Monoglove 1.0

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This mod was written for an older version of SDT and shows minor layering errors when used with the current version. A partial view of the left wrist may appear behind the girl's back when the mod is loaded. There are two solutions:
  • change the girl's Right Hand position to "On Legs". The monoglove's position will be somewhat incorrect, but the surplus wrist will vanish.
  • load the mod via sby's moreClothing mod. The layering error will not occur.
    • at the moment of writing, this mod is already included in the standard moreClothing package. A moreClothing configuration line has been provided below, just in case.

It is technically possible to use Handjob mode while this mod is active, but the result will look very silly. Handjob mode is not recommended.

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Latest reviews

It is fine, but I think you should add a bend in her arms because she just looks like she has flippers instead of arms.
I really love this mod you sould do more bondage contant :)

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