplay.
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  • Monoglove
    Aka armbinder. Bondage device which holds both of the girls arms tightly parallel, behind her back
  • Straitjacket
    Bondage costume. Restrains the girl's arms at her sides.
  • Bolero Straitjacket
    Bolero Straitjacket
    Cutaway version of the straitjacket - exposes the breasts and midriff
  • Maid Dress
    Maid Dress
    Short dress and full-length apron. Strikes a balance between "professional" and "slutty"
  • Posture Collar
    Posture Collar
    High-backed stiff collar with tight straps - forcing the girl to maintain correct posture

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Hey!! Could you publish a version with pink accents to match shimakaze's outfit? There are none out there and i tried modding it myself but no luck :(
255 167 188 would be the RGB

Alternatively a version of the shirt thats white but the rgb slider controls the armband/cape/tie would be fantastic!!!

Love this :)
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