fixed him penis strap for strap-on still showing when changing body types or penis types and him_hidden is set

fixed a bug where torsostartdistance wasn't applied

added a special replacement for animtools position paths defined in dialogs so you can go into folders, it is

this will be replaced with a backslash, example:
general:"load my cowgirl[^ANIMTOOLS_test_slash5C_ATV_AltCowgirl][COUGH]"

this is to load a position that is
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added notes about undocumented dialog variables

added dialog line 'bodycontactresistive' along with its settings. this will trigger after thrusting in her deep enough to cause resistance. sort of an alternative to the vigourous lines triggered if the position doesn't use that feature vigour and wincing feature on resistance.

fixed bug where would reregister custom key positions causing positions to load slowly. only noticable when useshade was off.

changed how resistdistance calculated, used be done by comparing his difference in movement from contact point. didn't work with him being stationary and her doing all the movement.
changed to using her.pos differences between current and what her.pos was at contact. added a scalar to attempt current position settings to have similar results.

added a few more data things being shown in editmode while debugging stuff, don't worry about them

another bugfix for clenchteeth, this one involving the same pullback problem as 19.3, but because of her.move instead of the incorrect peniscontact point
little bugfix for spaceholdkey not doing the vanilla holding if also assigned to space


changed how animtools does triggers. used to be a frame by frame check, now is proxied on checkwordaction. done because in the past people have mentioned positions not loading sometimes.
has potential to break dialogactions, need to test further
bugfix for angry mode clench teeth teleporting... possibly
bugfix for new reversescreen feature
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added a bugfix for her pulling back on touch of penis
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added 'atv_curresist' to dialog variables that is her current resistance
added setting, disableshadeonpartial=1 ;1=active, the dark fade will not be used when loading partial files
added position setting 'reversescene'. this will change the game's mirrored option in the in game menu settings. 0 == don't care, 1 == not mirrored, 2 == reversed
added changegravityforhairstrands position setting. now can specify if want strands and hair gravity changed independently. positions made before animtools 15 will assume this is equal to changegravityforstrands
added animtoolss settings:

maxhairrangetochange=25 ;0 to 360 degrees, animtools will ignore changing gravity for hair strands whose gravity direction are above this
minhairrangetochange=-25 ;0 to -360 degrees, animtools will ignore changing gravity for hair strands whose gravity direction are below this
hairgravityapplyoffset=1 ;1=active, hair strands that have a gravity offset will maintain that offset with scene rotation

the range was added in case a dynamic hair has some crazy gravity vectors to hold hair upright. so default settings are to change those within a 25 degree offset from normal 0 'pointing down' gravity.
should help for hairs like this: Roxie/Homika from Pokémon | Undertow
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forgot to include the typical positions, added them xD

version 15 update notes:

changed how animtools does dialog lines to prevent dialog flooding
added 'animtools_position_name' to dialog variables. now can check if specific position is loaded like general:"tested for doggy 6"{"check":{"atv_position_name":"ATV_doggy6_resistive"}}
moved himreversed and himflipped code before other animation changes in updateeverything to fix feet bug ~bugfix
registered him animation change with setbody ~bugfix
added setting 'makebuttonsforpositions' that will create buttons to load positions that are registered on keys.
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