1. Avatar Korra Audio Dialogue (And BG Audio Tracks)

    Avatar Korra Audio Dialogue (And BG Audio Tracks) V1.0, LDR1.0

    Now you'll see what an Avatar can really do!
  2. Steviebabs

    How to keep sound but turn off music?

    I wanna keep the BJ sounds but turn off the music. Is that possible? Any help is appreciated. Steve
  3. FrankMoses

    Requests for Remastered SDT

    Short description You need to make mods that replace sounds in the game, add new sounds and add new conditions for playing sounds. I'll provide the sound files. Boring introduction I release new voices in my Remastered Super Deepthroat. My abilities are limited, I'm not a code modder, so I...
  4. Steamy Shower

    Steamy Shower 2.0

    Background for standing positions
  5. Shower

    Shower 1.0

    Background with overlay and water sound fx
  6. FrankMoses

    Advice me video for remastering SDT

    I've released remastered SDT in which I've replaced sound files in the game. Now I want to add other voices to the game, but it is not so easy to find video with appropriate source sound. I need help to find such video. Video requirements: 1) Contain cough sounds (especially "open cough"...
  7. Remastered Super Deepthroat

    Remastered Super Deepthroat 2.0.1

    Super Deepthroat with updated sounds
  8. A

    Another sounds for slapHotkey.swf

    Hello, I use the tool slapHotkey.swf to simulate... a slap with a shortcut. It's good, but I would like another sound, or various sounds. Original author is @hugo_boss but he is away since May 11, 2014, I will not necrobump his thread Hugo's Mods (Update: ModFilter V1 released + Slap Hotkey)...
  9. Resource icon

    New gag and cough sounds for vanilla SWF vanilla 1.21.1b

    New gag and cough sounds
  10. Zone-Tan Character

    Zone-Tan Character v001

    Dr.Cursed's Zone-Tan with Fap Song added
  11. SoundControl

    SoundControl v1.0

    Allows keyboard control of volume level and mute state.
  12. HuniePop Audio Triggers

    HuniePop Audio Triggers 1.11

    Adds triggers to DialogueActions which play moaning sounds from the girls of HuniePop


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