Auto Mode Accelerator

Auto Mode Accelerator 1.0

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Quick question: Is this mod supposed to affect "Self" auto mode? I've use it with it and noticed no changes, while the other auto options did indeed get slower or faster.
Have you adjusted the Settings file? By default, the speed-tweak will apply to *all* of the different Auto modes, but it will influence only handjob motions (not blowjob motions). I just ran a quick test and was able to get very fast or very slow HJ moves in Self mode. BJ is trickier because there are a lot of scripted effects (e.g. the girl will "take breaks" in order to rest or speak) which override the math.
autoModeAcceleratorV1settings.txt not found even when I put it in settings folder. Fix it please.
You can use the mod *regardless* of whether the settings file gets loaded. It will simply reverts to default options in that case.

I'm unable to reproduce this error, so I can't offer any immediate fix. You'll need to describe your setup in greater detail.
doesn't even work. tried to use the file so many times and every way possible, it will not work no matter what.