moreCumSpurts 5.2

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This is a branch of sby's moreCumSpurts mod. It uses a different coding approach behind-the-scenes, but the main difference is that it's intended to be easier to customize. It also works within the original SDT code, so there's no sharp distinction between "normal spurts" and "extra spurts."

If you take a look at the Settings file, you'll see that it explains how to achieve special results (such as a scattering of rapid-fire spurts, or a single sustained "firehose" spurt). It's expected that users won't actually use these extreme settings in-game (because they're goofy), but they help to illustrate the flexibility of the mod. You might try out the "firehose" mode, and then choose settings which are much closer to the default (but still delivering a few extra-long spurts during each orgasm).

The source code is included in the 7z archive.
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Latest updates

  1. Fix for saliva bug

    Corrected the spit-strand bug. The SDT code uses similar logic for all strands, regardless of...
  2. Added edging option

    The mod now includes an edging feature, as requested by @GekkoKid. This is a non-core feature...
  3. Added maxStrandThickness parameter

    Thickness of semen strands can now be adjusted via the maxStrandThickness parameter in the...

Latest reviews

i dont now how to use it can someone explain it to me because already read the thing and im dumb as fuck so please can someone explain it to me?
This is one of my favorite mods.
I love the edging feature. Together with the cock/balls twitching from the expandDong mod this gives an awesome experience.

One tiny little thing I'm missing:
It would be great to have the option to put individual limits to the max cum generation and max ball growth.
(Like: Make it possible to build a mega load without having the balls grow ridiculously large.)
Works great! Only complaint is that it doesn't persist after reset (at least through the INIT loading option)
it says "morecumspurtsV5settings.txt not found ... but its in the same folder
"Settings file in the same folder" works *IF* the mod is being loaded via a Character Folder. If you're loading the mod manually from a random place (such as c:\temp) then the game won't find the settings file.

The simplest solution is to move the morecumspurtV5settings.txt file into the main Settings subfolder of your SDT folder. It will then be available regardless of whether you load the file manually or via Character Folders (including $INIT$).

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