1. R

    Color Fade Heels 1.0

    These have the same shape as the "Rainbow Heels" The mod is not compatible with the vanilla feet. It was made for use with the Feet4Heels body mod: Color Slider Binding Primary footwear RGB sliders control the main color...
  2. R

    Rainbow Heels 1.0

    Rainbow Heels The mod was made for use with the Feet4Heels body mod: Color Slider Binding Primary Footwear RGB sliders control strap color Secondary RGB sliders control insole color Secondary alpha slider controls the...
  3. R

    Minimalistic Heels 1.0

    The mod is not compatible with the vanilla feet. It was made for use with the Feet4Heels body mod: Resources used for the screenshot Suzukaze Rin hair by @Kir
  4. R

    Nitocris's Shoes 1.1

    Made these on request of @Hank East. Please excuse the fact that the character in the screenshot doesn't resemble Nitocris at all. Note on RGB-slider binding The mod uses the primary footwear slider for the shoe's color, and the secondary slider for the light color. In most cases, a...
  5. R

    Strappy Heels 1.1

    There's two versions: StrappyHeels.swf (Includes the Feet4Heels body mod.) StrappyHeels-Standalone.swf (Does NOT include the feet.) The version without the feet can be combined with the standalone body mod, which allows to use toe nail polish...
  6. R

    Platform Sandals 1.0

    A pair of nice platform high heel sandals. The mod also includes the feet. Enjoy Check in here for all things SDT:
  7. R

    Strappy Stiletto High Heel Sandals 1.0

    Made using this template: Enjoy. Check in here for all things SDT:
  8. R

    Strapped High Heel Sandals 1.0

    Started doing these because @Hank East requested this kind of shoes: I'm aware that I deviated from the material he posted. (I was using a cosplay image set as reference.) I might create a variant which is closer to the in-game...
  9. R

    Open Toe High Heel Sandals (RGB-adjustable) 1.2

    This mod comes bundled with a pair of nice feet suitable for high heeled shoes. NOTE: Due to the altered shape of her feet, this mod is incompatible with legwear covering the girl's feet. Special thanks go to @sclover13, who helped me a lot with the body mod / skin tone support! If you...
  10. sclover13

    Ninja Flippy Floppies Type II 2.0V

    Ninja Flippy Floppies Type II - Short [Vanilla][RGB] Naruto-style sandals. Type II short version. 2.0-RGB Update. Added a simple RGB element to the ninja boots. The soles will remain dark grey for now.
  11. sclover13

    Ninja Flippy Floppies Type I 2.0 V

    Ninja Flippy Floppies Type I [Vanilla][RGB] Simple Naruto style Ninja Shoes. Type I standalone. Plan to release 4 more types and then a click cyclable mod that contains all 5 styles. 2.0 Update - RGB Added a simple rgbFill1 to this mod. For the original mod please see 'History'
  12. V

    Shoe mod for super deep throat request, can you guys make this please

  13. I

    Birkenstocks 1.0

    Realistic Birkenstocks footwear/sandals for the girl. Not sure what else to say. Download instructions in FAQ. Credits to Birkenstock for the original image of the sandals that I edited and used in this mod. This mod is compatible with the Better Feet mod by cosmo777. I highly recommend it as...
  14. I

    Birkenstock Sandal Footwear - request filled

    Hey, I'd like to request this Berkenstock sandal to be made into footwear. Thanks.
  15. Perdition

    Olympia Sandals 2019-04-06

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Olympia - Crisis on Two Earths' mod, this mod isolates the sandals and makes them RGB adjustable.
  16. dantethedarkprince

    Spartan Uniform 1.0

  17. dantethedarkprince

    Samurai Jack 1.0

  18. dantethedarkprince

    Swordsman Angel 1.0


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