1. stuntcock

    Him Sizer 0.1

    This mod adds a slider to the top of the "Him" pane, within the "Scene" tab of the in-game menu. It also adds a "himScale:###" parameter to any charcodes generated by the game. This mod requires the SDT Loader. It cannot be used with the vanilla game. Known Issues: size updates will not...
  2. M

    Revelation Online - Increased CC Slider Mod Request

    With Revelation Online currently available in closed beta, I was wondering if anyone was working on any slider mods for the game. While the game has an impressive amount of sliders to choose from, most of them feel a lot more restrictive than they should be (especially in the chest size area) I...
  3. M

    How do I make her breasts or his penis bigger than the slider?

    Are there specific mods I need? I looked in the settings text file and I saw you can put throat bulge above the max but I don't see a breast or penis option.
  4. Furries

    I can't change the color of loaded mods because they don't show up in the loader tab.

    I just want to change the color of my furry mouth swf in the loader which you can find here Furries' Furry Mods! I open the loader, I load the mod, but I can't affect its color by using the sliders. What am I doing wrong?