Dialogue Font Sizer

Dialogue Font Sizer 0.6

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This mod is not yet finalized. Beta testing (and feedback) is encouraged. Normal users should ignore this file. If dialogue authors decide to use it, then they'll probably include a copy of it in their dialogue bundles (along with specific font-choices for different scenes), so you'll acquire it indirectly.


The Skeleton body in the example screenshot was created by Dante.

This mod is intended as a partial fix for a long-standing dialogue bug. Vertical scrolling within a Flash TextField object is somewhat unintuitive; if the field cannot fit two lines of text then the second one will not appear at all (instead of appearing partially, as we might expect).

This mod attempts to find a size:# parameter whenever a Dialogue file is loaded. If such a parameter is found, the mod will apply it. If a size parameter is not found, then the mod will revert to the default size (20). The mod is persistent once loaded; if you want it to be permanently active then you can setup one copy in your Mods\$INIT$ folder.

This mod should make it easier to use custom fonts while ensuring that multi-line sentences will show up properly. Please note that you'll still need to do some testing in order to find the largest font-size which will reliably provide multi-line text. If the size which you choose is too large, then the "bug" will recur and you'll be stuck with single-line dialogue boxes.

!! Important side-effect !! Unlike Raleway Thin, most fonts DO include the full set of Unicode characters and WILL display them. If you've been using Cyrillic characters as pause markers, then your readers will suddenly see a lot of Russian.

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