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Auto Mode Accelerator 1.0

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This mod applies an adjustable coefficient to Auto Mode behaviour so that the characters will tend to move more quickly (or more slowly).

Background and Technical Information
When Auto Mode is active, the game chooses a specific penetration depth and then oscillates the target position around this depth via a sine-wave function. The result is a "thrusting" effect (for face-fuck mode), "sucking" effect (for blowjob), or "stroking" effect (for handjob). The game occasionally changes the penetration depth (for realism/diversity/whatever), and incorporates some aspects of the girl's psychology. It will tend to penetrate less deeply in "Soft" mode than in "Hard" mode. It will occasionally pull out completely to allow an opportunity for dialogue (or simply to let the girl catch her breath).

This mod alters the sine-wave function so that the oscillations proceed more quickly (e.g. 2 strokes per second instead of 1 stroke per second). This adjustment is sometimes ineffective, for two reasons:
  1. Auto Mode does not directly "move" the characters along their tweens. Instead, it changes their target positions.
    • The game logic attempts to move the characters towards the new target position, in the same way that it would respond to a change in target position based on movement of the player's mouse pointer.
    • There are limits on character-movement speed (for simulationist/realism reasons). Character movement is subject to acceleration and can be inhibited by collisions and pseudo-friction effects.
    • Imagine that the mod tells the guy "pull out completely, then jam your dick all the way in, then pull out completely and repeat the process. Complete one cycle per second."
    • It may not be possible for the guy to actually move that fast -- it depends on the length of the tween, the size of his dick, and the resistance or bodycontact factors. If he can't keep pace, then he'll fall behind the changes in target position. He'll end up with his dick halfway into the girl, making shallow in-and-out motions instead of the vigorous fucking that you expected.
  2. The blowjob Auto Modes include several scripted movement patterns.
    • Examples: "make eye contact, then look at his dick and slowly swallow it all the way to the hilt, then make eye contact again" or "wince, pull off completely, and complain that he is hurting her."
    • Because the vaginal/anal sex positions reuse the blowjob motion patterns, these scripted actions may occur suddenly during intercourse.
    • The scripted actions do not use the sine-wave function (hence: they aren't accelerated by the mod), so they'll tend to interrupt your slam-fucking scenario with an unexpected lull. Or punctuate your smooth-and-gentle ride by suddenly going balls-deep.
    • Future versions of the mod may allow users to suppress/skip these scripted behaviours. Or we might attempt to numerically accelerate/decelerate them by tinkering with the script parameters.

  • Download and Extract the 7z archive.
  • Move the autoModeAcceleratorV1settings.txt file into your Settings folder.
  • Load the mod via the "Swf Mod" button, or by including it in your Mods.txt file (and then restarting the game).
  • Press the semicolon key to decelerate; press the apostrophe key to accelerate.

  • The original request involved Handjob speed-tweaks only. The mod can change Blowjob speed, but that's an optional feature which is disabled by default. Please check the Settings file for more information.
  • Scripted movements still occur during Auto Mode; they will not be accelerated or decelerated by the mod (see technical info above).
  • The faster movement speed produced by the mod will cause rapid increases in the Pleasure stat for the male character.
    • You may be disappointed to find that your guy has lousy endurance when he gets sucked off at 300% speed. This can be tweaked via the ejacPleasure parameter in your Settings.txt file.
    • Similarly: slower movements will reduce pleasure gain.
  • The coefficient cannot be reduced below 20% or increased above 500%.
  • The mod is persistent and there is currently no way to deactivate it after it has been loaded.
    • However, you can simply set the coefficient to 100%. The mod will have no influence on gameplay at 100%.
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Latest reviews

Quick question: Is this mod supposed to affect "Self" auto mode? I've use it with it and noticed no changes, while the other auto options did indeed get slower or faster.
Have you adjusted the Settings file? By default, the speed-tweak will apply to *all* of the different Auto modes, but it will influence only handjob motions (not blowjob motions). I just ran a quick test and was able to get very fast or very slow HJ moves in Self mode. BJ is trickier because there are a lot of scripted effects (e.g. the girl will "take breaks" in order to rest or speak) which override the math.
autoModeAcceleratorV1settings.txt not found even when I put it in settings folder. Fix it please.
You can use the mod *regardless* of whether the settings file gets loaded. It will simply reverts to default options in that case.

I'm unable to reproduce this error, so I can't offer any immediate fix. You'll need to describe your setup in greater detail.
doesn't even work. tried to use the file so many times and every way possible, it will not work no matter what.

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